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Dragon Ball Legends (ドラゴンボール レジェンズ Doragon Bōru Rejenzu) is a mobile game for Android and iOS.


The game's main protagonist is an amnesiac Saiyan by the name of Shallot, created and designed by original author Akira Toriyama specifically for the game. Shallot is an ancient Saiyan from the past who woke up to find himself a participant in the Tournament of Time.

There are also several other new original characters, including Zahha and Giblet.


Dragon Ball Legends is a game that requires players to assemble teams of fighters in the form of 'Z-Power'.

Game Modes[]


At the Home screen, you see the character you set as your "favorite character" displayed.


By hitting the menu tab, you can access any of the following:

  • Adventure: Adventures are job requests which you can do for money or souls within a set amount of time. Characters participating in the job list are still playable
  • Event: Challenge yourself with limited events that reward you all sort of items. Divided into 3 categories:
    • Recommended: short-time quests to unlock special characters and items
    • Story, allows you to play through arcs of the original series
    • Upgrade: Various battles to quickly upgrade your fighters
  • Story: Play a new adventure with Shallot
  • Train: Characters can be trained for a certain amount of time with special items to quickly increase their level. All character in training is still playable.
  • Co-op: You and a buddy work together to defeat an extremely powerful opponent with one unit each.
  • Customize: You can customize Shallot, with the ability to change his clothing, Super Attack, and transformation.
  • PVP: Battle with your assembled team with other players across the world!
  • Shop: Spend real money for chrono-crystals and items
    • Exchange Shop: Exchange items for character or other items
  • Missions: Various in-game challenges divided into: Daily (24h limited missions), Z Mission and Events (based on (limited) events).
  • Characters: You can view and enhance all the characters you've unlocked as well as customize the parties they are in.
  • Summon: You can summon new characters with the Chrono Crystals or tickets you possess.
  • News: Check the current news about Game Updates, new Events, and Summons
  • Friends: View and communicate with friends made in the game.
  • Status: See your current status including your Player Name, Player ID, Titles and other information
  • Item: Look over all the items you have collected
  • Present: Receive your gifts from rewards
  • Other: Help, Option, FAQ, and other miscellaneous information


By summoning fighters, you can build a party of six characters to compete in battles. When you do a summon, you spend Chrono Crystals obtained by completing chapters of a story or missions. You have two types of Summoning techniques. Single Summon: This is a singular summon which unlocks one character. Consecutive Summon: This is consecutive summon where you spend a large number of Chrono Crystals (usually 1,000) allowing you to summon 10 characters. You then receive a number of Z-Power of a certain character (100 being the amount you need at least to obtain that character), if you get a character, you already own, it will lead to a limit break and the number of Z-Power will add to the ones already owned.

Characters can also be earned during events as rewards. They can also be purchased in PVP Exchange Shop for a limited time and number.

Soul Boost[]

There are 5 types of Rising Souls, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue and Red. These Soul stones can be used to upgrade a character's abilities through a feature known as Soul Boost. Each Rising Soul is then divided into 13 categories Rising Soul 1, Rising Soul 2, Rising Soul 3, Rising Soul 4, Rising Soul 5, Rising Soul 6, Rising Soul 7, Super Soul, Super Soul 2, Super Soul 3, Super Soul 4, Super Soul 5, and Super Soul 6. Rising Soul Stones are used to upgrade abilities whereas Super soul stones are used to upgrade character classes. Character classes can be upgraded after they up rage a certain number of abilities in that class.

A Soul boost is branched out in various trees. You need to get at least 10 abilities before you can apply for a class boost. A class boost is usually obtained by achieving 10 skills in the skill tree and maxing to the required level. These 10 skills can be upgraded by the number and kinds of gems you possess.


Right after the end of the Tournament of Power[1], King Kai hosts the Tournament of Time: a tournament with legendary warriors from across time to determine the strongest.


The story starts with an encounter between Super Saiyan Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - who has come to the present time. The two battle and as Goku says he is about to end it; everything cuts to black.

Part 1: The Saiyan Who Crossed Space-Time[]

Book 1: Shallot[]

Shallot is awoken by Future Trunks (from Dragon Ball Z), Shallot cannot remember anything aside from his name (which he remembers due to a faint memory of someone telling him to run, and save himself), which he tells Trunks. Trunks suggests vacating the area when a group of Saibamen attack. Trunks Turns Super Saiyan, and Shallot eventually take them down. Later on, Trunks discovers Shallot is a Saiyan after seeing his tail. After a conversation Trunks again suggests leaving the area when Broly arrives on the scene, intent on crushing the two. Goku (in Super Saiyan form) arrives as Shallot and Future Trunks are about to battle Broly and the three battle the legendary Saiyan and seemingly emerge victorious. Just as Shallot was boasting his victory, Broly gets back up, unaffected by their attacks. Broly, convinced that Shallot is the weakest among the three, fires up an Eraser Cannon to try and do him off. Before meeting his death, Future Trunks takes the blow for him and is killed.

Angered by Broly's mocking of Trunks taking the blow, Goku sends shallot away before continuing the fight. Meanwhile, a Saibaman appears before Shallot who decides he'd rather die fighting than run. just as the fight begins Krillin and Yamcha arrive, and all take down the saibaman down. More Saibamen show up, resulting in them teaming up with Shallot battle. After the battle Yamcha and Krillin try asking Shallot questions, only getting his name due to his amnesia. they then ask him about Broly, afterwards the two discover shallot's tail realizing he's a Saiyan and thinks that he must be one of the Tournament participants. Unable to understand, they explain the Tournament, and that whoever is the last man standing, is the winner of the Tournament of Time and will be rewarded with the Super Dragon Balls. Krillin suggests to Shallot that he head to the capital to eat and get rest, before anymore fighting is done.

