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"Teenakawo Iganeteshiso Ururinomika Yodei Chonmage!"
— The password required for summoning Super Shenron. (original version)

"Emoc Htrof Enivid Nogard Dna Tnarg Ym Hsiw Peas and Carrots!"
— The password required for summoning Super Shenron. (Funimation dub)

The Divine Language (神の言語 Kami no Gengo, lit. "Language of the Gods") is a unique language spoken by deities and other certain people like the Angels. The language is required in order to activate and make a wish on the Super Dragon Balls. Those that speak this language seem to be able to transmit their thoughts to one another simply by declaring themselves capable of speaking the language.


  • According to Beerus, there is no phrase for "easy peasy" (丁髷 chonmage) in the Divine Language.
  • The "Divine Language" is actually ordinary Japanese spoken backwards, syllable by syllable.
    • For instance, Whis' wish to Super Shenron in the Divine Language written by katakana (ロセラエガミヨ ヲイルソジ トウユキチ ノウユチウクロイダ, roseraegamiyo woirusoji touyukichi nouyuchiukuroida) while its original Japanese counterpart is "Please revive Universe 6's Earth and its humanity" (第六宇宙の地球と人類を甦らせろ Dai-Roku Uchū no Chikyū to Jinrui o Yomigaera sero).
    • In the Funimation dub, the Divine Language is ordinary English spoken backwards in a normal sentence structure ("Come forth divine dragon and grant my wish peas and carrots").
  • Interestingly, the concept of the Divine Language is remarkably similar to the phrases that DC Comics' Zatanna uses to cast magic, in that they are actually ordinary words spoken backwards.
  • When Zamasu makes his wishes in Whis' proposed theory and the flashback when he switches bodies with Goku (in the unaltered timeline), he speaks them normally and not backwards.

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