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The Golden Warrior

Dragon Ball Anime Illustration Collection: The Golden Warrior (ドラゴンボール アニメイラスト集 「黄金の戦士」) is a book of 96 pages of illustrations from the Dragon Ball series. The book was published by Shueisha on April 21, 2010, in Japan.



Poster featured in The Golden Warrior

The book's content focuses mostly on Goku. It is split up into three sections: "Adventure" which covers Dragon Ball and its movies, "Fierce Fighting" which covers Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Kai and the Z movies, and "Space" which covers Dragon Ball GT.

The book's dust cover was drawn by veteran animator Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who was also interviewed in the book. Three interviews can also be found throughout the book, all of which were conducted with character designers from each series: an interview of the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z character designer Minoru Maeda, an interview of the Dragon Ball Z character designer Tadayoshi Yamamuro, and finally an interview of the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.


Rough Super Saiyan 4 design made for speculative purpose

It includes a decent amount of unreleased artwork from Toei Animation, such as artwork from the Dragon Boxes, Dragon Ball Z Anime Special guides, V-Jump, Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File, and TV anime guides (Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Densetsu and Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Densetsu).

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