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"Devil on the Third Floor" (3階の悪魔!! Sankai no Akuma!!, lit. "The Demon on the Third Floor!!") is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku with Major Metallitron towering over him. Next to them is a diagram of who will defend which floor of the Muscle Tower.


Major Metallitron fires a rocket from his mouth

Major Metallitron tries to step on Goku, but Goku evades it. Metallitron immediately punches Goku very hard, resulting in Goku bouncing off the floor and wall, and eventually landing on the floor again unconscious. As Major Metallitron is about to step on and kill Goku, he quickly gets up and headbutts Metallitron, which hurts Goku's head. Major Metallitron fires a missile out of his mouth. Goku realizes he has to get serious and fires a Kamehameha. It blows Metallitron's head off along with most of his shirt, but Metallitron continues to go after Goku. He fires his fist at Goku. Goku takes the punch and avoids Metallitron's other fist. General White orders Metallitron to kill Goku, however, Metallitron stops moving because his battery is dead. Goku then goes up the stairs to the fourth floor, where he will meet Ninja Murasaki.






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