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"Huh? What the...?"
— Gogeta upon entering the dimension.

The dimension of strange swirling lights[1] is a location that was accidentally accessed by Gogeta and Broly during their battle.


As a result of the colliding energy between Gogeta's Super Kamehameha and Broly's own attack, the boundary of the dimension could not withstand the clash. Therefore, space and time "shattered" and Gogeta and Broly fell into this odd landscape. While Gogeta was surprised by this new environment, Broly was unfazed and continued his assault.

Having been pushed to the breaking point after continuing to be at a disadvantage, Broly finally entered his Legendary Super Saiyan form and managed to overpower Gogeta. But in response to this, Gogeta changed into Super Saiyan Blue which turned the battle back into his favor. They proceeded to fight through this odd landscape until they struck each other's fists hard enough that they fell out and ended up back on Earth, where they continued the rest of their battle.[1]


The dimension appears to hardly have any terrain and gravity, as Gogeta and Broly were floating in the dimension most of the time during their battle. The only objects that seem to act as terrain are large asteroid-like objects that float around. Within the background are odd vibrant colors that circulate the landscape.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the dimension of strange swirling lights is referenced in the base form art for Ultimate and Supreme Fusion Gogeta as well as his Super Saiyan God SS state Super Attack, the latter in which he performs the same Stardust Fall combo as he did against Broly. In addition, for their transformation sequences, both Transcendent Fusion Super Saiyan Gogeta and Endless Evolution of the Warrior Race Super Saiyan Broly shatter through the dimension when transforming into Super Saiyan God SS and Super Saiyan (Full Power), respectively.

Full Power Jiren and Full Power Super Saiyan Broly end up in this dimension when they clash fists in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.[2]

In Dragon Ball Legends, during a Rising Rush Z in a Full Power Battle the attacking team and their opponent are temporarily transported to the Dimension of Strange Swirling Lights during the Rising Rush Z indicating Rising Rush Z is strong enough to break through the dimensional barrier.


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