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Akira Toriyama with his pet cat, Koge (1987)

Douglas Rand is a French-based English language actor who appears in AB Groupe's Dragon Ball Z dub. He is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States.


He works as an actor and voice-over artist in France, notably appearing in the Rayman video game franchise. He has also had small roles in several major movies, such as The Transporter (2002) and Arthur and the Invisibles (2006).


Rand frequently voiced villainous characters in the AB Groupe dub of the Dragon Ball Z films, such as Broly, Cooler (movie 5 only), Garlic Jr., Android 13, Dr. Wheelo and Bojack. Other roles he has voiced include:

Doug Rand in 2020


  • Much like how Paul Bandey and Ed Marcus were referred to as the "Old Bastards" by fans on YouTube for using an almost-identical voice that sounded very aged, Rand has been nicknamed the "Guy Who is Trying Too Hard to Sound Cool" for using exaggerated cartoonish voices for Tien Shinhan, Turtle and the Bio-Men, and for speaking very quickly when voicing Android 17 and Garlic Jr. He has also been nicknamed the "Middle-aged Bastard".[1]