While Shallot is in the middle of a road heading to the capital, a car appears in front of him being being driven out of control trying to avoid Shallot before getting into an accident. With no one hurt, Bulma (from Dragon Ball) and Jaco argue about who is to blame for the accident. Jaco asks about Shallot's identity but can only answer the first question, giving his name. as Bulma points out that Shallot is having bad luck losing his memory whilst being in the middle of "biggest war zone in the galaxy". Following the threesome's conversation, a Saibaman ambushes Bulma from behind, as Jaco and Shallot fight it off. After defeating the Saibaman, Bulma tries to persuade Shallot to stay with her as a bodyguard in return for giving him information on the present era. Shallot accepts the deal, stating that once he knows enough about the era, he departs from the group, and they will be on their own. Jaco discovers that Shallot is a Saiyan after he tells Bulma that his tail doesn't come off.

Book 2: A New Encounter[]

Shallot inquires if Bulma and Jaco are from another timeline. Bulma agrees, and Jaco confirms it to be his timeline, but not his planet. Jaco then deduces Shallot is a person who is light years from their planet as he finds his clothing to not match anything from Earth’s history. Jaco appointed himself as the bodyguard of Bulma's past self since he knows the current generation, Bulma. Bulma then fantasizes on what her future self is like and bugs Jaco for answers. He claims that he is forbidden to say anything that would disrupt the timeline. A dejected Bulma confirms that she can't ask if she finds the dragon balls. Jaco declares she would have to find that out for herself. Following the conversation, Saibamen arrive and Jaco and Bulma ask Shallot to protect them, following a sarcastic comment on how loud they both are, Shallot agrees to take care of them. Appule and Raspberry, arrive and openly challenge and berate the three travelers, stating that they will be the ones to win this thing. Shallot curses their bad luck to which Jaco agrees, stating tons of fighters from all eras have been called to compete. He also states that it does not matter where they are, if they want to get out alive, then they will have to fight. Bulma, irritated by their chit-chat, calls them out and tells them to start "kicking butts". Shallot reluctantly complies while taking note of her annoying behavior. After the fight Shallot asks Jaco why he's only commenting on the fight instead of helping. After claiming he can't smell any strong enemies up ahead, Jaco invites him to join the Galactic Patrol if he doesn't get his memory back, to which he declines. After Bulma says Jaco also invited her to join the space patrol, and that her future self is probably his superior, to which Jac o shuts down while accidentally revealing that her future self builds a time machine.

Soon after they reach the capital, Bulma makes a note that it's not much different from her timelines capital. Soon after she leaves to shop in the city, after letting Jaco borrow money to treat Shallot to food. He says he took the liberty of ordering a few items as Earth grub ranks pretty high on the cosmic scale. He also tells Shallot that it is an all-you-can-eat deal, since Bulma is rich, she would not mind losing a few Zeni. Jaco then asks Shallot his plan for the future since he has no memory, Shallot gives a vague answer and only responds that he will manage. They are soon interrupted by Beerus, God of Destruction and his attendant Whis who are on Earth to try delicious food. Beerus berates and teases Jaco by calling him "Joke-o". He commends him on finding the other Bulma and would look the other way for him sipping milk on the Galactic Patrol payroll and comments on his poor choice for picking up a Saiyan amnesiac. Shallot, unaware of Beerus' identity, demands he gets off his high horse. Jaco cuts him off stating that Beerus was the one who appointed him to investigate the interdimensional mess. Beerus even makes a comment that the fact Shallot is under Jaco's wing was indirectly thanks to him. Shallot justifies that he does not owe the god anything, and that he only sticks around with Jaco because they struck a deal, much to Beerus' annoyance by Shallot's snarky comments. Jaco, fearing the God of Destruction's fickle nature, talks down Beerus and promises him to educate the ignoramus Saiyan later.

Beerus asks Shallot to join the tournament of time as the fighting might help him recover his memories. He then encourages Shallot to explore the planet with Bulma in tow. Jaco deduces he might become an unwilling participant in the tournament of time. When Bulma returns, he quietly notes the younger version of Bulma is louder than usual. He then tasks Jaco and Shallot to protect Bulma to which the latter states this was the original bargain afterall. He also claims that he refuses to join only because Beerus said so. Beerus waves it off, stating if he could match the brawn with his moxie, then he might approach him with a better proposal.

After meeting up with Beerus and Whis, Shallot, Bulma and Jaco proceed with their journey, with Bulma complaining about them not helping her with the shopping and saying that they should think about someone other than themselves. The conversation proceeds with Bulma asking who the person Jaco and Shallot were talking to back in the city was. Jaco answers that he was making his report to the person who requested the investigation about the tournament, who told the patrolman to continue watching Bulma and Shallot. Bulma says that that person sounded like a nice guy, while Jaco replies that Beerus was hardly nice and that he uses him “like a cheap lackey”. Shallot intervenes, asking why they didn't stay in the Capital if safety was the top priority, since Jaco didn't seem to be a fighter and Bulma could easily die out there. Bulma is offended, saying that she time traveled all the way there and that she had the right to see what the future is like, starting to fantasize about this event being the prelude of a romance, which makes Jaco think that she's even kookier than the Bulma of his era. The conversation between the three is interrupted by Appule and Raspberry looking to rob them.

