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Dimension Rush is Melee Attack and variation of Portal Opening used by EX-Fusion Tekka and several minor characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.


The user bends spacetime to create several interconnected portals before diving into a portal and come out of another to kick the opponent before repeating the process several times in quick succession before jumping out from a portal to deliver a powerful punch as a finishing blow that sends the opponent flying.

Video Game Appearances

This technique was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball Fusions as a learnable Special Move used by Hirica (Lv. 97), Hoji (Lv. 99), Kranola, (Lv. 99), Mardoo (Lv. 99), Marinay (Lv. 97), Mint (Lv. 99), Nanmu (Lv. 97), Pakka (Lv. 100), and Toomlin (Lv. 98). It can also be learned by any of their EX-Fusions. Tekka can gain access to the move by performing EX-Fusion with any unfused Dimension Rush user. It can also be learned by Freeform Fusions involving an unfused Dimension Rush user.


  • The Dimension Rush portals function similar to Wormholes and the rips in the fabric of spacetime created by Vice Shout though as they are interconnected they do not allow for long distance, interdimensional travel, or travel between timelines.