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Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the 20th Dragon Ball movie.[1] It is the first Dragon Ball Super movie.



Initial teaser

The original series author Akira Toriyama once again provides the original concept, writing the script, and drawing character designs for the film. His involvement in this movie is more active than previous movies.[1]

The film will explore the origins of the Saiyans[1] and Frieza. It will also involve the story after the Tournament of Power.[2]

It was suggested to Akira Toriyama by his editor to have Broly appears in the movie. After watching the previous Broly movies, Toriyama decided that Broly could be quite interesting if he arranged some things about him. [3]

While keeping the original Broly, Toriyama stated that he added a new side of his character and thought it will be a more fascinating Broly. The story also was also said to revolve to a larger scale and very dramatic.[4]

Timeline placement

According to Akira Toriyama, this movie takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power.[5]




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