While Shallot is fighting the bandits, Appule summons some Saibamen. When Shallot asks how he could do that, Jaco answers that Saibamen are created to add instant muscle, which makes Bulma insult the bandits, saying that they should fight fair and square. After the fight, Bulma comments about being stuck up by aliens, which, in Jaco's view, is kind of ironic, since she's traveling with two aliens. He then states that Earth is crawling with guys like Appule and Raspberry because of the tournament. That means that Beerus was right about Bulma being better off with them than alone in the Capital, as someone out there could be crazy enough to destroy the whole city, which makes Shallot comment that, that would be “overkill”. The patrolman agrees, saying that they should find a solution as quick as possible to fix the situation. Shallot doesn't care, saying he's going to keep doing things his way. While traveling, Bulma comments that she'd think that the other fighters would be able to exercise “a little integrity”. Jaco says that the warriors come from all types of life, some being villains, others being children, that last part surprising the young woman. Jaco claims that he would like to give them protection in the group, hoping for no objections while looking at Shallot. The Saiyan says that the patrolman can go ahead, since he doesn't care, which surprises Bulma for hearing “an actual human reaction” coming from him. Suddenly, the trio heard a child screaming. Shallot immediately leaves the others behind in time to save Kid Gohan from a Saibaman. Another Saibaman appears, about to hit Shallot, when a flash of blue light cuts the creature. A mysterious man with two swords floating next to him shows up, saying Shallot got points for coming to Gohan's rescue, but he forgot to actually rescue him, which annoys the Saiyan. The stranger tells him to stay focused, because more Saibamen were on their way.

After the fight, Bulma and Jaco show up, with the Bulma wondering about what kind of bodyguard just ups and leaves his employer. After that, Bulma turns to the swordsman and thanks him for saving both Shallot and Gohan. The swordsman says he wasn't planning on intervening and then he mocks Shallot's incapability of guarding anyone, including himself. The Saiyan gets annoyed, but Bulma intervenes, turning to Gohan asking if he is okay and also asks for his name. Gohan introduces himself, thanking them for saving him. Shallot asks what Gohan is doing out there, guessing that he is a tournament fighter as well, which Gohan confirms. The swordsman asks the trio who they are, which Shallot says that there was no need for formalities, that they were enemies and that there was just one way that could end. The swordsman says that he's right, but if they fought, the others could be caught in the middle of the fight. He then mocks Shallot again, asking if he's completely unreasonable. Bulma agrees with him, telling Shallot he shouldn't go around picking fights. The Saiyan listens to her, which makes the swordsman mock him once again, saying that he thought Shallot was just “another hothead with something to prove”. He then introduces himself as Zahha, while Shallot does the same. Jaco intervenes, saying he would like to take Kid Gohan under his protection. Gohan himself tells everyone to stop, because he got separated from his teacher and couldn't find him. Suddenly, a voice pierces the air, saying he finally found Gohan.

Book 3: Raditz's Revenge[]

The voice belongs to none other than Piccolo, who scolds Gohan. Zahha starts speculating that Piccolo was the one responsible for the Saibamen. Shallot intervenes, asking Piccolo who he was to push around Gohan. Piccolo asks who Shallot is, saying that how he deals with Gohan was none of his concern. When Shallot starts to get pissed, Gohan intervenes, saying that Piccolo was his teacher, while Zahha doesn't exactly believes his words. Piccolo then asks if they were in the tournament too, then saying that he could wipe them out right there, but unfortunately, that option was out of question, telling them to get lost then. While Shallot is thinking if "get lost" was some kind of greeting on Earth, Zahha asks Piccolo what he was talking about, only for the conversation to get interrupted by Raditz. Gohan gets scared, saying that he thought Goku had beaten him and then wonders why Raditz was there. Piccolo warns Gohan that Raditz was much stronger than he was before. Then, Shallot notices Raditz´s tail, realizing that he was also a Saiyan, while Raditz notices him too. The latter asks Shallot to join him so they can smash the rest, saying that Gohan and Piccolo joined "a traitor", referring to Goku, and that they must die. However, Shallot refuses, saying he's not interested in picking on kids. That infuriates Raditz, who calls Shallot soft hearted and says he's just like his brother Kakarot, a failed Saiyan. After that, he states he's going to destroy all of them. So, the fight begins. During the fight, Piccolo says that things would get settled there, at the moment, while Raditz laughs, saying that Piccolo understood, as he should, that they had no choice and that they would all die by his hands right there. Shallot calls Raditz a pompous idiot and says he should reflect on his mistakes from his grave.

In spite of the efforts of the warriors, they're unable to hurt Raditz, who calls Shallot "a failed Saiyan coward", while the latter wonders how he is so strong. Piccolo calls their attention, telling them to distract Raditz while he will put to action a plan that could work. Shallot asks him why he should listen to him, but Zahha tells him to swallow his pride and do as Piccolo says. The Namekian agrees with the latter, saying that otherwise, he wouldn't dream on teaming up with them. As for Raditz, he says he's going to start slow and work his way up, telling them to show him how long they could hold out. During the fight, they manage to get Raditz wide open. Taking a chance, Piccolo makes his move and punches Raditz's tail. When Zahha asks what Piccolo was doing, Gohan explains that the tail is a Saiyan's weak spot. Zahha seems impressed by the strategy, while Shallot is cursing in his mind since his own tail is a weakness. Piccolo starts rambling that Raditz will never learn, since he falls for the same trick twice. Then, he orders the others to finish the Saiyan off. However, things take a huge plot twist, cause Raditz hits Piccolo merciless, seeming unfazed by the punch on the tail. Then, he asks sarcastically if Piccolo really thought he would leave a weakness unattended forever, saying that they're the ones who can't learn. Piccolo curses him before falling to the ground, while Gohan shouts his name.

