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Dr. Auto (Dr.オート Dr. Ōto) is an old scientist locked in the Dragon Ball Heroes world in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission. He is the grandfather of Nim, Nico, and Genome. He is the main antagonist of the Second Tournament Saga.


While conducting peaceful research, Dr. Auto has also gathered the seven Dragon Balls in order to grant a wish of his: he secretly studied the time-space transmission apparatus of the Dragon Ball Heroes machine and used it to go back into the past. However, the balls that he got are the ones from the very end, with cracks in them. The battle guide Sora determined that the one to unleash the Shadow Dragons in their world would be Dr. Auto. He has constantly been pursuing Dr. Auto and locked him inside a Dragon Ball Heroes battlefield. During the second tournament in which Beat is a contestant, Dr. Auto is shown the Dragon Ball Heroes universe with the set of cracked Dragon Balls he collected. When Auto uses them in order to summon the dragon, Black Smoke Shenron appears. Dr. Auto tells the dragon to hear his wish, but it instead tells him he will not listen to humans. As the old man begins to realize this dragon has no intention of granting his wish, his three grandchildren arrive. No sooner do they greet him, however, than the dragon raises a whirlwind, splitting into seven different dragons, each with a cracked Dragon Ball in its mouth, and three of which carry away Nimu, Nico, and Genome. When the heroes arrive at his location in the game, Dr. Auto shouts to them that his three grandchildren have been kidnapped by the Shadow Dragons and begs for them to rescue them.