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Doppelanger is a cloning technique primarily used by Piccolo.



Piccolo and his sparring partners

Piccolo often uses this technique while training; he uses it in the Break Wasteland, during the Garlic Jr. Saga,[1][2] and in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

During his battle with Frost in the Universe 6 Saga, Piccolo reveals that he has greatly enhanced the technique, and creates an army of clones with equal power to him to act as a distraction while he charges the special beam cannon. These clones have the weakness of dissipating when hit once. Piccolo uses this technique once more when training with Gohan in the Universe Survival Saga.


  • Tri-Form: The ability to create two copies of yourself, thus possessing three bodies.
  • Medas: Medamatcha's variation, where he splits four smaller bodies from his back.