Gohan calls for Piccolo, while Zahha complains that the plan went belly-up. As for Raditz, he plans to take down Gohan next, which scares the child. Suddenly, Shallot berates Raditz, saying that ignoring him was the latter's last mistake and he's going to defeat him. Impatient, Raditz calls Shallot tiresome rubbish. Then, the fight continues. During the fight, Raditz gives Shallot a lot of punches, saying the latter only gave him trouble and he's going to end things there. Gohan is paralyzed in fear while Zahha curses their luck. Suddenly, Raditz is hit by an energy blast, which was sent by Piccolo, who was able to regain consciousness, although he is very weakened due to the injuries. The Namekian tells Gohan to get out of there, while Raditz charges at him while asking why Piccolo wouldn't even die right. He then shoots an energy blast to Piccolo, while Gohan shouts the latter's name. Piccolo tells Gohan to stay back and get out of there. Disgusted, Raditz wonders how Piccolo is still breathing. Gohan asks Piccolo why the latter sacrificed himself for him, which Piccolo answers that time with Gohan and Goku had turned him softer. After that, Piccolo falls on the ground, unconscious, while Gohan calls desperately for him.

After Piccolo falls unconscious, Raditz gets ready to defeat the rest of the team. Gohan is infuriated, his evil uncle notices that and says he's going to finish Piccolo up first. As the Saiyan keeps mocking them, Gohan gets more angered and his power level shoots up, while he shouts for Raditz to leave Piccolo alone. Everyone else feels the rise and is impressed by its level. Zahha, after feeling this, realizes that was their chance to escape and starts preparing his teleportation spell. He also tells Shallot to work together with Gohan to buy some time. Without much of a choice, Shallot agrees, even though he tells the swordsman that, if he´s having a stupid idea, he's going to make the latter regret it. During the fight, Gohan's level keeps rising up with his anger as he shoots a Ki blast against Raditz. Shallot wonders if it's over, but Raditz had dodged the attack, although he is surprised with Gohan's strength. The kid is tired and apologizes for his own weakness to Piccolo. Raditz is done playing and intends to finish them off. However, Zahha takes charge, saying that wouldn't happen, the preparations are complete, and he teleports them out of there. Shocked, Raditz wonders where they went.

Our friends appear on a grassland, with Shallot wondering what had happened. Zahha seems a bit mad, saying he intended to send them straight to the city, but he missed. Shallot asks him why he didn't use that technique earlier and Zahha replies that they were lucky that he could use such a delicate spell in the middle of a fight, since he's usually not the type of taking risks. While they were arguing, Gohan is next to Piccolo, sobbing, while the Namekian, who is barely awakened, wonders if they were able to escape. Then, Shallot notices that Jaco and Bulma aren't there. Zahha is about to tell him that the two run away while the fight was happening when some Frieza soldiers show up, interrupting him. The swordsman curses their luck, saying that was the worst day ever. The soldiers babble about they are going to defeat our friends and all (nothing new there...) when Jaco shows up, ready to kick butt. After defeating the last soldier, Bulma calls for Shallot, asking if he's not hurt. Shallot asks her where she and Jaco were, and the latter tells him that he decided to bring Bulma to safety while they were fighting Raditz. Zahha comments that they sure were some friends for leaving them behind. Bulma says that she didn't ask Jaco to leave nor wanted to leave Shallot alone (so cute!). Jaco asks if the Saiyan is not mad that they ran off without him and Shallot seems to be fine with that, saying that they would just get in the way of the fight if they stayed. Jaco says he supposed that and decides to leave that matter behind. As for Bulma, she points out that was the first time Shallot has said their names. Embarrassed, Shallot tells them to not get used to that. Putting that aside, Jaco brings up Piccolo's injured state and says that they should get him out of there quickly, as well as to inform Beerus of what happened. Zahha asks if the latter is including him and Jaco confirms, saying that he also was part of those events. Zahha thanks them, saying he also wants to know the story himself.

In the city, Beerus and Whis are enjoying some meals when the group arrives. The God of Destruction asks them if they hadn't left the city yet when he notices the new faces and asks what happened, while Shallot is wondering how Beerus could stay so thin even though he eats a lot. After hearing the explanation and their encounter with Raditz, the god asks why they are bothering him with that subject. Gohan says that Piccolo told them that Raditz was much stronger than when the latter fought against the Namekian and Goku. Beerus says that anyone could become stronger, including Raditz, who probably powered up after arriving in that era thanks to his Saiyan capacity of unmeasurable growth. The god even thinks that, since Raditz is Goku's older brother, his potential could be even greater than his younger brother's and that he, Beerus, should act now. Shallot snaps him out of his thoughts, saying he is a Saiyan as well and that he can become strong enough to defeat Raditz. Bulma tells him to not act crazy and that challenging Raditz to a fight would be a death sentence. Shallot tells her he's not going to just sit back and take that. Jaco tries to calm things down, saying that fleeing from a superior opponent was just sound tactics. Then, Shallot has a flashback of someone telling him to run, that flashback makes him more determined to stay and fight back. That determination caught Beerus' attention. Gohan is also determined to fight Piccolo's enemies and becoming stronger. Zahha tells them that it's not realistic they all are beating Raditz even if he is a Saiyan. No matter their potential, there was a limit of how much training they could do on their own. That demotivates Gohan a bit, but then, Beerus comes up with the idea that they could have a master. Seeing Shallot's clueless face, Beerus explains that, basically, a master was someone who would help them get stronger. Hearing that, Shallot asks, with an unhappy face, if they had to bow their heads and beg for lessons. Beerus tells him that, if he didn't like the idea, he was free to keep running from Raditz. He then asks Shallot with a smug face if that was what he wanted, which makes Shallot growl since the god had a point. Whis asks Beerus if that was a good idea lending them aid like that, but Beerus reassures him, saying that he thinks he knows what they can do, especially Shallot. Whis accepts the answer and tells the warriors he's going to introduce them to their ideal master, while Bulma is going to stay in the city for her own safety. Jaco says he's going to stay as well, and he trusts Shallot to train. Bulma asks him if he is sure of his choice and Jaco replies that, if he goes, Bulma wouldn't have anyone to protect her in case something happens. Bulma realizes that and says she's counting on Jaco. Then, she turns to Shallot and gives him a transceiver, saying that the latter falls into trouble a lot and she would feel more relieved if they stayed in touch. Even though he doesn't understand a thing about gadgets, Shallot accepts it since it's free. Then, Whis calls everyone so they can go meet the master. Shallot tells Bulma to keep the bodyguard job on hold and says he's going to come back stronger than ever. After the warriors and the deities leave, Bulma comments how Shallot remembered the bodyguard position, saying he's pretty thoughtful, while Jaco just says that he's starting to get Shallot's personality.

