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Dragon Ball In Space (めざせ!ナメックのせい Mezase! Namekku no Hoshi, lit. "Go For It! The Planet Namek") is the twenty-first volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It was released on April 10, 1990 in Japan, and in March, 2003 for the English version. It is released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume five, with the chapter count restarting back to one. It concludes the Vegeta Saga and the marks the beginning of the Namek Saga.


Dragon Ball In Space

In the aftermath of his battle with Goku, Vegeta retreats from Earth, vowing revenge. In search of a way to resurrect their dead friends, Kuririn, Gohan, and Bulma go into space in search of Namek—Piccolo's home planet where the Dragon Balls were originally made. But Namek has become a battleground, where evil emperor Freeza and his minions are slaughtering the peaceful Namekians to fulfill Freeza's wish for immortality! Stranded on a planet full of enemies, the three astronauts radio back to Earth…but "help" comes from an unexpected source as Vegeta turns against his former master Freeza in order to get the Dragon Balls for himself![1]

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image

"Grrr. The one thing I'm truly terrified of happened again. The cavity that I ignored, because I hate going to the dentist, started to get painful. It was the day of the deadline, but the pain was so bad I couldn't even sleep. I couldn't bear it any longer, so I ran to the dentist, only to find out it was too late: the tooth had to be pulled. So then I had to forced to work on my manga while bearing the pain of my just-extracted tooth. It was pretty much my fault, but it was still the worst, most awful day I've ever had."[1]


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
(DBZ 47)
"Goku's Request"
Goku's request.jpg Master Roshi and the gang start to look for Goku, while Krillin is about to kill Vegeta with Yajirobe's sword. However, Goku does not allow Krillin to murder Vegeta because he wants Vegeta to get stronger so Goku can become the strongest Saiyan.
(DBZ 48)
"The Bittersweet End"
The Bittersweet End.jpg Krillin tells Bulma about the death of Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. Chi-Chi runs out and starts looking for a near-dead Gohan, and he is found. Chi-Chi decides not to care about Goku, while the gang collects the corpses of their friends. Krillin tells his friends about the planet Namek, and Goku talks to King Kai telepathically to learn about Namek.
(DBZ 49)
"Destination Namek"
Destination Namek.jpg King Kai tells Goku the coordinates for Namek, and Bulma forces Master Roshi to drive the capsule airplane. Bulma finds out that it would take 4233 years to get to Namek by spaceship, but Krillin remembers Nappa's space pod. In Wukong Hospital the next day, Bulma accidentally blows up the space pod.
(DBZ 50)
"The Mysterious Spaceship"
The Mysterious Spaceship.jpg Mr. Popo comes up to the hospital window and invites Bulma to come with him to find a spaceship. On a magic carpet, the two are transported to the Yunzabit Highlands in the far corner of the Earth. Mr. Popo tells Bulma that Kami had come to Earth on the spaceship when he was one person, and Mr. Popo demonstrates the spaceship's powers when he speaks Namekian to transport Bulma and he to Jupiter.
(DBZ 51)
"3... 2... 1... Lift Off!"
3... 2... 1... Lift Off!.jpg Bulma tells Krillin that she needs him to go to Namek. Against his mother's wishes, Gohan removes his bandages and demands that he go to Namek. Because the spaceship is activated by Namekian, Mr. Popo teaches Bulma Namekian. On the day of takeoff, Bulma appears angry that she was the only person to dress for a cold trip to Namek. In the ship, Gohan sneaks up some clothes designed in the style of Piccolo.
(DBZ 52)
"The Return of Vegeta"
The Return of Vegeta.jpg On Planet Frieza 79, soldiers notice Vegeta coming back on his space pod, and are shocked that he is flying auto-pilot. Malaka heals up Vegeta, who reveals that Nappa is dead. He throws out his scouter, but when Cui tells Vegeta that Frieza is on his way to Namek, Vegeta takes his scouter back and flies off to Namek. Meanwhile, Bulma and the gang approach Namek.
(DBZ 53)
"Planet Namek, Cold and Dark"
Planet Namek, Cold and Dark.jpg Bulma and the gang land on Namek, but they are surprised when they see Vegeta's ship fly over Namek. Soon, Bulma decides that she will return to Earth. Meanwhile, Frieza terrorizes a Namekian village, killing all the Namekians and stealing their Dragon Balls so he can wish for immortality.
(DBZ 54)
"The Mysterious Strangers"
The Mysterious Strangers.jpg
(DBZ 55)
"Vegeta's True Power"
Vegeta's True Power.jpg
(DBZ 56)
"Goku Returns! Again!"
Goku Returns! Again!.jpg
(DBZ 57)
"Son Goku's Spaceship"
Son Goku's Spaceship.jpg
(DBZ 58)
"Namekian Fear"
Namekian Fear.jpg


  • Krillin & Gohan vs. Banan & Sūi
  • Vegeta vs. Cui
  • Zarbon & Dodoria vs. Namekians


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