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The Dragon Ball GT conflicts is the unofficial name given to the conflicts between the Dragon Team and various enemies during Dragon Ball GT.


The Black Star Dragon Balls

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Goku and Uub finally done with their training

Five years (ten in the Funimation dub) after Goku and Uub left the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament in the Peaceful World Saga depicted at the end of Dragon Ball Z, the series begins with Goku and Uub fighting in the depths of the Lookout, and damaging it in the process. Meanwhile, three robots sneak their way into the Lookout. The robots are being controlled by none other than Emperor Pilaf and his assistants, Shu and Mai. They are much older since last seen in Dragon Ball. The three have come to the Lookout to find the Black Star Dragon Balls, an alternate set of Dragon Balls that were created by the Nameless Namekian before he separated into Kami and King Piccolo. However, these balls have since been hidden away.

Goku is turned into a child as a result of Emperor Pilaf's wish

While the three discuss the nature of the Dragon Balls and gathering them so they can summon Shenron, Goku and Uub exit from the depths of the lookout, revealing that Uub has officially finished his training. After the two are fully healed, Uub bids Goku, Dende, and Mr. Popo farewell and leaves as he goes back to his village. Goku grabs a bite to eat and is on the verge of following Uub out of the Lookout while he is about to leave the lookout to return home as he tells Dende and Mr. Popo that he hasn't been home for so many years and thinks that his wife, Chi-Chi is going to be mad at him for being gone so long when he sees the mysterious light as Emperor Pilaf activates the Black Star Dragon Balls, calling forth Ultimate Shenron for his wish. However, before Pilaf can make his wish to take over the world, Goku walks in on them in the middle of the summoning after asking what is going on here and Emperor Pilaf remembers him after asking Shu and Mai that this guy looks very familiar despite the fact that such a long time had passed. He orders Mai and Shu to kill Goku with their rockets, but Goku easily halts the missiles in midair without setting them off and tells the gang that they never change. This causes Emperor Pilaf to get angry and he blurts out that he wishes Goku was still a child, so that he could defeat him, unaware that the red dragon is listening. The red dragon overhears the accidental wish and then grants it, as Goku is magically lifted and is put into a gold bubble and his body and clothes begin to shrink, turning Goku back into a twelve-year-old child, much to Pilaf's dismay.

King Kai hears about someone had made a wish upon the Black Star Dragon Balls and tells Goku the only way he can return to normal is to use the Black Star Dragon Balls and summon Shenron, but Goku says that he kinda likes being the size of a kid again and thinks it is no big deal despite the obvious trepidation of King Kai, Dende, and Mr. Popo, and he heads back to Earth after Mr. Popo informs Goku that the Black Star Dragon Balls are scattered in the entire galaxy after the wish is made than the regular Dragon Balls. While moving around the city, he runs into his granddaughter, Pan as she is stopping a bank robbery while she is on a date with Poperu, although she does not seem to recognize him at first as she thinks that it's a boy who is about to get hurt by the robbers and tells the unknown little boy to get out of the situation. Not until a visiting Master Roshi points him out and recognizes Goku after Roshi asks Goku of how he became small and Goku tells Roshi that Emperor Pilaf used the Dragon Balls and made a wish that he was small again before asking if Chi-Chi will become mad at him for being gone so long does she realize who the boy is as Pan becomes horrified. Later, Goku breaks the news of his downsizing to Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Videl, who are all dumbfounded by this recent mishap. However, it gets worse as King Kai brings news that when a wish is granted using the Black Star Dragon Balls, the planet that the balls were used on eventually explodes within one year's time, due to the huge amount of energy needed to grant the wish. Making matters more dire is that the Black Star Dragon Balls are spread across the entire universe rather than the planet. The only way to stop Earth from complete destruction is to find all the Black Star Dragon Balls and bring them back.

Don Kee enjoys his wealth

Soon, Bulma goes to work on a spaceship while Goku, who recruits Trunks and Goten (with the help of Vegeta, replacing Gohan (who was originally going to help Goku on the journey)) prepares for their journey. On the day of the launch, Trunks and Goku enter the ship, but Goten receives a call from his girlfriend and he stands outside to talk on his cell phone just as he is about to climb aboard the spaceship with Trunks and Goku. Videl and Gohan search for Pan after Videl asks Gohan if she has seen Pan, but she is nowhere in sight. Inside the ship, Pan is waiting for Goku and Trunks to enter. She presses the ignition switch and the ship leaps into space. Goten is left behind and goes back to dating his girlfriend as a loose component of the ship falls off and lands by Bulma's feet. After crashing on planet Imecka, Goku, Trunks, and Pan stay at a hotel. Once they realize that they are being charged a fortune for every little aspect of the room, they decide to leave. When they return to the location of their spaceship, they realize it is taken by the Imeckian Army. Also, they are forced to pick up a robot, who they later name Giru, since the robot swallows their Dragon Radar and fuses with it, thus becoming the group's radar for the journey. With the assistance of his bodyguard Ledgic and his thugs Sheela and Gale, the leader of Imecka, Don Kee, has made a fortune on the planet, bankrupting the rest of the population. After he tries to have Goku's ship torn apart for scraps, Goku, Pan, and Trunks try to save their ship.

Ledgic reveals a deadly attack

After coming across Imecka's forces to retrieve the ship, they are labeled as criminals and are posted in the wanted ads across the city. When they realize that the citizens of Imecka are extremely poor and are living in poverty, Goku decides to return to Don Kee's castle and step up to the greedy Lord Don Kee. And after Goku, Pan, and Trunks attack Don Kee's mansion compound and easily defeat Sheela and Gale, Don Kee is forced to unleash a few traps. These prove to be insufficient and Ledgic appears from behind the three meddlers. Ledgic unveils a few attacks against Goku, including expanding chains and razor-sharp dual blades, which he magically summons. Even after posing to be a formidable foe and revealing to Goku that he is well aware of Goku's Saiyan ancestry, Ledgic is still toppled by Goku's attack. Admiring Goku's skill, Ledgic decides not to struggle against him. Don Kee then commands Ledgic to get up and defeat them, but Ledgic decides to kick him aside instead. Goku has freed the people of Imecka and they thank him. They continue their journey for the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Zoonama with Trunks, who is dressed under the guise of a woman and goes by the name Trunksette

Goku, Trunks, and Pan land on another planet and they find that a monster named Zoonama is causing earthquakes by flicking his whiskers in order to scare the people into giving him a bride. Goku and Pan disguise Trunks as "Trunksette" and he pretends to go away with Zoonama. Once they find out that he is not in control of the quakes and they happen spontaneously, Zoonama asks for forgiveness from the town and just as Goku, Pan, and Trunks are about to depart and continue their journey, a mysterious fellow steals their Dragon Ball.

The Para Para Brothers place Trunks, Goku, and Pan under a dance trance

The thief is revealed to be Bon Para of the Para Brothers. Along with Don Para and Son Para, he returns the Dragon Ball to Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy of the Luud Cult. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy is dressed in a robe and wields a long whip. It is revealed that Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy is collecting energy to feed into Luud, a huge mechanical menace who is currently inactive. Followers of the cult watch as Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy turns one of his subordinates into a doll for failing to retrieve a Dragon Ball. It becomes apparent to the Para Para Brothers that failure is not an option. They are told that another Dragon Ball was in the possession of Goku, Trunks, and Pan. They brought one back but foolishly missed another. They are sent back to retrieve the ball. The Para Brothers follow Goku, Pan, and Trunks into the intergalactic beehive Beehay, where they assume the trio will be eliminated by Mouma. However, as the three are successful in surviving the dangers, the Para Brothers decide to step in and steal their remaining Dragon Ball and reveal a body-hypnotizing technique to them: a break dance called Para Para Boogie which they can't control. After they are placed under the hypnosis, the Para Brothers try to steal the other Dragon Ball. They are almost successful in their endeavor, but they are followed by the angered Z Fighters, who move to knock them out while they were approaching the Luud Cult.

Pan is turned into a doll and added to Dolltaki's collection

They proceed to tie up the Para Brothers and drag them to the Luud cult. Once there, they toss them in front of Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy. The Cardinal is not in a forgiving mood and the Para Para Brothers are then turned into dolls and fed to Luud for their failure. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy turns Pan into a doll as well, but before he can eliminate her, Dolltaki steps in and decides to add her to his doll collection. Dolltaki is a central orator for the Luud cult and he gives a speech to Luud's followers for sacrificing themselves for the greater good. As Goku and Trunks are occupied by Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, Dolltaki begins to play around with his new Pan doll. He receives a transmission from Dr. Myuu, who tells him to feed the doll to Luud, as it holds a tremendous amount of energy, but Dolltaki protects the doll, expressing his strong liking for the doll.

