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Dirty Slash (ダーティースラッシュ Dātī Surasshu) is a rush attack used by King Cold.



King Cold prepares the Dirty Slash

King Cold uses this attack in an attempt to kill Future Trunks after being lent his sword, but Future Trunks blocks King Cold's attack and blasts him with his God Breaker.

Video Game Appearances

King Cold also uses this technique to end his Cold Family Power team attack with Mecha Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Dirty Slash was named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where King Cold charges a black and pink/red aura around the sword before using it.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Dirty Slash appears as King Cold's Super Attack. There is also a Dirty Slash Accessory which can be used to add the Super Attack to a Custom Card as its default Super Attack. Additionally the accessory can be equipped to any card in a Custom Deck that is not a Special Type. Equipping it via Custom Deck allows it to be used by any character card that is not a Special Type. However only characters that wield swords (like King Cold, Dabura, Demon God Buu, Super Janemba/Xeno Janemba, Future Trunks/GT Trunks/Xeno Trunks, Tapion, and Adult Gohan with Z-Sword) will perform the technique like King Cold does by charging energy into their respective swords. If the character lacks a physical sword or weapon, then the user will charge the energy into forming an energy blade that they use to perform the Dirty Slash.



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