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Dragons are a rare species in the Dragon Ball series.


Dragons exist in multiple universes. Ordinary dragons like Icarus have only been shown to exist in Universe 7 - with it being noted that a race of them lives on Gaspa, while Drakes like Chappil live in both Universe 7 and Universe 9.


The dinosaur-like draconic creature who swallowed the Four-Star Dragon Ball

Mogina Dinosaur

Planet Mogina Monster

An aquatic dinosaur-like draconic creature appears on Earth during Majin Buu Saga filler, eating one of the Earth Dragon Balls, although he was ultimately forced to spit it back out during the resultant fight with the Dragon Team due to being affected by an accidental usage of one of Master Roshi's old techniques. Another dinosaur-dragon creature called Planet Mogina Monster[1] inhabit Mogina.

The most prominent dragons to appear in the series are the Eternal Dragons, who exist in both Universe 7 and Universe 6. The Dragon God Zalama is the god of dragons who was responsible for the creation of the Super Dragon Balls, the first Eternal Dragon Super Shenron, and a failed Super Dragon Ball prototype called the Omnificence Crystal. The Namekian Dragon Clan of Namek used fragments of one of the Super Dragon Balls to create the Namekian Dragon Balls and the eternal dragon Porunga with other sets of Dragon Balls being created by Dragon Clansmen that came to live on other planets like Cereal, Earth, and Eros.

In Kajika, dragons native to Ronron Island have a chemical compound in their blood called Dragomin which apparently acts as a growth hormone that allows infant dragons to mature incredibly fast and can allow Earthlings achieve the dragon-man transformation by consuming it.

The Dark Vassal Cymbal was made to resemble dragon.

Special Abilities[]

Most dragons are able to fly using their wings. A common ability of dragons is Fire Breath, with the Planet Mogina Monster also displaying this power.

The dinosaur-like draconic creature who ate a Dragon Ball has the ability to elongate and grasp with its tongue

Known members of the race[]

Universe 7
Renovated Gigantic Flame Dragon

Renovated Gigantic Flame Dragon

  • Gigantic Flame Dragon
    • Renovated Gigantic Flame Dragon
Universe 9

Video Game Appearances[]

Dragons similar to King Ghidorah, but with two heads, appear as enemies in Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo.

A Dragon Turtle is the mini-boss of Monmaasu in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

Three Pterodactyl-like dragons called Winged Dragon, Violent Dragon and Snow Dragon appear in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Numerous types of dragons appear in Dragon Ball Online, including Child Dragons, Tamtam Child Dragons, Divine Water Guard Dragons, Guardian Dragon Hatchling and Ancient Drakes. They attack using Fire Breath. Through Pokopen skills Dragon God's Fury and Dragon God's Rage, Namekians can bring forth demonic Namekian Dragons to fight for them.


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