Mutchy attacks Goku

After Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy is defeated, it is revealed that his whip has a mind of its own as it transforms into a golden monster with extended arms named Mutchy. This demonic incarnation proceeds to battle Goku on a platform and is posing to be a threat until he is blasted from behind by Trunks. After Luud is unleashed and activated, the humongous Machine Mutant goes on a rampage, battling Goku. Its eyes light up as its arms rotate extremely quickly, resembling propellers. Goku's blasts bounce off as if they were nothing. Then, as Dolltaki is also fed to Luud along with Pan as a last resort by Dr. Myuu to conquer the fighters, Luud becomes super-powered and continues to attack Goku. Inside of Luud, the people who were turned into dolls try to contemplate a plan to take down Luud. The Para Para Brothers sing a tune which forces Dolltaki to reveal Luud's weakness. After it is revealed that Luud's weakness lies in a red cell above his heart, Goku must time his attack to fall in sync with Luud's interior. After some unsuccessful attempts, Goku is able to take down the enormous machine by targeting the correct spot.

Dolltaki returns to report to Dr. Myuu, but is executed by General Rilldo for failure

Everyone who was inside of Luud is released and they are no longer dolls. Rather, they are freed and returned to their normal state. Goku, Pan, and Trunks continue their journey. Dolltaki makes a journey of his own in order to report back to Dr. Myuu. However, he is met with General Rilldo instead, who informs him of his failure. He then proceeds to relay a message to Dolltaki that Dr. Myuu ordered his execution. Rilldo eliminates Dolltaki with a direct blast to his face and proceeds to contact Dr. Myuu. Giru reveals that planet M-2 is his home planet and that they should make a stop there. The Z Fighters oblige. They find the planet nearly deserted except for a few robots designed similar to Giru running around. Giru then leads the heroes into the hands of their enemy. The heroes are unaware of Giru's past and the fact that he is an operational instrument of General Rilldo's base. It is further revealed that Giru was sent to lure the heroes there in order to extract their Dragon Balls and their biological data. This is an apparent trap as General Rilldo's Sigma Force proceeds to capture Goku and Trunks. The Sigma Force includes the robot units of Commander Nezi, Ribet, Natt, and Bizu. The Sigma Force robot elites, led by Commander Nezi, take Pan away in order to use her as a guinea pig in their operations. Goku and Trunks are attacked by Bizu, one of the Sigma Force. Bizu proceeds to absorb them into his construct as they try their best to combat the robot.


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General Rilldo congratulates Giru and recommends that he receive a medal of honor for his service

With Goku and Trunks captured, Pan decides to infiltrate the machine base. She manages to get close without being detected, but then tons of robots show up. In order to avoid being captured, Pan must disguise herself as a robot. Meanwhile, the robots are scanning the bodies of Goku and Trunks, who are asleep in capsule chambers. They are trying to determine their strength when General Rilldo comes in. He realizes Pan was not there, and orders a group of robots out to find her. At the same time, Giru decides to let General Rilldo download all the fighting information of the Z Fighters to the Mega Cannon Sigma Force. Pan has joined a group of robots that look the same, but when they walk through a wall her cover seems to be blown. She lucks out and instead of being captured, she's accused of being defective. They throw her into a room full of defective robots. These robots actually have feelings, so they were deemed not worthy. Pan manages to blast her way out, and gets directions to where Goku and Trunks are being held. When General Rilldo realizes Pan is in the base, he sends Natt of the Sigma Force to deal with her. The robot seems to be winning with ease, but then Pan figures out he can only predict moves she has done before. Then, she fires her Maiden's Rage, destroying the robot. General Rilldo is just about to send the rest of the force to deal with Pan when she breaks in. At the same time, the machine detections go crazy because Goku is waking up.

Goku battles against the combined might of the Super Mega Cannon Sigma

Pan manages to escape and later rescues Goku who does battle with the Mega Cannon Sigma Force. At first it seems as though the robots can read Goku's movements but while using their phasing technique, Goku simply blasts the robots all over the place to get them out of the walls, enraging them and making them transform into the Super Mega Cannon Sigma. The fight goes on for a while and when it looks as though Goku will be beaten with a drill technique, Goku grabs the drill, and after stopping it, he throws them into a wall. Goku states that he has been holding back the whole time just to gain information. Goku finishes the fight with a combination of punches and kicks followed by a Kamehameha that fries the robots. Angered that they had failed, Rilldo makes his appearance and shortly after his arrival, Rilldo turns Trunks into metal, which the block transports to the laboratory for examination. Rilldo reveals his intention to integrate organic beings into Machine Mutants across the entire universe, explaining that the strong must survive and the weak must perish. He fights with Goku and holds his own well but when he is shown to be possibly be at a slight disadvantage, he summons the newly reformed Super Mega Cannon Sigma to unexpectedly grab Goku, though Goku destroys them easily by transforming into a Super Saiyan.

The maniacal General in turn assumes a more combat effective form, with a drill-based arm and a sleek design. For a while the fight seems even but he is soon bested by Goku again. Rilldo then assumes a Meta form, in which he also reveals that he can control the entire planet's environment, taking control of Goku's surroundings and melting around him like a deadly alloy. Meanwhile, Pan manages to stumble across the Dragon Balls, and goes to join Goku. However, her help turns out to be in vain as Meta Rilldo manages to capture both of them and trap them in the same manner as Trunks. Giru assists as all three of them are sent to Dr. Myuu's lab. Here, Dr. Myuu orders Giru to aid him in chopping the three up to extract their power, but Giru has a change of heart and manages to rescue the Pan and Goku. Dr. Myuu and crew grab Trunks' slab, and in the scramble to recover it, it is smashed to the ground, and he apparently dies. However, Trunks quickly appears and reveals that everything up to that point was according to his plan. Trunks reveals that Myuu has been hiding a secret and that he is not the only Machine Mutant around.

Baby in a containment tube

Trunks opens a door in Myuu's lab and leads his friends to a small incubation chamber which holds a tiny robotic lifeform. It is there that Myuu's true creation, Baby, is held. Goku comments that he looks cute although he is unaware of the power Baby possesses. Myuu reveals his plan to integrate everyone into Machine Mutants. Baby then awakens from his water-induced sleep and breaks free from his containment after being revived by the Saiyans. The small, beady-eyed Baby attacks the intruders. He is then halted by the three with numerous blasts. However, as a defeated and injured Dr. Myuu makes a daring escape, a piece of Baby's scattered remains jumps onto his skin. Goku, Trunks, and Pan resume their mission. They board their ship and try to leave planet M2, but are suddenly stopped. It is none other than General Rilldo and he is holding onto their ship, preventing them to perform a lift-off. They still manage to blast off after Trunks reveals to Rilldo that he was being used by Myuu for the substantial empowering of Baby. Rilldo refuses to believe this and is shocked as he is blown to oblivion by a combined Kamehameha-like attack from all three Saiyans. The ship's thrusters take off, leaving no remnant of General Rilldo behind.

After Myuu is well into space and swears vengeance, Baby rips Dr. Myuu apart, busting out of him and reforming into his original state. Baby explains that it was really he who planned vengeance and programmed all the Machine Mutants to do his bidding and that Myuu was merely one of his pawns. It is revealed that Baby is a Tuffle and he seeks vengeance for the unfortunate fate of his technologically advanced race. Afterwards, on their next stop, Goku, Pan, and Trunks enter a ship in outer space that is nearly empty of all its passengers. A young alien boy is still breathing and they take him with them, leaving the ship. They land on planet Pital and take the boy to a hospital. However, they are all unaware that Baby was hiding inside the boy and he was responsible for murdering everyone on board the vacant ship in outer space. Baby proceeds to jump from the boy's body to a doctor's body in order to catch Goku and his friends off guard. However, Goku suspects that Baby is among them and reveals that to the doctor, who Baby leaves after finding that his cover has been blown. The threat becomes even worse as Goku and his friends realize that this menace can hop from one host to another like a parasite.

Baby shows himself to Goten

As Baby arrives on Earth before Goku makes it out with his crewmates, he decides to target the strongest Saiyans as his next hosts. Baby's main mission is revealed: to obtain revenge for the extermination of his race at the hands of the Saiyans many years ago. The Saiyans were responsible for brutally murdering his people as well as stealing much of their Tuffle technology. As Baby swears vengeance on the remaining Saiyans, who happen to be the only descendants of that guilty race, he scours the city to find a formidable host. After hopping from one body to another and coming across Mr. Satan, Baby finds his next suitable candidate to be Goten. After successfully integrating himself into Goten and controlling his mind, Baby, now using Goten's body, goes to the Saiyan's home. There, he meets Gohan, who knows something is awkward about Goten. He then asks Goten to come outside. As Gohan asks Baby what he did with his brother, the Tuffle reveals his plan to Gohan and after a battle that nearly destroys the earth, Gohan is forced to turn Super Saiyan prompting Baby to change bodies with him. Piccolo then attempts to stop the deadly Baby inside Gohan's body, but is unsuccessful and is nearly killed by the possessed Saiyan's Kamehameha.