Book 4: The Saiyan's Teacher[]

The book starts with Whis teleporting everyone aside from Bulma and Jaco to a rocky area. Seeing that, Shallot asks Zahha if the technique was the same the swordsman used earlier, but Zahha says that his magic is dwarfed by Whis's power. Then, he realizes that he was also there and asks why they bring him too. Whis answers that training is more effective with more numbers, he then says that they should find "them" camped around there. Suddenly, a Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga shows up, asking them to identify themselves. Gohan asks if that was their master and the Angel confirms, saying that he was also a Saiyan. Then, Beerus greets Vegeta and tells him that he has a little favor to ask, but the latter interrupts him, saying that he must have a death wish and all that stuff. Beerus comments about the prince's nerve to talk to him like that 'till Whis reminds him that the Vegeta in front of them didn't remember him since he was from a time before they reunited. Pissed by the fact of time getting twisted, Beerus tells Vegeta his name and reminds him of a feast that his father, King Vegeta, had gave him. Vegeta ends up remembering who Beerus really was and asks him what he wanted with him. Beerus tells him that he wanted the prince to make Shallot, Zahha and Gohan into real fighters. Vegeta asks why he should do that and Beerus tells him that he can't refuse. Reluctantly, Vegeta accepts the request. Gohan whispers to the others that Beerus is pretty important, while Zahha says that he's full of self-importance and Shallot wonders if Vegeta should be their master at all. Vegeta then calls Nappa on his feet. Yawning, Nappa asks Vegeta who were those people. Vegeta tells him to test those 3 for him, while warning him to not kill them. Nappa asks what is going on, but the prince orders him to shut up and do it.

A fight later, our friends are tired out, while Nappa says that the fight didn't even work as a morning stretch. Vegeta even wonders how he is supposed to turn them into fighters. Shallot asks him what that was, and Vegeta tells him he's the prince of all the Saiyans and Shallot should watch his tongue (nothing new). As for Beerus, he says it's time for him and Whis to go home and tells Vegeta to do a good job. Shallot says that he can't learn from someone like Vegeta, but Beerus tells him that beggars can't be choosers and that Shallot should be grateful that he found them a master at all. Shallot then asks why the god is going through all that trouble for him. Beerus says that Shallot is a usual case. Shallot asks why and Whis tells him that Saiyans in their universe are known for their cruelty and belligerence, saying that someone like Raditz would be a normal Saiyan. Shallot seems shocked with that last sentence and says he'll never be like Raditz. Beerus says that's what makes Shallot unusual and it's the reason why he's helping him. On the other hand, Vegeta comments that he never saw a Saiyan that weak and Shallot makes him feel ashamed of his race, making the latter pissed with his words. Beerus then says that he found them a good master, so they should work hard and grow stronger. With that, he and Whis leave the area.

Later, Bulma calls Shallot through the transceiver and testes it to see if it works, making Shallot jump in surprise. Then, Jaco asks how the master is our friends are training under. Shallot tells them that Vegeta and Nappa are strong, but the prince told them to go and come back when they got stronger, since they would probably die in the middle of the training with their current level. Zahha groans and asks why those kinds of things had to happen to him, while Gohan says it was their fault for demanding training out of the blue. The swordsman says that he only got dragged into this mess. Jaco tells everyone to calm down and says it's reasonable if they don't want to train with Vegeta. Shallot wonders why they had to ask Vegeta, adding that he prefers to train on his own and kick the prince's butt later. Zahha then notices that they are forgetting their goal in beating Raditz. Gohan asks how they are supposed to train without a master and Shallot answers that they can make their own training. Jaco tells them he can show how the Galactic Patrol trains. Then Zahha suggests they could meditate, and Shallot asks how that could make them stronger. Then, he asks Gohan about his training and the boy replies that he and Piccolo would train when they weren't eating or sleeping. Shallot finds that a good idea and both him and Gohan go a bit far to spar, while Zahha says behind to meditate. A fight later, Bulma tells Shallot to hold back a little, but the latter tells her that Gohan is really tough. The kid replies that he is learning a lot with the spar. Still, Shallot thinks that they are still far from Raditz's level, then he notices Zahha who is meditating. Gohan tells him that Piccolo would do that as well. Shallot doesn't exactly believe that meditating is helpful in training and then points out Piccolo's loss to Raditz. That saddens Gohan, while Bulma and Jaco call out Shallot for his words. The latter says that he's only pointing out what happened. Annoyed by Gohan's crying, Shallot says he's going to search for food.

