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Dr. Kochin's Cane (Dr.コーチンの杖) is a jade-colored walking stick and energy-generating device belonging to the scientist Dr. Kochin.


Kochin's Shenron-inspired cane handle

‎The handle is carved to resemble the head of the Eternal Dragon of Earth, Shenron. Kochin was normally seen hunched forwards slightly, apparently using the cane for support; in truth Kochin's cane is a weapon. The top of Shenron's head tilts forwards, revealing a button. When this button is pressed, a gigantic blast of energy shoots out of the cane.

Kochin uses the cane's energy wave to attack Gohan, after taunting the boy into raging anger. However, Gohan repels the cane's energy, and Kochin drops it in surprise. When he moves to grab it afterwards, Krillin kicks the cane aside. Nevertheless, Kochin re-obtains the cane shortly thereafter, following the loss of one of his arms. He is still holding it when Dr. Wheelo accidentally knocks him off the laboratory platform, but drops it during his fall down the shaft.

Appearances in games

In Dragon Ball Heroes is the Super Attack of Dr. Kochin and was named Madness Wand (マッドネスワンド).

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, its name is localized in English as Madness Wand.[2]



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