Vegeta under Baby's control

Baby proceeds to his real target: Vegeta. Vegeta and Bulla are returning from a day of shopping, which Bulla thanks her father for. Then, the demented Baby arrives in Gohan's body seeking vengeance. He proceeds to fire at Vegeta and Bulla. Much of Bulla's shopping is destroyed, which automatically infuriates her. Vegeta tells Bulla to step aside as he is intrigued by this opponent. Baby reveals to him that he is a Tuffle and has returned to exact vengeance because of all the evil that was done to his race by the primate-like Saiyans. Vegeta mocks his very existence and doubts his ability to survive against a Saiyan elite, much less carry out vengeance. Baby proves otherwise as he puts Gohan's body to good use against Vegeta, claiming that Gohan's training should be sufficient. After things start to get serious between the possessed Gohan and Vegeta, Vegeta increases his effort and overpowers Gohan in an energy wave struggle. The possessed Goten then shows up and attacks Vegeta from behind managing to cut his skin despite Vegeta deflecting the surprise Ki Blast. Vegeta is surrounded by the possessed brothers and is cut by some Ki attacks, which eventually prompts Vegeta to put an end to the fight by powering up. His victory over Gohan and Goten is short-lived, however, as Baby transfers to his body. Vegeta has survived the attack between the possessed Gohan and Goten, but Baby manages to get the upper hand and jumps directly into Vegeta's mind, controlling him further. Vegeta struggles to maintain control of his body but fails against Baby's powerful manipulation and parasitic nature as Vegeta transforms into Baby Vegeta. Baby makes Vegeta his permanent host and then vows to Tufflize the entire universe and to kill Goku. Baby then begins to spread his infection across the entire planet.

Baby about to destroy Goku

When Goku, Trunks, and Pan arrive on earth, they give Dende the Dragon Balls for safekeeping. They decided to not have Goku return to normal as they would have to collect the Dragon Balls all over again, much to Pan's dismay and Goku tells Pan that he'll have a talk with Chi-Chi about it when he gets home. Goku is convinced that the Earth is spared from terrible destruction. However, he is unaware that Dende was under Baby's control. While returning home to see his family with Pan, Goku is attacked by his own family against whom he is forced to retaliate after Pan is knocked unconscious. As Goku is about to put his two sons down for the count, Mr. Satan shows up and shouts to him and tells him all that has happened, saying that everyone on Earth is being controlled by Baby. Baby then confronts Goku, but Goku's young body is not resilient enough to sustain Super Saiyan 3 long enough to fight decently with Baby. As a result, Goku is beaten but Baby gains even more power by having his slaves give him ki, and Goku is nearly killed by Baby's Revenge Death Ball. Kibito Kai interferes and manages to rescue Goku at the last moment, but unfortunately drops him into another dimension. Baby then goes to use the Black Star Dragon Balls to wish for a new planet Tuffle, and begins to move all his mind-controlled subjects to it. Dende hands the Black Star Dragon Balls over to Baby, thus sealing the Earth's fate. Baby enjoys this victory as he feels that finally, vengeance has been served. Baby then allows his slaves to enter the Tuffle Planet in a giant spaceship while Mr. Satan and Pan hide inside Buu's body and having Buu disguised himself as one of Baby's slaves to enter the spaceship.

Kibito Kai arrives in the Sugoroku Space to rescue Goku

While on the path to the other world dimension, Goku is accidentally dropped into another, even weirder dimension where he must play for his life. Sugoro, the host, is a shapeshifting alien who controls the realm now known as Sugoroku Space. Sugoru and his son, Shusugoro, both inhabit the region, and challenge visitors to a life-sized board game, with the promise that the visitor could leave Sugoroku Space if he has won. The game also carries the consequence of death to any visitor who lost. Goku accepts Sugoro's challenge, and Sugoro easily advances through the rigged game, while Goku struggles to make any progress and fails several times. Shortly before Sugoro wins the game, Goku discovered the duo's deception, and accuses the two of cheating. At that instant, the caretakers express outrage over Sugoro's "tampering with fate", and began shaking apart the entire area. Despite almost losing the game to Sugoro's cheating, Goku opts to help the alien and his son escape, yanking them along as the platforms became unstable. Goku finally breaks through the barrier between Sugoro's space and the universe with a powerful Kamehameha. After a narrow escape, Goku brings them along and they are transported to the Sacred World of the Kai by Kibito Kai to safety. There, they also meet up with Old Kai, who devises a plan to grow Goku's tail back, by having Goku exercise on an unusual machine so he could have additional power to which Goku agrees with.


Meanwhile, on the Tuffle Planet, Uub arrives on the scene and discovers that his mentor and friend, Goku has been killed by Baby and tries to stop Baby, but he is easily brushed aside as Baby uses his Revenge Death Ball to destroy Uub in the same way that he did to Goku, but Buu arrives to save Uub after bidding farewell to Mr. Satan and Pan and Buu explodes by Baby's Revenge Death Ball and Buu tells Uub that he and Buu are the same being and tells him that it is time to become one again. The pieces of Buu's body merge onto Uub's body and Uub is transformed into Majuub as Majuub begins to fight Baby once again. Meanwhile, on the Sacred World of the Kai, the process of growing his tail is sped up once Goku realizes Pan is in trouble. The Kais use huge pliers to try to yank out Goku's tail and Goku's tail is finally regenerated as Kibito Kai takes Goku to the Tuffle Planet. In the meantime, the newly formed Majuub arrives and challenges Baby. He throws his Transfiguration Beam at his opponent, who easily deflects the blast, sending it right back at Majuub and turning him into chocolate. Baby proceeds to gobble him up and declares yet another victory.

Goku becomes a Super Saiyan 4

Later, Goku heads to the Tuffle Planet to confront Baby again as Baby discovers that Goku is still alive and he now has a tail, and tries out his new power by transforming into Super Saiyan 3 again. Despite the power of his maximum Super Saiyan 3 level, he still cannot evenly match Baby and as a result, Goku loses the Super Saiyan 3 level and is still beaten out. Before Baby can destroy Goku again, Goku realizes that he has failed again, but seeing the Earth in the sky, as if it were the moon, Goku becomes a Golden Great Ape. However, he goes on a wild rampage since he cannot control himself in that form. Not until Pan confronts him and pours her heart out to him does Goku unlock his next ability, Super Saiyan 4. Goku's body metamorphs into a long black-haired, red-furred, red-tailed, adult-sized warrior when he assumes this state as Goku tells Pan and Mr. Satan that he will stop Baby and restore everything to normal as Goku finds Baby and confronts him again with his new power.

Baby after becoming a Golden Great Ape

Goku begins to pound on and almost defeat Baby, but the villain receives assistance from the Infected Bulma when she creates a Blutz Wave Generator, which allows him to absorb Blutz Waves and increase his power to that of a golden Great Ape. As a result, Great Ape Baby does not lose any of his sanity and is still a keen fighter while assuming his tremendously huge body. Baby and Goku are now more evenly matched but due to Baby's temper he begins to shoot ki on his own people. Goku eventually decides to shoot his newly acquired 10x Kamehameha. The attack has no effect on Baby, allowing the foe to get a shot of his Super Galick Gun on Goku, but as Baby's guard drops, the 10x Kamehameha's delayed effect kicks in as planned and Baby is hurt in turn. Goku and Baby then deal each other a double knockout. Meanwhile, Old Kai finds a way to get rid of the infection that has spread using the Sacred Water in the Lookout. He sends Kibito Kai to fetch it. Kibito Kai frees Dende and Mr. Popo at the lookout using the water and proceeds to free Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. As a result, Gohan and the others show up on the scene to aid Goku in his conflict against Baby. However, Goku knows that neither Gohan nor Goten and Trunks' fused counterpart, Gotenks, would be strong enough to take down Baby. Thus, they all decide to give him their power. Majuub erupts from inside of Baby's stomach, creating much pain for Baby while the freed Saiyans take their shot at giving Goku all their powers, along with Pan who joins in as well.

Goku launches a final attack at the escaping Baby

Just as Baby spits out Majuub, Goku finishes collecting the necessary power to restore his body to full speed. A few attacks later, Goku is shown to have gained the upper hand on Baby again. Baby tries one last time to destroy Goku with his Revenge Death Ball Final, Goku is able to get rid of the attack by absorbing it and is able to topple the giant. Severely weakened, Baby leaves Vegeta's body as Vegeta is finally freed from Baby's mind control, assuming his alien Tuffle form. He then tries to escape in a spaceship. However, Goku watches the craft from afar and blasts it with a powerful 10x Kamehameha directing the ship into the sun while Baby is still inside, eliminating him for good.

