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Dragon Ball Daima

Dragon Ball Daima

Dragon Ball DaimaドラゴンボールDaimaDoragon Bōru Daima

Genre Action-Adventure, Comedy, Science Fantasy, Martial Arts, Bangsian Fantasy
Anime series: Dragon Ball Daima
Directed by

Aya Komaki


Toei Animation
A-1 Pictures

Story by

Akira Toriyama

Original run

2024 —

Dragon Ball Daima (ドラゴンボールDaimaダイマ Doragon Bōru Daima)[1] is the fifth anime installment in the Dragon Ball franchise.


The series was announced during the Dragon Ball Special Panel at New York Comic Con 2023; it was revealed to be airing in fall 2024.


"Hello. I'm Akira Toriyama.
I'm currently working on a new Dragon Ball.
The title is "Dragon Ball DAIMA".
"DAIMA" is a made-up term, which in Japanese characters would be "大魔" or in English would be something like "Evil."
Due to a conspiracy, Goku and his friends are turned small.
In order to fix things, they'll head off to a new world!
It's a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.
Since Goku has to make up for his petite size, he uses his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight, something not seen in a long time.
I came up with the story and settings, as well as a lot of the designs.
I'm actually putting a lot more into this than usual!
Things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world.
Hope you all enjoy these different-from-usual battles that are cute and powerful!!
Akira Toriyama


Daima was originally going to be an anime-original series without any input from Akira Toriyama, however after giving advice here and there, Toriyama ended up becoming majorly involved; creating the story, world, characters, mechs, and all sorts of other things.[2]

Akira Toriyama handled the story and settings, as well as many of the designs.[1]

"Daima" is a made-up term, which would translate to "Evil" in English.[1] However, the kanji used for Daima (大魔) mean "great" and "demon/magic".[3] The series' name is primarily displayed as ドラゴンボールDaima(ダイマ) by official sources, using katakana for Daima rather than the kanji Toriyama gave.[4]

Akio Iyoku confirms Dragon Ball Daima will feature a completely original story.[5]


Character name Japanese voice actor
Goku Masako Nozawa



  • Daima is the last Dragon Ball anime series to be worked on by Akira Toriyama before his death on March 1, 2024.[7][8][9]



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