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"I don't need your prostrations, mortal - I JUST NEED YOU DEAD!!"
Fused Zamasu about to attack in "Showdown! The Miraculous Power of Unyielding Warriors"

Divine Hammer (神の鉄槌 Kami no Tettsui) is a rush attack and fighting style created and used by Fused Zamasu in his Half-Corrupted form.


Grotesque zamasu 1

Fused Zamasu clashes against Vegito Blue using Divine Hammer.

With his arm severely mutated by his Light of Divine Justice, Fused Zamasu uses this new fighting style to capitalize on brutal blows. He can additionally create massive shockwaves from his attacks, keeping his foes at bay and dealing astounding damage to any who dare to get too close.


When up against Vegito Blue, Fused Zamasu uses the Divine Hammer style to counteract Vegito's shocking speed, forcing the Saiyan fusion to focus on evasion to avoid taking costly blows. After his power began to wane, Zamasu was unable to kill Goku or Vegeta with the style, and resorted to using the Violent Fierce God Slicer to finish the job before being thwarted by Future Trunks.

Video Game Appearances

2017-07-04 22.51.02

Celestial Hammer's shockwave in Xenoverse 2

The technique first debuts and is named in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is one of Grosteque Fused Zamasu's attacks.

It later appears in Xenoverse 2, where it is used as Fused Zamasu's, in his Half-Corrupted form, moveset. It also functions as a super attack under the name Celestial Hammer. It also is the basis of another Super Attack, Spiral of Condemnation, where he uses his arm to create energy whirlwinds.

This technique also appears in Dokkan Battle as Fused Zamasu's Super Attack, consisting of Zamasu's battering tackle followed by the Flames of Retribution and finally the decisive punch that was used against Vegito Blue's God Impact.



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