Piccolo decides to share his fate with the planet he had grown to love

While everyone is freed from the infection, the second wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls caused a countdown to Earth's destruction to begin. No matter what Goku does, the explosion of the planet cannot be avoided. Their space travel was in vain and as a result, Vegeta comes up with a plan to move everyone from Earth to another planet. With the help of his family, friends, and the Kais, Mr. Satan convinces the people that the Earth really is going to explode, they manage to pull it off with Goku using his Super Saiyan 4 form to teleport the entire population to the Tuffle Planet. A lone straggler is left behind as Goku tries to bring him on board the vessel but runs out of energy just when the planet was reaching its ultimate destruction. Just as Goku has lost all hope, Piccolo arrives beside him and gives him the necessary energy he needs to safely go back to the departed ship in outer space. Goku is transported back to the ship but painfully watches his very close friend and former rival, Piccolo, die with the planet. In his final moments, Piccolo contacts Gohan to tell him how proud he is of him and has an emotional talk with his close friend and also tells him the Black Star Dragon Balls are destroying the Earth and also tells him that if he dies in the explosion, they will be destroyed for good. Gohan bursts into tears and begs Piccolo to try and reconsider, but Piccolo explains that sometimes the best decision is not the easiest. Piccolo decides to stay behind as his death would void the power of the Black Star Dragon Balls and keep them from ever being used again. This way, this set of Dragon Balls can no longer be collected and no wishes can be made, avoiding a future catastrophe. Gohan screams his mentor's name in sadness as Piccolo shares the fate of the planet he had grown to love and dies a dramatic death.

Moori then uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish Earth back to normal and everybody back to it. Bulma asks Chi-Chi what's it like having a child for a husband and Chi-Chi tells her it's mostly the same as she knows that no matter how big or small he is, Goku is still her husband. Gohan expresses how he truly misses his greatest ally and closest friend and Goku comforts him, telling him that he also misses Piccolo.

Super 17

One year after the defeat of Baby, Goku is competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament's junior division as a result of his height (although Mr. Satan created a height requirement due to the fact that he is afraid to face Goku). Elsewhere, Mr. Satan is deciding to call it quits because Majin Buu is no longer there to help him become a better fighter. He calls a press conference. Some people say that Mr. Satan will be back within 3 years, and others say he'll be gone for good. This allows Trunks to sneak out of Capsule Corp. and go to the tournament. At the tournament Vegeta arrives and decides to force his way into the championship against Goku. Pan fights in the adult division and manages to make it halfway through the tournament but the thought of looking like Mr. Satan if she won scares her and she drops out. Goku also easily makes his way through the tournament, but a distraction by Vegeta causes him to be defeated by an incredibly weak fighter named Mugley. Mr. Satan steps up for the final round against Majuub, who was in disguise as Papayaman throughout the tournament. The championship begins and it becomes obvious Papaya Man will win. However, Good Buu contacts Majuub and explains that Mr. Satan needs to win to keep the hopes of the people up, as the people of the Earth see Mr. Satan as their hero. If he were to lose, this would crush the people's spirit. As a result, Majuub allows Mr. Satan to win, who decides not to retire from fighting after all. Vegeta and Goku nearly begin a battle on a bridge to rekindle old times. However, they decide to call it a day after Goku says he's hungry.

Dr. Gero joins forces with Dr. Myuu

Meanwhile, in Hell, Dr. Myuu is met by Dr. Gero. Seeing that the two share in common the fact that Goku is their sworn enemy, they team up in order to exact their vengeance. They devise a plan to build a new Android 17, and then proceed to contact the existing one still residing on Earth. They secretly carry out this ingenious plan, and the two androids open a rift to Earth between hell, allowing all the past villains to escape and cause mass chaos in the city. At the house, Bulma and Bulla have been invited over for supper. The food is delicious, but they both lose their appetites when Chi-Chi explains that the meat came from weird beasts and monsters from Mount Paozu. Chi-Chi is proud of her cooking, and Pan believes that it's great. Bulma asks if they eat this food every day, and Videl holds up a rice dish made especially for them. The doorbell rings, and Pan runs to answer it, looking forward to meeting Trunks. Trunks is badly hurt as he collapses on top of Pan, muttering Android 17's name. Once Trunks finally wakes up, he is bombarded by questions from everyone. He tells them that he was on his way to Goku's when Android 17 attacked him, destroying his vehicle. He managed to save himself and his limousine driver, but Android 17 left a message in the form of an ultimatum that Goku must go to Hell immediately or the Earth will be taken over by all the escaping villains from Hell. Goku finds this as a worthy challenge.

The inter-dimensional rift to Hell is opened, causing a slew of villains to escape

The group goes outside and sees a big black hole swirling in the sky. Goku comments on the evil energy that he senses, and King Kai telepathically explains that's pretty obvious. Goku smiles, saying that it's been a long time since they last talked, and asks how King Kai is doing. King Kai complains about having a cold, then states that this is not the time for small talk. All around the world, people can see the hole in the sky. This includes Majuub in his village, and Krillin, Marron, and Android 18 in Satan City. Standing on a cliff, Android 17 is surrounded by a black aura. He hears a voice telling him that "They are two parts of a whole". In Hell, another Hell Fighter 17 is surrounded by a similar aura. The newly designed Hell Fighter 17 is standing next to Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. The two doctors are looking at a big Crystal Ball, watching the original Android 17. Because the new and old Android 17's are two halves of a more perfect whole, they are creating a rift between Earth and Hell. Hell Fighter 17 powers up, forcing Android 17 to do the same. Their energies meet in the middle and the hole in the sky grows. People panic and mass chaos erupts in the city. Crooks show themselves and people start looting each other.

Cooler, Android 19, Yakon, Pui Pui, Major Metallitron, Jeice, General Rildo, and Raditz escape Hell

Recoome, Guldo, Babidi, Appule, Cui, and King Cold invade Earth

Goten is on a date with Valese, and he holds her protectively. One of the looters gets tripped by Vegeta, and tries to punch out the Saiyan prince. The mayor of the city goes on TV to urge people to try and calm down. In his mansion, Mr. Satan is packing up his trophies and preparing to run away. The freeways leading from Satan City are jammed up and people are getting angry and annoyed. Android 17 is reveling in all the power that he's receiving from Hell. A news report shows all of the past enemies flying around and destroying the city. The onslaught of the villain invasion includes Nappa, Zarbon, Dodoria, Recoome, Guldo, King Cold, Jeice, Babidi, Pui Pui, Yakon, Cui, Android 19, Appule, Cooler, Raditz, Major Metallitron, General Rilldo, Staff Officer Black, General Blue, Captain Yellow, Saibamen, and numerous others. Goku looks forward to fighting the villains all over again to test his might, and Chi-Chi supports him in his decision. Pan looks forward for her opportunity to join in. Bulma wonders about their enthusiasm. Goku flies to the realm opening leading to Hell all alone, while everyone else watches. Once there, he immediately meets up with the two mad scientists and their newly designed Android. However, they escape through the portal and it closes behind them, sealing Goku in Hell. As if that weren't enough treachery on their behalf, two of Goku's most powerful and deadliest enemies from the past, Frieza and Cell, have been waiting in Hell to exact their vengeance on Goku.

Back on Earth, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Uub, Vegeta, and Pan are easily dealing with their past adversaries. Majuub, Goten, and Trunks eliminate a few Saibamen. Pan manages to decimate some of the most powerful Red Ribbon Army members by slamming through them mercilessly, including General Blue, Captain Yellow, Major Metallitron, and Staff Officer Black. Pui Pui is on a rampage in the city until Goten shows up and eradicates him. Yakon steps up from behind, but Trunks exterminates him as well. Android 19 continues his onslaught until both Goten and Trunks form a dual attack, which makes Android 19 explode and his head rolls on the ground. Nappa steps up in the middle of the city and raises his finger, swiftly obliterating the entire area around him. Just then, Vegeta appears behind him and declares that he should run away while he has the chance. Nappa, still angry over Vegeta's betrayal all those years ago, attacks the Saiyan with enormous rage. This results in Vegeta eradicating him with a quick, ruthless blast. Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu arrive to mock Vegeta furthermore. Vegeta isn't one to back down so he accepts any challenge thrown his way. Meanwhile, Gohan is facing a super-powered General Rilldo. The Machine Mutant quickly unleashes a deadly attack which freezes Gohan's arm in some form of metallic alloy. This leaves Gohan with a weakness as Rilldo continues to unleash one devastating attack after another. Rilldo relentlessly shoots out his arm like a missile and performs a seismic blast. Gohan finds himself in a bind when Rilldo also manages to freeze his leg. Fortunately for Gohan, Majuub, Goten and Trunks arrive and eliminate the distracted General Rilldo with a single blow. Pan then shows up with Mr. Satan and Giru. Giru thaws Gohan's frozen limbs and the group sets out to find Vegeta.

