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DBKai: Super Battle Stage poster

Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage (ドラゴンボール改 超バトルステージ) is a 30 minutes live action battle show based on the Dragon Ball series. It premiered on March 27, 2010, in the Greenland Amusement Park, in Arao city, located in Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture.

The show features characters from the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. The characters are all depicted by actors wearing costumes, with pre-recorded voices dubbed in, these voices being provided by each character's regular voice actor/actress.


One day, Bulma decides to open a public tour of Capsule Corporation, and she gets Goku and Gohan to help out. Goku is tired and does not much feel like doing it; it turns out that Chi-Chi talked him into it by saying he ought to act fatherly and go with Gohan. Vegeta spots him, and the two start quarreling immediately; Vegeta seems a bit sensitive because he is not yet able to become a Super Saiyan.


Paragus and Broly

As Bulma tries to calm them down, Dr. Brief informs everyone that a mysterious object is falling towards Capsule Corporation. It turns out to be the spaceship of Broly and Paragus who have come to destroy the Earth. First though, they want to make "Kakarot" their henchman (Goku seems to already know who Paragus is for some reason). Broly is already in his Super Saiyan form, and belittles Goku and the others. Goku turns into a Super Saiyan and fights him, while Paragus tries to capture Bulma. Paragus' control device for Broly eventually breaks, causing Broly to run wild; Paragus says this happens every day. Broly transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan form, but in the end the Dragon Team manage to drive him off anyway, with Bulma's skill with machinery playing a major role in his defeat.

Broly and Paragus simply retreat, with Paragus having to carry Broly to safety on his back.



The Three Great Hero Super Battle Stage event poster

Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage was played as part of a set of three separate live action battle shows, the "Three Great Hero Super Battle Stage" held in the Greenland Amusement Park. The three shows ran from March 13 to June 20, 2010, with each show running approximately 30 minutes. Of the three battle shows, Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage was the only anime series depicted, as the other two were Tokusatsu series.


The single stage that was constructed for the event

Each show was run separately over a given period of time, utilizing the single stage that was constructed for the event; Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Super Battle Stage was played from March 13, 2010 to March 28, 2010, Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage from March 27, 2010 to April 23, 2010, and Kamen Rider W: Super Battle Stage from April 24, 2010 to June 20, 2010.

Background music from each TV series was utilized for its respective battle show, along with its appropriate opening theme (Dragon Soul for Dragon Ball Kai: Super Battle Stage).


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