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Dragon Ball Z Kai: Original Soundtrack, is the first official soundtrack of the anime Dragon Ball Z Kai. It was released on August 19, 2009 on CD in Japan only. The soundtrack includes the opening, ending, and background music from the show. There is a limited edition available including three bonus tracks and a Data Carddass card holder.

Track listing[]

The soundtrack includes thirty-three tracks. Some of those tracks include TV-size versions of the opening and ending themes (previously released in CD Singles episode recap and preview music, and more.) The limited edition include three extra bonus tracks.

  1. ドラゴンボール改~タイトル~
    Dragon Ball Z Kai ~Title~
  2. 大冒険の予感
    Premonition of a Grand Adventure
  3. Dragon Soul (TVサイズ)
    Dragon Soul (TV Size)
  4. ドラゴンボール改~サブタイトル~
    Dragon Ball Z Kai ~Subtitle~
  5. 運命
  6. 抗えぬ力
    A Power That Cannot Be Defied
  7. 絶対絶命
    Desperate Situation
  8. 強戦士、サイヤ人
    The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan
  9. 疾走バトル!
    Scampering Battle!
  10. 逆転挽回
    An Outcome Switching Recovery
  11. Dragon Soul (Orchestra Version)
  12. 平穏な時間
    Tanquil Times
  13. 大魔王現る
    Daimao Appears
  14. 苦戦
    A Tough Struggle
  15. 驚愕!
  16. 広がりし戦雲
    The Clouds of War Spread
  17. ドラゴンボール改~アイキャッチA~
    Dragon Ball Z Kai ~Eyecatch A~
  18. Win Tough Fight! ~Guitar Version~
  19. Over the Star ~Piano Version~
  20. ドラゴンボール改~アイキャッチB~
    Dragon Ball Z Kai ~Eyecatch B~
  21. 予期せぬ事態
    Unforeseen Circumstances
  22. 戦いの幕開け
    The Curtain Rises On the Battle
  23. 不安と焦燥
    Anxiety and Unease
  24. 大地を駆ける
    Running Across the Land
  26. バブルス・ダンス
    Bubbles' Dance
  27. おののく瞬間
    A Moment for Shuddering
  28. 緊迫の荒野
    A Wasteland of Tension
  29. レクイエム~死にゆくモノたちへ~
    Requiem ~To Those Who Meet Their End~
  30. 強者へ挑む勇士
    The Braveheart Challenges the Strong
  31. 強大な敵
    A Mighty Foe
  32. Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (TVサイズ)
    Yeah! Break! Care! Break! (TV Size)
  33. ドラゴンボール改~次回予告~
    Dragon Ball Z Kai ~Next Episode Preview~
  34. 集え!伝説の超戦士たち [BONUS TRACK]
    Assemble! The Legendary Super Warriors
  35. 冒険の始まり [BONUS TRACK]
    The Adventure Begins
  36. 最強の敵が現れた!!! [BONUS TRACK]
    The Strongest Enemy Has Appeared!!!