Shallot feels bad for what he said to Gohan, although he doesn't want to admit it to Bulma and Jaco. Then, he goes to check on Zahha by Bulma's request. The two are in the verge of starting an argument about their way of training when Zahha decides that it's time for him to go. Bulma begs him to stay, but he explains that their paths just happened to cross for a while and he's going to survive on his own. Shallot calls him a coward and the two-start arguing. Suddenly, someone shoots a Ki attack towards Zahha, but Shallot moves fast and takes the shoot instead. The attacker reveals to be Mercenary Tao, who grunts for missing the target. Gohan also shows up, alarmed by the noise. Zahha questions who long Tao was waiting. Gohan also calls Tao a cheater. Tao says that survival was all that mattered, and cowardice was just a word. Zahha kinda agrees with that statement but watching Tao doing it taught him how awful it felt to use that option. Then, he heals Shallot and tells Tao that, if cowardice was just a word, then he wouldn't mind fighting the three of them at once A fight later, Shallot is thinking about the energy rushing through him and wonders if Zahha was responsible for it. As for Tao, he is cornered by the three and Zahha asks him if he is ready to meet his doom. Tao curses his luck and then summons Saibamen. Zahha asks him where he got those, but Tao just tells the creatures to hold our friends off while he would get away. While he leaves, Shallot comments that the mercenary was really a coward.

A fight later, Zahha points out Tao's escape and comments he was a cunning old man. Then, he points out Shallot's healed wound and says that the healing spell was the ace up his sleeve, and he tries to keep it hidden. Shallot just tells him to not expect a thank you (rude much...). Bulma tells him to not act like a child, but Zahha says he's not expecting a thank you and that action was like an apology for the argument before. He then says he's going to train with them, since that was his best chance of training for the time being. Then, Bulma and Jaco remind Shallot that he also needs to say something to Gohan. Shallot says he's only doing it because he wants to. He then tells Gohan that he's going to get food really quick, and the boy thanks him. Bulma comments about Shallot's stubbornness. Meanwhile, Mercenary Tao is not too far away, planning something, when a voice tells him says that his wicked path is over. Tao turns to the voice and immediately recognizes it's owner.

Our friends are back to training, with Zahha in the row this time. The swordsman reminds that he's not going to spar with them forever, but Shallot says he's not in position to argue. Zahha asks if Shallot does even have the right to say that and then, putting that matter aside, he says that, if they know the opponent's moves already, spending too much time fighting that same foe was a waste. Gohan asks what he means and Zahha answers that they should challenge other participants to train effectively. Shallot asks if they are going to search for someone to fight and Zahha says that someone already found them. Then, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu from the Saiyan Saga show up, with the first asking our friends if they were the ones who were fighting earlier. Shallot points out Tien's strength and then, Tao appears again. The Saiyan asks him if he brought friends with him, but Zahha tells him to calm down. Tien says he doesn't desire to fight them and presents himself and Chiaotzu, telling them that they came to apologize for the trouble Tao caused to them. Tao calls Tien a traitor, but the three-eyed man tells him that he's going to clean the name of their martial arts' school. He then turns to Shallot and the others and says he wants to make amends in any possible way. Shallot says they were looking for someone to train with them. Gohan finds that suggestion strange and asks Shallot if he is ok, since he was hurt pretty badly earlier, but the Saiyan tells him that he feels better than before. Tien accepts the request and Zahha asks him if he is sure of that decision, but the Earthling is sure, saying that he wants to test the strength of the ones who defeated Tao.

A fight later, the warriors are tired of the spar and complement each other's power. Mercenary Tao is surprised to see that Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu are incredibly powerful as well. Tien says he would love to help our friends train, but he and Chiaotzu had to take Tao to the city. Gohan thanks them for their help and Tien ends up remembering Goku by looking at the boy. They say their goodbyes and then go their separate ways. Shallot comments that he could get used to that kind of training and Gohan and Zahha agree with him. The three prepare to fight some more so they could have a chance to prove Vegeta wrong. Our friends find Appule, who asks them what they were doing there. Shallot tells him he's going to help them train. Appule just laughs at his words and says he's too dumb to live. So, a fight begins. Some beating later, Appule is on the ground. Zahha then notices what he was doing and tells that Appule was just stealing food. As for Shallot, he is ready to fight the next opponent. Later, our friends encounter Raspberry, who demands them to hand over everything they have, or they will get hurt. Shallot finds him tougher than Appule. Raspberry says that he'll regret talking like that and so the battle starts. Some beating later, Raspberry is defeated, and Shallot still has energy for more. Gohan doesn't think that their actions are right and wonders if this isn't a thing bandits do. Zahha says that the people they're fighting are mostly bad guys, so they are like vigilantes.

Book 5: Training Before the Battle![]

Book 6: Truth of the Survival Game[]

Book 7: The Saiyan in Red[]

Part 2: Allies with the Ruthless Emperor[]

Book 1: Unexpected Visitors[]

Book 2: A United Front[]

Book 3: Ginyu Force Assemble![]

Book 4: Shallot Joins the Ginyu Force?![]

Book 5: Time for Vengeance![]

Book 6: The Wicked Alliance[]

Book 7: Clash! Showdown with Frieza![]

Book 8: Unabating Evil Tendencies[]

Part 3: The Androids of Ruin[]

Book 1: Brewing Storm[]

Book 2: Attack of the Ultimate Android[]

Book 3: Android #16[]

Book 4: Go Forth, Fledgling Warriors![]

Book 5: The Final Battle Unfolds[]

Book 6: Cell Strikes Back[]

Book 7: Showdown! The Fated Saiyan[]