Android 18 angrily attacks Android 17 after he kills Krillin

During the battle, Krillin and his family are stuck in traffic watching the clash, until Android 17 confronts them and tries to get his sister, Android 18, to rejoin him. After Krillin intervenes and gets his say in on the matter, Android 17 blasts Krillin to death, exterminating him without a second thought. Android 18 becomes full of rage as she attempts to take down Android 17 for his cruelty. Android 17 doesn't fall as easily though and reciprocates by trying to kill Android 18 after she tells her daughter, Marron, to escape. As Android 17 flies away, Android 18 crawls up to her husband, proclaims her love for him, and falls unconscious next to his deceased body.

Frieza and Cell perform Almighty Light Cage against Goku

Meanwhile, in Hell, Goku's battle against Frieza and Cell erupts. Frieza claims that Goku is now cute, but Goku isn't worried because he's stronger than ever. The Hell guards decide to run because they are afraid of the oncoming battle. Frieza and Cell promise Goku that he'll be leaving in pieces, but Goku isn't afraid. Goku uses Frieza's deadly disc like a surfboard. He then gets some stalactites from Hell's walls and turns them into a shield. He bats away every attack they send at him and simultaneously turns their own attacks against them. It appears that he defeats both Frieza and Cell, but they easily regenerate and inform Goku that they are immortal in Hell, and that nothing can kill them, but Goku can still die. Cell uses a Solar Flare to trap Goku, and then sucks him up through his tail. Cell says he's now invincible now that he's absorbed Goku and his energy, but Goku surprises him by climbing right back out of his tail. Frieza comes up on the other side, and they both reveal to Goku that they've devised a new maneuver after all those years in Hell. As their eyes light up, Frieza and Cell quickly perform Almighty Light Cage to trap Goku in a blazing round cage of energy. Then they use the cage to push him further down into the depths of hell, where the real torture takes place.

General Blue and Staff Officer Black converse while in line heading back to hell

The torture area is conducted by an old woman who tells Goku to use the spa and bath at his leisure. He accepts, but the spa turns into a boiling cauldron. Goku finds out he's on the torture tour. Secondly, Goku must endure the tickle torture. Third, he must endure the scalding sauna torture. Finally, Goku is given the ice torture. The ice freezes Goku's body and makes him immobile. Cell and Frieza come down and reveal that the ice will remain that way for many years to come. Goku finds himself trapped in this icy prison. King Yemma is busy stamping villains back into the dimension. The workload is heavily packed as all the villains are on a long line extending out of Yemma's domain. As Yemma announces his frustration, General Blue and Staff Officer Black are chatting while in line. Staff Officer Black declares that it didn't take long for all of them to be defeated and sent straight back to hell, referring to everyone in line as "losers". General Blue responds by reminding him that he's also in line with all those losers. They are all awaiting to meet their fate together.

Frieza and Cell are frozen after their plot backfires

Frieza and Cell are overjoyed and begin to mock Goku as they are finally tasting sweet vengeance, but the ice encasing Goku begins to melt. The ice was created by the deceased residents of Hell so it is highly ineffective in maintaining a hold against Goku, who is still alive. Goku immediately turns the ice machine against Frieza and Cell, freezing the two solid. Goku then flies to the edge of the realm but finds that the portal is still closed. All hope seems lost. Goku tries to contact King Yemma for assistance, but the check-in station giant is unable to send him back due to a mysterious force blocking his control of the balance between the Other World and the physical universe. Fortunately, Piccolo intervenes and requests that King Yemma send him to Hell so he can help Goku. King Yemma refuses. Piccolo then takes drastic measures by blasting in Heaven and falsely claiming he is actually the Demon King Piccolo in order to be sent to Hell. As a result, King Yemma is forced to oblige and casts Piccolo down to Hell where he meets up with Goku. Piccolo then concocts a plan and proceeds to contact Dende to help him open a portal to Earth by synchronizing their energies. Dende is surprised that they need to mimic the maneuver that their enemies had taken prior, but he agrees. After a few tries, the rift is cracked temporarily, allowing Goku to fly through, thanking Piccolo for his great sacrifice.

Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 fuse to become Super 17

Vegeta is initially unimpressed with Hell Fighter 17's power level until Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero reveal that the android is using only half of his strength. Followed closely by the Z Fighters, the original Android 17 arrives and the two merge into Super 17, a cyborg unit deadlier than anything the Z Fighters have ever faced before. Super 17 flicks back his hair and begins to power up. The Z Fighters are shocked as Vegeta attacks him, resulting in his easily being knocked away by just one punch. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan once more to try and show Super 17 why he should fear a Saiyan, but Super 17 just turns Vegeta's own power against him. Majuub then tries in vain, followed by Goten and Trunks who attempt a combined attack, obviously to no avail. Gohan then tries a Kamehameha, which does absolutely nothing to the sleek android. Dr. Gero then tells Super 17 to demonstrate his true power, which leads him to strike down every Z Fighter, again using only a single hit. Pan can't stand watching the others get beat up, so she decides to get involved, but then Dr. Gero decides to end the show. Super 17 causes Vegeta to get paralyzed, but once Dr. Myuu mentions that Goku is stronger, it causes Vegeta to go berserk. The Saiyans then assume their Super Saiyan transformations, but Super 17 releases a Flash Bomber, weakening them enough to cause them to revert to their normal forms.

Super 17 executes Dr. Gero after betraying him once again

Vegeta releases a Final Shine Attack against Super 17, but the energy from the technique is absorbed and released upon the others. They are all ruthlessly beaten while Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu watch and laugh. As all the Z Fighters are still unable to stand up to Super 17's incredible might, Pan manages to sneak up on Dr. Gero and grab hold of him from behind. She tells him to call off the Android. Dr. Gero tries to comply with her wishes, but Super 17 refuses to follow Dr. Gero's orders. Dr. Gero becomes annoyed as Pan tightens her grip on his neck. He can't shake her loose and becomes frustrated. Dr. Myuu reveals that he had re-programmed Super 17 to only obey him. Dr. Gero finds this unbelievable as Super 17 betrays him once more, firing a blast directly at him and causing Pan to barely dodge the blast as Gero is eliminated. His programmer's wish quickly satisfied, Super 17 then turned back to annihilating the already battle worn Z Fighters. Vegeta gets up and is just about to fight again when Goku arrives in the brink of time to save Vegeta from one of Super 17's energy blasts. Goku has arrived from Hell to take on Super 17, using his Super Saiyan form to do battle. Dr. Myuu isn't worried because he's confident that Super 17 is more than a match for Goku. Goku decides to prove him wrong. Pan is very weak, and Mr. Satan begins to blame himself for her condition. He gets so mad that he blurts out that Goku will have to deal with him if he doesn't do something about it.

Super 17 counters with his Super Flash Bomber so Goku tries to use his Instant Transmission, but Super 17 detects his movements in the air and counters with a laser blast. Meanwhile, Dr. Myuu celebrates the strength that Super 17 has, but Goku reveals he still has a surprise in store. Goku repeatedly fires more energy blasts at him, not knowing that he is actually getting Super 17 stronger. Any blasts that hit Super 17 are absorbed into his essence, making him buff and deadlier as he feeds off the energy. Goku is unaware of this and continues to charge Super 17, using a Kamehameha, and once again Super 17 comes out unharmed and even more powerful as a result. Super 17's body is charging further and Goku assumes he's close to being victorious. Super 17 bursts out and uses a direct attack on Goku. This sends Goku flying away and begins to cause the Earth's shape to become altered. Dr. Myuu then calls Goku out so he can continue the battle with Super 17. After a hard fought battle, Goku sees that he'll definitely need more to beat this foe, thus transforming to his ultimate level, that of Super Saiyan 4. Goku comes flying out in Super Saiyan 4. He's decided it's time for Super 17 to face someone his own size, and since Super 17 could predict his attacks before, he won't be able to now.

Super 17 absorbs Goku's 10x Kamehameha

Meanwhile, Videl is at home, getting suited up. Chi-Chi comes out ready for battle with her broom stick as her weapon. She's also surprised to see the Great Saiyawoman is ready once again for action, because Videl has gone into her old uniform and is happy with the way the Great Saiyawoman costume feels on her as she goes through some old poses. Bulla and Bulma both decide to follow them to watch the battle. Videl and Chi-Chi fly off as Bulla and Bulma take a vehicle to follow them to the battle site. In the midst of Super 17's chaos, it seems that Goku's attacks not only have no effect, but each blow actually seems to make Super 17 stronger. Super 17 pretends to hide in the trees, but it's really a trap to ambush Goku and gain more energy. Of course, Goku complies and follows him in. Goku eventually realizes that the Super Android is absorbing his power and turning it back in the Saiyan's direction. Goku feeds more energy into Super 17 in the hopes that it would make him overload and explode, but to no avail. The model has been designed to withstand enormous amounts of energy.

