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"When Conton City was still known as Toki Toki City, there was a rumor about town. People were wondering just how powerful the divine beings truly were. I mean, the Supreme Kai of Time and the Elder Kai are generally quite cheerful and friendly. However, once they heard the rumor, they decided to give a demonstration of their power. So they showed everybody just how mighty and powerful they truly were! One of the things the Supreme Kai of Time did was imbue her strength into the dragon on the Dragon Ball Pedestal. The dragon grew in size and began to move as if it were alive! It was really impressive. So much so that it turned Toki Toki City into ruins."
— Time Patroller Saria telling the dragon's origins in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The dragon is an Eternal Dragon present in Conton City who appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


The dragon appeared as a larger version of Shenron, however its eyes were white instead of the usual red and its body was an overall more blue color.


Back when Conton City was still Toki Toki City, Chronoa used her power to animate the dragon statue that adorned the Dragon Ball Pedestal, causing it to move as if it were alive, after hearing a rumor going around Toki Toki City that questioned the power of divine beings such as herself and Elder Kai. However her power caused the dragon to grow and she never expected it would grow so large resulting in the destruction of Toki Toki City. As the Toki Toki City had been overflowing with time rifts and was at the breaking point, when the dragon appeared, it pushed the city over the edge, so Chronoa chose to transform Toki Toki City into Conton City, saying "It's just faster this way, don't you think?". As a result, the dragon can be seen floating in the skies north of Conton City.

According to Namekian Time Patroller Salma, this dragon cannot grant wishes.


  • Initially the dragon's existence goes unexplained and it is only through conversations with Salma (who stands next to the Dragon Ball Pedestal) that its history is explained.
  • It is unclear if the dragon is actually alive or simply just an animated statue. However, it is possible that Chronoa may have actually breathed life into the statue, as she is one of the Gods of Creation whose role is to create life in the universe.

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