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Devil's Hand (悪魔の手 Akuma no Te) was originally a range of five mountains in the shape of a grasping, demonic claw.


The surrounding land was seemingly often covered in fog. Lucifer, Igor, Ghastel, and many other demons lived there, inside the Devil's Castle.


Puar, Oolong, Launch, Krillin, Goku, Bulma and Yamcha pose for a picture in front of the altered Devil's Hand

After Lucifer's death, three of the mountains collapsed, leaving the remaining two "fingers" ironically forming the victory sign. Much of the fog also seemed to have blown away as well. Though three out of the initial five mountains collapsed, the remaining two retained their sharp end.


  • The mountain's design may be based on the mountain that Sun Wukong was trapped on in Journey to the West, which is actually Buddha's hand.

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