Super Saiyan 4 Goku catches Super 17 in a tight grip, preparing to blow himself up

As Super 17 just continues to grow stronger, Goku reveals he knows Super 17 is feeding off his attacks just like the previous Android 19 model. Goku also promises that he won't give up until Super 17 is defeated, but Dr. Myuu continues to become overjoyed about how his dream is finally fulfilled. After being badly beaten, Goku sees no other choice than to perform a self-sacrificing explosion against Super 17, grabbing him in a tight grip. Dr. Myuu declares the match to be a stalemate, but Goku reveals that he is ready to die to stop Dr. Myuu and Super 17. Goku doesn't let go and Super 17 isn't convinced that Goku will pull off this maneuver. But Goku tries the explosion, even though it isn't strong enough to kill either of them. However, Super 17 is unphased due to a shield he had surrounded around himself in the nick of time. The only visible effect is a huge tear in the Earth, and a substantially weakened Goku, who has digressed back to his normal child form. As Videl is carrying Chi-Chi to the battle scene, Chi-Chi is afraid of how high they are and complaining the whole way. They are being followed by Bulla and Bulma. Vegeta watches the battle as Super 17 emerges from the water. He reveals that he had shielded himself, and that saved Goku as well as him. Now he's ready to kill Goku. But he's halted as Android 18 shows up, ready to avenge her murdered husband, Krillin. She yells at Super 17 for being so weak and pathetic to be controlled by someone and that the Android 17 she knew wasn't a cold blooded killer. Android 18 says that if Super 17 fires, then she will be forced to detonate the bomb inside her. Although she's lying because the bomb was removed after the Cell Games Saga, she cleverly uses this assertion in order to trick Super 17. She also mentions that Android 17 has changed, and she can never forgive him.

Goku penetrating through Super 17 with a Super Dragon Fist

Super 17 being destroyed by Goku's Kamehameha

This strikes a chord within Super 17 as Dr. Myuu continues to spout orders to him. Super 17 turns his attention to Myuu and destroys the doctor with his Shocking Death Ball in order to prove that he controls his own decisions before getting back to Goku and Android 18. Android 18 then proceeds to attack Super 17 with multiple energy blasts simultaneously, but Super 17 continues to absorb them, growing even more powerful. However, his absorption technique leaves him wide open for a full-force attack. This allows Goku to finish Super 17 with his Super Dragon Fist, avenging Krillin. But Goku knows that the slam isn't enough so he relentlessly tops it off with three more Kamehameha blasts right through Super 17's already-damaged mechanism, completely terminating him. As Super 17 malfunctions and erupts, Goku declares that he's avenged Krillin. After the battle, Goku comforts the battle-ravaged Android 18, commenting that her brother seemed to actually help them defeat his Super Android self as there was a mental, emotional, and internal struggle going on with Super 17. However, Goku and Android 18 accept that he did have some control, otherwise he would've killed Android 18.

The Black Smoke Dragon appears instead of Shenron

Then, Videl flies up to them while carrying Chi-Chi and they demand to know where the villains are. Goku says that he's won already, and they congratulate him. Bulma and Bulla arrive in their vehicle and Bulma describes the damage they'd seen in the city, caused by all the villains who escaped from Hell. They decide to collect the Dragon Balls and wish for all of the cities to be restored as well as to wish for Krillin to be restored to life. Pan evidently recovers and is fully healed as Trunks repairs the Dragon Radar in Giru. Goku, Pan and Trunks use him to gather up all of the Dragon Balls. Pan is full of dismay as she sees that there are cracks in the Dragon Balls. Soon, all seven Dragon Balls are placed on the ground in front of Capsule Corp., and Goku, Gohan, Goten, Bulma, Bulla, Trunks, Chi-Chi, Videl, and Pan wonder if Shenron is going to be alright. The balls all make the occasional humming sound, but this time it's more of a sick-sounding tune. Goku calls for Shenron to come forth, but nothing happens. Goku asks if he's got the words wrong but Bulma comments that since they are not on Namek, the problem has nothing to do with speech or needing to speak Namekian. Goku tries again, and the skies begin to darken and red lightning shreds the clouds. Earthquakes begin to hit, and the group realizes that something is obviously wrong. Goku senses a great evil power as dark blue smoke pours from the cracks in the Dragon Balls, and a large, cigar-smoking dragon fills into the sky.

The Shadow Dragons

The Shadow Dragons are unleashed upon the Earth

An insidious black smoke issues forth from the Dragon Balls, and from it emerges Black Smoke Shenron. Old Kai and Kibito Kai urgently explain to a stunned Goku that the overuse of the Dragon Balls over so many years has caused a build-up of negative energy to accumulate within them and disrupt their balance (prior to the invention of the Dragon Radar, the Dragon Balls would often go unused for centuries at a time, allowing the negative energy to disperse harmlessly). The stress of using the Dragon Balls yet again has caused the negative energy to at last erupt all at once and coalesce into a dragon of darkness who cares nothing for granting wishes; instead, he ingests the Dragon Balls and, in a swirling storm of wind and smoke, divides their incredible power and splits off into seven separate entities. These Shadow Dragons, each in possession of a Dragon Ball, promptly scatter across the earth and cause a haze of negative energy to envelop the atmosphere, leaving Goku and the others to ponder over what they should do.

Haze Shenron kicked in the face by Pan

Feeling responsible for the exploitation of the Dragon Balls over the years (everybody else, including the Old Kai, blames Bulma for creating the Dragon Radar), Goku resolves to chase down each of the Shadow Dragons and recover the mystical orbs, thus restoring Shenron to his rightful place. Pan comes along, against Goku's better judgment, and with Giru's help they begin the hunt. The portly, pollution-spewing Haze Shenron is the first dragon the heroes meet, using his poisonous powers to sap Pan and Goku of their energy, but thanks to Giru, who is unaffected by the pollution, the heroes blow him away and purify the lake he tainted. The diminutive Rage Shenron nearly beats the duo with his Electric Slime, but a convenient rainstorm shorts out his powers and leaves him easy prey for Goku's Kamehameha. Oceanus Shenron proves troublesome with her beautiful disguise and deadly wind powers, but Pan figures out the villain's weakness and helps her grandfather turn the tide. The burrowing, brutal Naturon Shenron is the greatest challenge yet, especially when he absorbs Pan and uses her as both a power boost and a hostage. Luckily, a clever trick allows Goku to retrieve his granddaughter, leaving Naturon in a puny form that is destroyed with ease.

Nuova Shenron charges a fire ball

The true challenge begins when Goku and Pan meet Nuova Shenron, the Four-Star Dragon and a master of fire. Pan wanted to fight Nuova herself, but was too overconfident for her own good and was knocked out. Goku demanded Nuova to release Pan, but much to his surprise, Nuova quietly threw her out of harm's way and spared her life. Goku is forced to transform into Super Saiyan 4, and an intense battle ensues. During the fight, Goku and Nuova Shenron develop a mutual respect for each other's skills, but before a winner is decided, the Saiyan's arm is frozen solid. Nuova's brother, Eis Shenron, who damaged Giru, stolen the Dragon Balls, and beaten up Pan, arrives and demands that Nuova team up with him to obliterate Goku. Nuova Shenron refuses, since there is no honor in such ruthless combat, and a dismayed Eis Shenron takes matters into his own hands as he beats down his brother and fights Goku one-on-one. With underhanded tactics and his freezing abilities, the Three-Star Dragon manages to encase Goku in ice, but when he tells Nuova to finish Goku off, Nuova unfreezes the Saiyan instead. Thoroughly dominated by the enraged Saiyan, Eis Shenron surrenders and begs for his life - only to make a final, cowardly attack that leaves Goku completely blind.

Eis Shenron is executed by an enraged Goku

Despite his handicap, Goku is still too much for Eis Shenron to handle, utterly destroying him with a Dragon Fist. Seeing little honor in attacking a disadvantaged opponent, Nuova Shenron offers Goku an antidote for his blindness, only to be killed instantly by Syn Shenron, who carries the One-Star Dragon Ball. Having disposed of his brother and destroyed the antidote, Syn immediately engages Goku in battle. Blind and weary, Goku is beaten to within an inch of his life by the most powerful of all the Shadow Dragons, losing his Super Saiyan 4 transformation and falling unconscious towards a stone sword.

Goku is rescued by his family and friends, who offer their help. Goku insists that no number of people will be enough to overcome Syn Shenron and declares the situation to be hopeless, but the heroes have a different plan: rather than fight together, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks plan to lend every last ounce of their combined Saiyan energy to Goku, restoring his strength. Majuub barely manages to hold Syn Shenron off long enough for this to be accomplished, and the result is a full-power Super Saiyan 4 Goku who is far superior to his opponent despite being blind. Goku thoroughly demonstrates his advantage before blasting Syn away with his strongest Kamehameha, but the Shadow Dragon clings to life, ready to reveal his trump card. By ingesting the other six Dragon Balls, Syn Shenron transforms into Omega Shenron, an even stronger beast with the individual powers of all seven Shadow Dragons. Despite regaining his sight, Goku finds himself outmatched again and again, even after combining his two strongest attacks, and has made up his mind to sacrifice his life in a final kamikaze effort before Vegeta shows up to even the score.

