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The "Dragon Ball Heroes" arcade machines are special time travel and manipulation technology created by Capsule Corp as a place for people to enter and interact with the history of Dragon Ball (somehow without altering events) and is the main setting in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission. People go to Battlefields as an avatar and can summon people from the past to aid them. When somebody is KO'd in the past they are simply transported back into the real world, however, if the machine's link is cut off from the present then it is impossible to leave until a link is re-established, and a KO means death. In Promotional Trailers for Dragon Ball Heroes, Beat and Note are shown using Dragon Ball Heroes machines to travel into the world of Dragon Ball Heroes where they and other players become members of the Time Patrol.

World Mission

In World Mission, the machines used to play Super Dragon Ball Heroes lack the time travel aspect as the game world is just a virtual representation based upon the official history and its history is separate from the history recorded in the Scroll of Eternity as alterations to the game's timeline do not effect history outside of it, however they do compromise the stability of the game world which is actually a separate virtual world existing in another dimension and if left unchecked these anomalies can cause the game world to collapse allowing characters and enemies to manifest themselves in reality.

SDBH World Mission Hero Stadium Beat Promo Art Deck (Jiren, UI Goku, SSJ Gogeta, & SSJ Vegito)

Promotional Artwork featuring Holographic display of Full Power Jiren, Ultra Instinct Goku, SSJ Gogeta, & SSJ Vegito representing the cards in Beat's deck from World Mission

The general public utilize the SDBH game machines which feature holographic displays allowing players to fight in-game without actually physically entering the game world. In the cinematic opening of World Mission, Note and Froze are shown using the SDBH game machines in a Hero Stadium exhibition match. Xeno Trunks and Leggings discover a way into the game world and develop the Hero Switch, a bracelet-like device that allows the Dragon Ball Heroes Team to physically enter the game world by taking on the form of their Hero Avatar. However the Hero Switch is not available to the general public and one must be Hero Switch-compatible to use it.

According to Xeno Trunks and Note, the inhabitants of the game world are technically real from the perspective of the game world and behave much like their counterparts. However Sealas takes advantage of this fact to create anomalies within the game world timeline so he can gather data without endangering the official history and doing so makes it harder for the Time Patrol to stop him as investigating the game world is difficult.

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