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Doma (ドマ Doma) is the fiancé to Leena, the princess of a village on planet Gelbo.



One day, the strange monster Zoonama came and demanded a bride, threatening to create earthquakes. The villagers agreed on Doma's fiancée being the creature's bride.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

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Doma with his fiancée, Leena

After Goku, Trunks, and Pan arrived on Gelbo and heard Leena's story, they agreed to help them with this problem in exchange for the Black Star Dragon Ball woven into Leena's ponytail. With Goku and Pan, Doma secretly follows Zoonama to his lair when Zoonama came back to "Pick up" his bride and took Trunks dressed up in Leena's wedding dress with him.

In Zoonama's cave, Trunks gets Zoonama tipsy and as soon as Zoonama passes out, Doma and the others arrive in the monster's lair. Doma takes his giant scissors and cuts one of Zoonama's whiskers, believing they were the source of his power. Zoonama wakes up before Doma can chop off his other one. Zoonama sees Trunks without his disguise and, filled with rage, he threatens to cause an earthquake. He does, but even after the quake is done, he is still moving his whiskers. The group realizes that Zoonama can only predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions thanks to the movements of his whiskers, not cause them and Zoonama admits to this. Suddenly, the biggest earthquake occurs, because it was the volcano erupting. Goku quickly gets the others out of the volcano, and then he blows the volcano up with a Kamehameha. After that, Doma and the other villagers forgive Zoonama, and Zoonama becomes a villager.

Shadow Dragon Saga

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Video Game Appearances


Doma in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

Doma appears in the cutscenes in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

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  • Doma's scissors are a reference to the sword wielded by the god Susanowo from the Japanese myth about Yamata-no-Orochi, on which the second part of Zoonama's story is based. The eight-headed monster snake Yamata-no-Orochi ate 7 of the eight daughters of an old couple. The last one, Kushinada, was to be the next sacrifice but Susanowo made Orochi drink sake that was strong enough to make the snake drunk and then slew Orochi with his sword.
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