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Administrators (Sysop) are the group of users that oversee all edits made to articles on their corresponding Wiki. Moderators are a branch of administrators whom are essentially sysop but have the task of keeping the wiki clean and polished, such as watching for vandalism etc.


Here on the Dragon Ball Wiki, administrators take great pride in ensuring that the Wiki sustains an encyclopedic format, correct information, and most of all, order. Not just anyone can become an administrator, it takes hard work, dedication, and advanced knowledge of the Wiki's topics in order to fulfill all of the duties an administrator must complete. Administrators must always try to maintain a resource with official material, with great detail, and including but not limited to, thorough checks and systematic fixes of edits. Administrators should always be able to assist users in times of need whenever possible as well, watch for bad behavior, and have the power to block users and anonymous IP's if they break the Wiki's rules. However, just because administrators are given such powers, they are not to abuse them in ways such as locking an article from editing because they like the way they had written it, etc. This is a prime example of misuse of power and will not be tolerated.

Current administrators

Former administrators

Note: By the decision of the currently active administrative team or any currently active administrator, "Inactive" is labeled on any administrator or bureaucrat who does not regularly log on. "Retired" is labeled on any administrator or bureaucrat that has been removed from their position due to being inactive for 9 months or longer or chose to voluntarily withdraw from their position due to no longer wanting to come back, moderate, actively contribute and oversee all edits done to the community. It is possible for an admin or bureaucrat to voluntarily withdraw from their respective positions but still remain active in the community though if they eventually don't regularly log on then "Inactive" would be labeled on them or "Retired" if they've been inactive for 9 months or longer. Retired administrators and bureaucrats may or may not be able to regain administrator or bureaucrat rights with the same going for former administrators or bureaucrats who voluntarily withdrew from their position but still remain active. To regain administrator or bureaucrat rights, please contact the current administrative team to inquire about this.

Becoming an administrator

All users are invited to suggest any user for an admin or bureaucrat position at any time by leaving a message on a bureaucrat or admin's talk page. If that bureaucrat or admin chooses to "Endorse" the nominee, they may do so by creating a "Nomination Thread" on this article's talk page including the nominee's username, the position they are nominated for, and the date in the thread's title. Admins can endorse users for admin rights, and bureaucrats can endorse users for either (and thus users cannot endorse themselves). Users without these rights are not allowed to create nomination threads, but anyone can post within an existing nomination thread. The thread is a place for open discussion about the nominee's ability to be an admin or bureaucrat, but will not be a vote. Yes/no comments without justification will be ignored. Discussion will proceed for 1 week on the thread, after which time the bureaucrats will consider the comments and reach a consensus amongst themselves. If the bureaucrats' consensus is in favor of promotion to admin or bureaucrat, the user will be asked on their talk page if they accept. If so, a bureaucrat will add the new user rights accordingly.