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The Citation Corps are a group of Dragon Ball Wikians originally lead by SSJGoku93 (who has since retired), who have the clean-up task of making sure references within articles are correct and proper. They also have the task of adding references where needed. These users are dedicated to the task of making sure information within the Wiki is properly sourced, a task which is necessary!

In August of 2012 the project is in the workings of being revamped by Shakuran13, stay tuned!

The Citation Corps were founded in this forum discussion on the 20th of July, 2010.

Leaving Citations

How to leave citations on pages: Leaving a link citation: <ref> [[INSERT LINK HERE]] - [[INSERT LINK TITLE HERE]]</ref>

Leaving a link for a manga chapter: <ref> [[LINK SERIES HERE]] - [[LINK CHAPTER HERE]] CHAPTER # HERE </ref>

Leaving a link for an episode: <ref> [[LINK SERIES HERE]] - [[LINK ARC HERE]] - [[LINK EPISODE TITLE HERE]] - EPISODE # HERE

NOTE: Make sure that the {{Reflist}} template is on the page when leaving citations, or else nothing will be cited correctly

Roles of the Citation Corps

The following are the duties of the corps:

  1. Adding references in order to assure correct information.
  2. Assuring references are properly placed.
  3. Assuring references are reputable and correct.
  4. Removing false references.
  5. Educating other users on the use and importance of references.
  6. Editing for the Citation Corps at least once every three weeks. If you have not edited for three weeks without a valid excuse, you will be removed, however, you can ask to re-join.
  • More coming soon


  1. Shakuran13
  2. CookiePirate
  3. FuzzyBirdAlpha
  4. GuySponge
  5. Tree of Turles
  6. Brolylssj Destroys
  7. Mr. Kakarot
  8. SSJ4 Vegito
  9. Kakarot81
  10. CaptainBardock

Former members

  1. SSJGoku93 * (Leave of absence; retired)
  2. DragonBallZGTGoku *
  3. Vegeta - San (Inactive)
  4. Brolythelegend (Retired)
  5. VEGETATheLegendarySuperSayian (Inactive)
  6. SSWerty (Inactive)
  7. Slayer25769 (Retired)
Note: * indicates that the user is also an Administrator

I want to join the Citation Corps

Captain Ginyu wants YOU to join the Citation Corps

Joining the corps requires the approval from the entire team, meaning you must be reputable and understand the task at hand.
Here are some pointers that can get you started:

1. Get Involved - Not only the Citation Corps add references, ALL users should do so when applicable. This means if you see information in need of a reference, add it! The Wiki requires nothing but the best!
2. Understand the Rules - You must understand the Manual of Style and the Rules.
3. Talk to us - If you truly want to join in and help, keep in contact, the more reputable users for the tasks at hand we have, the quicker and more efficiently it will be completed.


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