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Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Special Manga

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Special Manga is a short manga by Akira Toriyama celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball.


Akira Toriyama (depicted as Robotoriyama) meets Goku and Vegeta on Planet Namek and tells them it is the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball, Goku is not very impressed since they were not actually running for 30 years straight, annoying Toriyama who tells them he should be thankful he made them famous. Vegeta retorts that he should be the one thanking them, as it was thanks to them Dragon Ball lasted so long. Toriyama bites back that Vegeta was originally meant to die and that it was only thanks to Toriyama that he lived, while Vegeta says that it was actually because Toriyama was too scared to kill off a character as popular as him. Frieza shows up, in his first form and with a halo, and is annoyed that Toriyama had him killed off on Namek. Flustered, Toriyama says that thanks to that Frieza became the best villain character ever and that's why he brought him back for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, though Frieza is annoyed that Toriyama apparently forgot how to draw him.[1]

Timeline placement

The events of this short manga occur after Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ but before the Universe Survival Saga.





  • Frieza states that Toriyama had him killed off on Namek, however this is incorrect as his first death happened on Earth.


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