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Dragon Ball Z: Doom is the fifth volume of the original Pioneer Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. It includes three installments from the Saiyan conflict: episodes 14, 15, and 16. It was also included on The Saiyan Conflict box set, which collected volumes 1-8.

Cover art

The cover art features Goku racing forward with shadowed images of Vegeta and Nappa in the background. Goku's frantic rush on Snake Way is a great parallel to Vegeta and Nappa's vicious facial expressions, adding depth to the tense nature of the struggle. The cover is an accurate depiction of Goku's race against time to make it back and save his friends from the Saiyan onslaught.


  • The Legend of the Saiyans - Goku's next task in his training is to hit Gregory, a super fast grasshopper, with a heavy hammer. King Kai is amazed to see how quickly Goku can conquer the gravity and decides to teach him the ultimate techniques called "Kaio-Ken" and "Spirit Bomb." One day, King Kai reveals more to Goku about his Saiyan heritage. Goku learns that the planet Vegeta had vanished and he is one of only four Saiyans that survived. Goku will have to confront the rest of the surviving Saiyans soon!
  • A Black Day for Planet Earth - Goku completes his training under King Kai, and is ready to battle against the Saiyans. While Goku hurries back on the Snake Way to Earth, the evil Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa, finally land on Earth and launch a diabolical wake-up call for the planet. They first sense the power of Piccolo and Gohan and proceed to them. Their purpose is to find the Dragon Balls and make their wish – immortality. Can Earth's Special Forces hold out until Goku arrives?!
  • The Battle Begins... Goku Where are You? - Vegeta and Nappa reach Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin. Vegeta recognizes Piccolo as the one who told Raditz about the Dragon Balls before finishing Raditz off, and then reveals that Piccolo is an alien from the planet Namek! The Saiyans then grow plant monsters, called Saibamen, to fight Earth's warriors first, just as Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha arrive to help!


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