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The Devils also known as "Ackmans" are enemies in Dragon Ball Online.

Concept and creation

These enemies were most likely supposed to be enemies from the Group of Baba in the game and were supposed to appear in the Frypan Desert South area, but this area was not made open to the public before Dragon Ball Online was shut down, but the map itself was implemented into the game and is visitable through hacking.


In the game, the Devils still can be found in the higher levels of the Capsule Corporation Battle Dungeon with others random very powerful enemies and enemies who were not implanted in a specific area. They seem to first appear as enemies from the 91th floor to the 149th floor of the dungeon.


  • Badluck Devilman (Bad Luck Ackman): They are level 60 enemies that have over 60,000 health points which is a lot for enemies from this level.
  • Super Devilman (Super Ackman): Psi Devilman is a Devil of this type.
  • Extreme Devilman (Extreme Ackman): Great Devilman appears to be this type of Devil.


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