Goku and Vegeta take on Omega Shenron

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta hits Omega Shenron head-on with a powerful Big Bang Kamehameha

At Vegeta's insistence, Goku holds off his effort. With Bulma in tow, Vegeta reveals his plan: to become a Super Saiyan 4. Bulma uses the Blutz Wave Generator to power up Vegeta, causing him to regrow his tail, transform into a Great Ape, and ascend to the level of Super Saiyan 4. Even with Goku and Vegeta on equal footing and teamed together, Omega Shenron is still the superior force, leading Vegeta to suggest fusion. The collective sons of Goku and Vegeta hold off Omega Shenron long enough for the two rivals to fuse into the incomparable Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. He easily outmatches Omega Shenron, even tricking the Shadow Dragon into helping him restore the damaged planet by purifying and deflecting Omega Shenron's Negative Karma Ball. With the cloak of negative energy dispelled, Gogeta unleashes his full power against Omega, forcing the dragon to expel six of the seven Dragon Balls. Unfortunately, Gogeta spends too much of the battle toying with his enemy and defuses before he can deliver the final blow, leaving the horrified pair in the same predicament as before.

Goku and Vegeta obtain the Four-Star Ball from Omega

Syn immediately begins restoring his power by consuming the Dragon Balls, but Goku quickly swallows the Four-Star Ball before the villain can get to it. Despite this handicap, the ultimate Shadow Dragon is far too strong for the weakened Super Saiyan 4 duo, leaving fusion as the only option. Their attempts are interrupted at every turn, as Omega Shenron is determined to stop the return of Gogeta. At last, the Saiyans find the chance to fuse after using the Afterimage Technique to throw Omega off their trail, but the fusion fails to work. The fight against the One-Star Dragon has left Goku too weak to fuse, and a final attempt reverts him to his child form. With fusion impossible, Omega Shenron descends on Goku and Vegeta, confident that his victory is imminent. However, Omega pauses when Nuova Shenron emerges from Goku's forehead, purified by the latter's positive energy. The two trick Omega into letting his guard down, allowing Nuova to use his Nova Sphere. Alas, Omega survives by possessing Nuova's body, destroying him and reabsorbing the final Dragon Ball in the process. Worse yet, Vegeta's energy runs out and he reverts to his normal state. At this point, the two Saiyans are absolutely powerless against the might of Omega Shenron, who renews his assault.

Tiring of the one-sided battle, Omega attempts to obliterate the planet once again with his Negative Karma Ball, but Goku leaps into the path of the attack and desperately tries to repel it. As he is slowly pushed back into the ground, he reflects on how the entire crisis was the result of overusing the Dragon Balls. He vows that the world will stop using them to solve their problems, if only he can defeat Omega Shenron. His plea seems to be in vain; the ball finally detonates, leaving a massive crater and no sign of Goku. The other heroes have no time to mourn their loss, as Omega begins to destroy the Earth with his negative energy, intending to ultimately do the same to the entire universe. As the battered planet begins to crumble around them, Vegeta gives Trunks three commands: to gather everyone into Bulma's spaceship and make their escape; to find a way to defeat the Shadow Dragon; and not to follow him as he continues his hopeless offensive against Omega. Despite Vegeta's wishes, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks join the battle as well, but none of them can make any impression against this horrific embodiment of the Dragon Balls' power.

Omega Shenron is completely obliterated by Goku's Universal Spirit Bomb

The Saiyans are felled one by one, but Vegeta assures Omega that he has lost the battle despite everything. At that moment, a massive Spirit Bomb rises into the sky, courtesy of Goku gathering energy from everyone on Earth. Despite the impressive size of the attack, Goku knows that it won't be enough to stop his final foe, so he contacts King Kai with a request. As Omega unleashes a futile barrage of energy blasts on the powered-up Saiyan, the four Kais telepathically call on everyone in the universe to give their energy to Goku. The result is a Universal Spirit Bomb too massive for any evil to stand against it, and with nothing more to do, Goku hurls his attack at Omega. The ultimate Shadow Dragon can only let out one last scream of sheer terror before he is completely obliterated in a terrific blast, restoring the Dragon Balls to their normal state.

Goku telling Vegeta that he is Earth's new protector before leaving with Shenron

With all seven Shadow Dragons defeated, Shenron himself appears, much to the heroes' confusion as nobody summoned him. Coiling overhead, the mighty dragon heals Goku of his wounds and explains that the Dragon Balls were never intended to be used as frequently as they had been; they were to be revered in a world where their power was unnecessary. Now that the Dragon Balls have suffered an overload of negative energy, the Eternal Dragon must separate himself from Earth for 100 years to prevent the Dragon Balls from becoming corrupted again. Goku understands, but asks the Eternal Dragon for one last wish: to restore the Earth and her people, who have borne the costs of battles that were never theirs to join. Shenron grants this wish, but asks Goku to accompany him, as he is not powerful enough to grant the wish by himself without negative effects. Entrusting Vegeta with the defense of the Earth, Goku hops on Shenron's back and flies off, telling his friends and family that they will meet again some day. Bulma also remembers her first time meeting Goku when she was sixteen years old and thinks that she is going to miss him. Shenron goes by Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, training by a waterfall, followed by Yamcha and Puar, fixing a car in the desert where they and Goku first met. Goku then makes a stop at Kame House to see Master Roshi and an elderly Krillin, who has been revived by the Dragon Balls. While there, Goku and Krillin reminisce about when they were kids, and tells him of the Shadow Dragons, and decide to have a friendly spar for old times' sake. After Krillin wins, Goku compliments his old friend on his strength and disappears without saying a word. As a perplexed Krillin searches for Goku, Master Roshi looks up in the sky, knowing Goku is leaving, and tells Goku to thank Shenron for the Dragon Balls. Next, Goku stops in Hell to see Piccolo, currently defending the resident ogres from a belligerent monster. Explaining that he is leaving, Goku tells Piccolo that he is glad they met and joined forces. Declaring that Piccolo has become a good friend, Goku assures the Namekian that he will get out of Hell someday. They shake hands and Goku leaves.

Goku leaving with Shenron after making one last wish

Meanwhile, back on the obliterated battlefield, Goku's family and friends depart to their own respective homes, with Goten and Gohan assuring Chi-Chi that Goku will be back in time for dinner. Pan, however, comes upon the set of clothes that Goku had been wearing before leaving with Shenron. Vegeta tells her to keep them dear to her forever before he leaves and Pan bids a sad farewell to her grandfather. Meanwhile, Goku flies through beautiful golden clouds atop Shenron's head, the Dragon Balls circling around him. He closes his eyes, allowing each of the Dragon Balls to enter his body, eventually causing Goku to disappear. This ensures that the negative energy within the balls can effectively dissipate using Goku's positive energy. With Goku's destiny at last fulfilled, Shenron roars and flies into a bright light, bringing Goku's story to an end.

A Hero's Legacy

100 years later, almost all of the original Dragon Team have died of natural causes, and an elderly Pan is the only one left. She is shown sitting beside Goku's grave, paying her respects along with her grandson Goku Jr., who was trying to catch a butterfly but then went to pay his respects for his great-great grandfather, who departed from the Earth 100 years prior. Pan stands up and tells Goku Jr. that it is time to train, which he happily agrees with. She dreams of her grandson becoming a great warrior like her grandpa, but Goku Jr. is clearly not interested in training and always lets her down, be it flying, balancing or even catching a ball.

Goku Jr. being bullied by Puck's gang

Goku Jr. studies in a local school where he is frequently bullied by Puck, a senior student who loves to fight. Pan, a very powerful person herself by a normal human's standard, wants to explore the potential of Goku Jr., but Goku Jr., a nonviolent person, always lets himself be bullied by Puck and his companions, thus underrating his abilities. One day, he lets Puck take his favorite pen (which he calls Rocket Pen). Pan becomes extremely furious and upset because of his behavior and yells at Goku Jr. for being so carefree, only to suddenly suffer a heart attack and collapse to the ground.

Pan admitted in the hospital

Pan is admitted to a hospital by her Grandson with the help of her neighbors, where he comes to know that his Grandma's life was hanging by a thread which could snap anytime. So angry and disgusted with himself for being so care-free, which worsened the health of his Grandma, he runs out of the hospital to his house, pleading to God not to leave him alone and take away his Grandma.

A photo of Pan and Giru with the Four-Star Dragon Ball

When he returns home he feels a little nostalgic, as he recollects the past where he was constantly advised by Pan to be shrewd, stories of her past etc. At that point he comes to know about the magical Dragon Balls which would grant any wish. So, with the intention of healing Pan and for her speedy recovery, he starts his journey to his great great grandfather's cottage house at Mount Paozu. On the way, he confronts Puck and his companions who start to bully him without knowing his sorrowful mood. But Goku Jr. was in no mood to be bullied and powers up generating a yellow aura around him. The actions were clear and Puck and his friends leave Goku Jr. alone.

