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Doskoi (ドスコイ Dosukoi) is a sumo wrestler who appears in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.


Dragon Ball Z

Bojack Unbound

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Doskoi before being killed by Bido

Doskoi fights in the Intergalactic Tournament funded by X.S. Cash. He wins the qualifications by pushing people off the arena with his sumo might, allowing him to be the only human untrained in ki control to make it to the finals. Doskoi wins in his match in the third round against Sky Dragon, but he is killed by Bido while wandering the desert Battle Zone on Battle Island 2.


Doskoi is very powerful for a human untrained in ki control. He was the only non ki user to make it to the finals. It Is likely he was the strongest non Z Fighter competing in the tournament. He displayed some superhuman feats by hitting a fighter hard enough to send them crashing through a tower (inadvertently causing Yamcha's elimination due to being on the tower when it broke, causing him to fall out of the arena) and lifting multiple fighters at once and tossing them out of the arena. He was no match for Bido, however, and was killed by him.


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  • In both the English and Japanese dub, the only thing he says is his own name.
  • Doskoi is a word that many sumos say.

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