Part 4: The Terrifying Super Cell Games[]

Book 1: Dawn of a New Terror[]

Book 2: The Foreboding Battle[]

Book 3: Super Warriors, Assemble![]

Book 4: The Super Cell Games Begin![]

Book 5: Limit Breaking Death Match![]

Book 6: Vanishing Warriors[]

Book 7: The Last Stand![]

Book 8: The Conclusion to the Super Cell Games![]

Part 5: Storm-Calling Female Warriors[]

Book 1: Female Saiyan Caulifla![]

Book 2: Chi-Chi and Goku[]

Book 3: The Warriors of Love Return![]

Dabura Reports to Babidi that Shallot and his group have joined up with Caulifla. Babidi then reveals that he is the one the captured the Supreme Kai and tells Dabura to sit back and observe. Meanwhile, Shallot and Caulifla, still looking for Kale, arrive in the city where Goku claimed to see a woman who was "strong, wearing red and hulking". Thy are surprised however, when the woman turns out to be Ribrianne, who is with the other Kamikaze Fireballs. The Kamikaze Fireballs greet Shallot. The Saiyan is less than happy to see them. Recognizing Shallot's "love" of fighting, decided to fight him to help him relax. After the fight, Caulifla congratulates the Fireballs on their fighting skill. Jaco then asks if Ribrianne knows anything about the wizard that brainwashed her, but Ribrianne doesn't want to answer any questions about the past. The Universe 2 fighter then notes that is seems like Caulifla is looking for someone and Caulifla tells them about their search for Kale. The Fireballs agree to help them search with the power of "love-location".

Kakunsa takes Caulifla and Shallot aside and asks Caulifla to tell her about Kale and to say anything that comes to mind. Caulifla notes that Kale is a strong woman over and over again before losing herself and flying off. Kakunsa and Shallot follow after her. At the same time, Tora and Fasha decide to take a break in the mountains. Caulifla, Kakunsa and Shallot the arrive in the same area and Caulifla comes to her senses. Kakunsa congratulates her for being in the "love-zone". Tora and Fasha note how Caulifla and Shallot are Saiyans. Recognizing their names, Caulifla and Shallot realize that they are the people Bardock was looking for. Fasha then demands that the group tells them where Bardock is. Caulifla, frustrated at not finding Kale, accepts the challenge and a fight begins. After the fight Tora calms Fasha down and asks the group what they know about Bardock. Shallot explains what Bardock has been doing and tells them where they last saw Bardock. Caulifla ask if they've seen Kale, but Tora says they haven't. Fasha and Caulifla almost fight again, but Shallot convinces Tora and Caulifla that they should go meet up with Bardock. Toma notes how he, Bardock, and Fasha can't seem to get rid of each other and Kakunsa notes that as a form of love, eliciting a sweat-drop from the others. Tora offers to inform them if they learn anything about Kale and he and Fasha leave. Kakunsa declares the lesson a success, to which Caulifla disagrees and tells the two Saiyans to prepare for the next lesson.

Book 4: Rampaging Warrior Kale![]

Shallot and Caulifla locate Kale. However, Kale misinterprets Shallot and Caulifla spending time together and learning about "love". She then goes berserk and tries to kill Shallot.

Book 5: Majin Buu Attacks![]

Part 6: Showdown with the Evil Majin[]

Book 1: A Wall to Overcome[]

Book 2: Successor of Hope[]

Book 3: The Immortal Evil Majin[]

Book 4: The Ultimate Power, Super Saiyan 3![]

Book 5: Another Fated Showdown![]

Part 7: Reaching Further Heights[]

Book 1: Back to Earth![]

Book 2: Majin Vegeta Attacks![]

Book 3: Evolving Androids[]

Book 4: A Saiyan's Pride[]

Book 5: The Impending Battle[]

Book 6: The Bonds of Friendship[]

Book 7: The Saiyan God[]

Part 8: Approaching Evil[]

Book 1: The Truth Revealed...![]

Book 2: Warriors On The Move![]

Book 3: An Unexpected Visitor[]

Book 4: Clash with the Ruthless Majin![]

Book 5: Imminent Disaster! Battle of the Buus[]

Book 6: Gathering Ki For One Decisive Blow![]

Part 9: Shallot and Giblet[]

Book 1: Shallot's Impatience[]

Book 2: Mini-Fighters' Time to Shine![]

Book 3: Gohan's Struggle[]

Book 4: Giblet[]

Book 5: A Worthy Opponent[]

Part 10: The Enemy Steps Forward...[]

Book 1: An Unprecedented Nightmare[]

Timeline placement[]

The story occurs right after the end of the Tournament of Power,[1] which occurred in Age 780.

Additionally, though the Super Dragon Balls are considered the apparent reward for "winning" the tournament, it should be noted that during the period the Tournament of Time currently takes place, it is impossible for them to be used as the Super Dragon Balls were only recently used to restore the all the other Universes erased during the Tournament of Power.


