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"Your bodies are nothing but shells now, holding back your spirit from serving your true purpose in the Order."
— "The Last Oracle of Luud"

Dolltaki (ドルタッキー Dorutakkī) is a villain who is at the service of Dr. Myuu. He is the chief leader of the Luud Cult and controls the giant Machine Mutant named Luud.


Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga The space swindler Dolltaki is employed by Dr. Myuu and given his strongest Machine Mutant, Luud, in Age 775. Dolltaki uses his skills as a swindler to create the scam religion Luudism on planet Luud and begins gathering energy from its adherents.[2] By using Luud, Dolltaki transforms the followers of his religious sect into many dolls to gather the energy that Dr. Myuu needs to make Baby grow.

Dolltaki loves his new doll, Pan

He takes a fancy to Pan and has her transformed into a doll, but in the end, he receives the same destiny and is transformed into a doll himself and absorbed by Luud. Inside the giant Machine Mutant Luud, Dolltaki is forced by Pan to reveal Luud's weak point. Goku and Pan destroy Luud and all the people who were absorbed regain their bodies.

Dolltaki runs away from Planet Luud and retreats to planet M-2, where he attempts to report about Luud's destruction to Dr. Myuu with excuses that avert his follies, but instead finds General Rilldo in the chair, surprising and scaring Dolltaki. As Dolltaki attempts to excuse himself in fear, Rilldo launches a Ki Blast at Dolltaki for his failure and treason, killing him once and for all.

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  • His name is a pun on his occupation, Doll Taker, as well as a reference to Otaki, another word for Otaku in Japanese.


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