After a long walk, Goku Jr. realizes that Mount Paozu is too far and would take forever to reach by foot. Luckily at that time a man driving an 18-wheeler stops and asks whether he wants a lift. Goku Jr. happily gets into the truck and they head off. The truck has a poster of a burger on the outside but is filled with garbage from the inside. Both Goku Jr. and the driver are hungry and the driver has nothing to eat. They stop at the Star Mark Service Stand. He tricks Goku Jr. by saying that Goku Jr. should go to the toilet before they head off. Once Goku Jr. is outside the truck he takes Goku Jr.'s food and leaves him stranded with only his empty bag. At that time, Puck, who had been following Goku Jr., shows up and asks him if he wants some company as Mount Paozu was far away from their present location. He moreover advised Goku Jr. not to blindly trust on anyone as their actual intentions could be hidden. He also told him that Mount Paozu was known as a haunted mountain filled with ghosts which are known to kill and eat humans.

Goku Jr. and Puck on their journey towards Mount Paozu

Puck robs a petrol station and takes some food and a cart which they ride down the side of the road with. After having some snacks they start climbing Mount Paozu. They pass through a dense forest and set up a camp there as it was getting very dark. During their supper, Puck comes to know that Pan is ill and is dying due to her illness. Goku Jr. explains to Puck that Mount Paozu has the magical Dragon Balls which have the ability to bring his grandma back to life. This changes Puck's heart and he returns the Rocket pen he stole from Goku Jr., which was the cause of Pan's illness.

At that time, Puck sees eyes gleaming from the forest. They were surrounded by hungry wolves which immediately pounced on the duo. Goku Jr. and Puck used burning logs to threaten the wolves but in vain. Goku Jr. was surrounded by many wolves as compared to Puck and as he didn't have any option, he jumped high in the air out of fear as that was the only way to escape. Unknown to his own capability, he jumped so high that he reached the top of a very tall tree. With only Puck in grasp, all the wolves turned their attention towards him. When he was nearly going to be killed, a gunshot roared in the forest. A pretty girl with a shotgun showed up at the right time and chased away the wolves with her gun. She took Puck and Goku Jr. to her house, and gave them a lot of food to eat. She leaves them so that they can enjoy the food uninterrupted, only to show her true color. She was a vampire sort of creature named Mamba and her sole intention was to eat them after being well fed. She then meets her pals Torga and Susha who are too interested in her catch. But, she is too resistant to let them have Puck as he is bulky.

After the supper, Goku Jr. and Puck go to the bedroom to have a nap. At that time, Goku Jr. tells Puck there is something fishy about the pretty girl who helped them. They arranged the beds to simulate their sleeping posture and quietly slipped away from the room. Just then, they saw Mamba entering the room and stabbing the bed with a huge knife. But, she instantly found that they were missing and went on a pursuit to get them. Goku Jr.'s guess turned out to be correct but he gave the credit to Puck who taught him not to trust strangers. When Mamba found them hiding on a window sill, they are chased by Mamba who in the end trapped them in a room where humans were cooked and eaten. She caught Goku Jr. with her hair which she could use as a weapon and began to constrict his neck. Puck was trying to help him but just then she summoned a pickaxe out of mid-air, another one of her abilities. Goku Jr. falls unconscious due to the constant strangling, when she loosened up the hold thinking he has passed away. At that moment, he subconsciously hit Mamba with a ki blast which gave Puck some time to topple the huge vessel which had boiling salsa in it, thus trapping Mamba in it. Puck instantly cut off her hair and woke up Goku Jr. so they could flee away from the treacherous place.

They succeeded to give her a slip and came near a valley which was supported by a hanging bridge. Puck asked Goku Jr. to cross the bridge but he refused because of his fear of heights. Puck demonstrated that the bridge was safe by manually crossing the bridge and getting to the other side of the mountain which on perception gave Goku Jr. some confidence. He started to cross the bridge but saw below due to curiosity which pumped in his fear of heights to a whole new extreme. He was transfixed and the wind picked up, adding to his fear. Goku Jr. held the sideline ropes to steady himself, but the rope snapped, leaving him hanging on a single sliver of rope. Puck came on the bridge to rescue him, but when he was about to catch him, the whole bridge gave way leaving Puck nothing in grasp and he just fell down into the darkness of the valley. Goku Jr., after seeing this incident, overcame from his fear of heights and crawled up to the top of the mountain.

He constantly remembered the fun times he had with Puck during the journey and the sight of the Rocket Pen made him even more nostalgic. Just when he was on his way towards Mount Paozu, he saw a bear cub being chased by a demon who was none but Susha who missed his meal because of his escape. The bear cub sought shelter near Goku Jr. to save himself. However, due to Goku Jr.'s fear of fights, he left the cub to its fate and began to run away from the demon. But, his scruples stopped him as he remembered the words of his grandma "Real strength, the courage to stand up for what's right."

Susha, Mamba and Torga

So he turned back and fought with Susha and defeated him effortlessly. He then began to nurse the injured cub but the mother bear, not having seen Goku Jr.'s heroic save, showed up and began to attack Goku Jr. Just before any harm could be done the cub pacified the angry mother bear (father bear in FUNimation dub) and interacted what actually happened. By knowing the fact the grateful bear asked Goku Jr. to climb on the back so Goku Jr.'s journey would be more peaceful. After a short time, they were at their destination, Goku's old house, but they again came in confrontation with Mamba, Susha, and Torga. Mamba was even more angry because of her butchered hair.

Lord Yao

They began to chase Goku Jr. when a huge wild boar appeared in front of them and fired a cannon on Goku Jr. He introduced himself as Lord Yao and abused the trio for failing to catch even a boy. Yao who calls himself the King of the Demons. The trio apologized for their weakness and Yao began to attack Goku Jr. But the mother bear which was still accompanying him then came to rescue and started to put a lone fight against the demon lord. Unfortunately the mother bear was no match for the huge Lord Yao who defeated her effortlessly. Yao then grabbed the bear in a stranglehold and was crushing it to death when the shrieks and yells of the bear filled Goku Jr. with extreme emotions that transformed him into a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan Goku Jr.

The whole outlook of Goku Jr. changed due to this and the usually timid fellow began to wage a lone fight against the seemingly invincible Lord Yao. He instantly took an upper hand and began to pound Yao to a point when he fell defeated and unconscious. After the fight, even Goku Jr. fell unconscious as his body was not trained enough to handle the power of Super Saiyan. After that, when he regained consciousness he was unable to recollect his fight with Lord Yao suggesting he wasn't even mentally trained for going Super Saiyan.

Goku Jr. meeting his ancestor, Goku

In the end, he found Goku's residence and began to search for the Dragon Ball. After a short search, he got the 4 star ball. He came outside and began to wish the dragon for his grandma's recovery and Puck's revival. Nothing happened. After repeatedly pleading Shenron, he lost his temper and threw the ball away, which landed near Goku, who then explained to Goku Jr. that he has to collect all seven Dragon Balls for his wish to come true. He introduced himself as his great great grandfather (although he did have trouble trying to figure out exactly how many greats it is) and told him how proud he was about his bravery. Just then a helicopter hovered above them, out of which Puck and Pan called Goku Jr. Not surprisingly, Goku vanished after this and wished him good luck for his future and explained to him that his willingness to save his grandma and friend actually saved them all. Goku Jr, with the Four-Star Ball in hand, then joined Pan and Puck in the helicopter and departed happily from Mount Paozu back to Satan City.

A New Era

Goku, a hundred years later, in the very last scene of Dragon Ball GT

At the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku Jr. now finds himself competing in the final round of the Junior Division wearing Goku's old clothes. Pan, Puck and all of Goku Jr.'s school friends watch on in the audience as his opponent comes onto the stage; Vegeta Jr., who is a descendant of the original Vegeta. Pan soon learns this from the boy's mother, who bares a striking resemblance to Bulma, and thus cheers her grandson with all the encouragement she can give. With the bell tolling, the two boys fight in an evenly-matched battle, amazing the crowd, who've never seen such feats as flight and super speed before in their lives. The two boys stop fighting just long enough for both to go Super Saiyan and compliment each other's abilities. As the fight resumes, Pan catches a glimpse of her grandfather, Goku (now an adult again without his tail), in the audience watching the fight. Wanting to see him, she moves through the crowd where she saw him, but he disappears; she realizes she has lost him in the crowd just as the winner is announced, but she knows that he has returned. With the battle of his descendant finished, Goku walks along the outside of the World Martial Arts Tournament arena, flashing back to every major event in his lifetime from when Grandpa Gohan first found him to the defeat of Baby. The old hero of the universe then flies upward as he grabs his Power Pole. Giving one final wave, Goku calls upon his old Flying Nimbus cloud and flies into the distance with a yell of "Until we meet again, guys!", thus bringing the story of Dragon Ball to a close.

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