Playable Characters[]

Name Playable Forms
Android #8
Android #13
  • Base
  • Fusion Android #13
Android #14
Android #15
Android #16
Android #17
  • Future Android #17
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Evil Android #17 (GT)
Android #18
  • Future Android #18
  • Dragon Ball Super
Android #19
Android #20
Android #21
  • Lab Coat
Android #21: Evil
  • Transformed
  • Cell Absorbed
Android #21: Good
  • Transformed
  • Baby Vegeta
  • Super Baby 2
  • Base
  • "Traitorous Warrior"
  • Super Saiyan
  • Base
  • Full Power
  • Super Saiyan
  • Legendary Super Saiyan
Broly (DBS)
  • Base
    • "Cheelai (Assist)"
  • Fury
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan: Full Power
  • Youth (Wild Rider Suit)
  • Youth (Dragon Ball Legends)
  • Bunny Girl (Youth)
Buu: Kid
  • Pure Majin
Buu: Super
  • Base
  • Gotenks Absorbed
  • Ultimate Gohan Absorbed
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
Captain Ginyu
  • Original Body
  • "Goku"
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan 2
    • "Kale (Assist)"
  • 1st Form
  • 2nd Form
  • Perfect Form
  • Perfect
Cell Jr.
  • Adult
  • Fourth Form
  • Final Form
  • Majin
Dr. Gero
Eis Shenron
Fat Gotenks (Teen)
  • 1st Form "(Hover Pod)"
  • 1st Form
  • 2nd Form
  • 3rd Form
  • Final Form
  • Final Form "(Full Power)"
  • Golden Frieza
  • Golden Frieza "(Angel)"
  • Mecha Frieza
  • Final Form
Fused Zamasu
  • Base
  • Half-Corrupted
Future Gohan
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
Future Gohan (One Arm)
  • Super Saiyan
Future Mai
Future Trunks (Adult)
  • Base
    • "Mai (Assist)"
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan Rage
  • Super Saiyan Rage (Sword of Hope)
Future Trunks (Teen)
  • Base ("Sword")
  • Super Saiyan ("Sword")
Future Trunks (Teen)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Trunks
Future Trunks (Youth)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
Gamma 1
Gamma 2
General Rilldo
  • Hyper Meta Rilldo
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan God (Main Story only)
  • Super Saiyan God (Dark Ki: Unleashed) (Main Story only)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan God SS
  • Super Saiyan 4
Gohan (Adult)
  • Base
  • Ultimate Gohan
  • Beast
Gohan (Kid)
  • "Piccolo (Assist)"
    • Base
Gohan (Teen)
  • Super Saiyan
  • Ultimate Gohan
Gohan (Youth)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Base
  • "Agile Style"
  • Kaio-ken
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Kaio-ken
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan God SS
  • Super Saiyan God SS Kaio-ken
  • Ultra Instinct -Sign-
  • Perfected Ultra Instinct
Goku (GT)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Super Full Power Saiyan 4
Goku (Kid)
  • "King Piccolo Arc"
  • "The Path of Power"
Goku Black
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan Rosé
  • Base
  • Full Power
Goten (Kid)
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 3
Great Saiyaman
  • Base
    • "Great Saiyaman 2 (Assist)"
Great Saiyaman 2
  • Super Janemba
  • Base
  • Full Power
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan (Berserk)
  • Super Saiyan 2
King Piccolo
  • Elder
  • Young
  • Bad
  • Good
Lord Slug
Majin Buu: Pure Evil
Majin Buu: Good
Master Roshi
  • Base
  • Max Power
Mercenary Tao
Mr. Satan
  • Young (DBS)
  • Adult
Nuova Shenron
Pan (GT)
  • Base
  • Honey
Pan (Kid)
  • Base
  • "Agile Style"
  • Fused with Nail
  • Fused with Kami
  • Power Awakening
  • Orange Piccolo
  • Base (Weighted Clothing)
    • "Agile Style"
Pui Pui
  • Saibaman - Green Saibaman
  • Kaiwareman – Blue Saibamen
  • Kyuukonman – Yellow Saibamen
  • Jinkouman – Gray Saibamen
  • Tennenman – Pink and Blue Saibamen
  • Copyman - Black Saibaman
Shallet (Main Story only)
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan Blue
Super 17
Syn Shenron
  • Base
  • Omega Shenron
Tien Shinhan
Trunks (GT)
  • Base
Trunks (Kid)
  • Base
  • "Brave Sword" (Wrath of the Dragon)
  • Super Saiyan
  • Majuub
  • Base
  • Great Ape (Legendary Finish)
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Vegeta
  • Majin Vegeta
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan God SS
  • Super Saiyan God SS Evolved
Vegeta (GT)
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 4
  • Base
  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan God SS
  • Normal
  • Great Saiyaman 2
  • Normal
  • Taitans Baseball
  • Wasteland Bandit

Non-Playable Characters[]


  • Dragon Ball Legends appeared on one of Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer segments.
  • Upon his release, Dyspo never received English voice clips, instead speaking Japanese in all versions. This has been fixed with a patch.[2]
  • In addition to reprising Broly, this is the first game where Johnny Yong Bosch voices the Z version of Broly, as he redubbed all of Vic Mignogna's dialogue for the game as an update.
  • In addition to the classic video game Saibaman variants Copyman, Kaiwareman, Kyukonmam, Tennenman, and Jinkouman, Dragon Ball Legends introduces its own variants, a white Saibaman named Dummyman which appears as a practice dummy for the Summons Try Character features (which allow players to test out certain characters available via that particular Summons Event or see their Special Move Arts, Awakening Arts, or Ultimate Move Arts with Dummyman serving as the opponent) or Preview available moves that can be learned by Shallot where he will perform the selected move on a Dummyman, a silver saibaman Ginnanman who appears as an enemy in the Super EXP Bonus Battle, a golden saibaman called Kinkanman who appears as an enemy in the Super Zeni Bonus Battle, and finally a chocolate brown Saibaman named Cocoaman who appears in a special event.
  • During certain battles in the game's main story, feature locked preset characters which will automatically take up a slot (or slots if there are two) on the player's team. These characters have preset stats and some like Zahha are currently only playable as a locked preset character.
  • A collaboration with Dragon Ball Heroes is set to take place with the Ultra God Mission 2 series.



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