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Devils (悪魔族 Akuma-zoku) are a Demon race from Hell.


Aging, Lifespan and Growth[]

The devil Ackman is noted to be 200 years old, yet he is still a child devil, on the other hand Majo is 455 and appears to be an adult. It is also noted that devils can sleep for long periods of time, with Ackman having slept for 50 years.


Most Devils depicted in Dragon Ball media such as Spike the Devil Man, Psi Devilman, and Great Devilman have wings allowing them to fly without ki while the Devils in Go! Go! Ackman such as Ackman and his family are wingless.


Spike the Devil Man is the first Devil to appear, and is the strongest of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters before Grandpa Gohan appears.

Devils appear as enemies in Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Heroes. Two specific Devil named Psidevilman and Greatdevilman appear. They work for the Dark Makai army, with Psidevilman and Greatdevilman as high-ranking members.

Devilman's Japanese name, Akkuman is also the name of the protagonist of another series by Toriyama, Go! Go! Ackman. However, these two characters do not look anything alike; this Akkuman looks like a short, red version of Future Trunks. This Ackman is also a devil, who kills humans to collect their souls and give them to the great demon king in exchange for valuable prizes.

The character Chivil from Dr. Slump is also similar to Devilman, resembling a baby version of him. He is also a devil, and comes out from Hell through a volcano to constantly attempt to kill the other characters.

Known Members of the Race[]


Extreme Devilman and Badluck Devilman

  • Badluck Devilman - An enemy in Dragon Ball Online. Wears red.
  • Extreme Devilman - An enemy in Dragon Ball Online. Wears black.
  • Super Devilman - An enemy in Dragon Ball Online. Wears purple.
  • Chivil – A baby devil from Dr. Slump.
  • Ackman - A 200-year-old wingless child devil who kills Earthlings in order to sell their souls to the Dark Lord. The main protagonist of Go! Go! Ackman.
  • Ackman's Father - The father of Ackman and Medusa from Go! Go! Ackman.
  • Ackman's Mother - The mother of Ackman and Medusa from Go! Go! Ackman.
  • Medusa - Ackman's sister in Go! Go! Ackman. Like her brother and parents, she is wingless, though she is more familiar with the modern world.
  • Majo - A wealthy wingless female devil from Go! Go! Ackman whom Ackman marries after defeating her ex-boyfriend.
  • Dedevil - A muscular wingless devil who resembles Dabura and Majo's ex-boyfriend in Go! Go! Ackman.
  • Kadoola - A devil who became leader of the devils in Hell, however, he yearns to go to Heaven someday.
  • Butor - A devil and martial artist who appears as a playable character in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Devils (デビルス) - Weaker version of Devilman that cannot use the Devilmite Beam. Appears in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden
  • Saturn (サターン) - A stronger version of Devilman. Appears in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden.


  • Semi-Perfect Cell when about to make good of his threat to Android 18 to surrender by blowing up an island in the Tropical Islands, was mistaken as being the devil by an older resident on the island when seeing his silhouette above.[1]
  • Broly in the first Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (Japanese version and certain dubs only) as well as various appearances refers to himself as a devil in response to Piccolo's accusation of his being a monster. Gohan earlier called him the devil after witnessing him blow up Planet Shamo in front of the enslaved inhabitants as a means of intimidation. Similarly, Broly was described in his bio for the Universe Creation Saga in Super Dragon Ball Heroes as the devil.
  • Tsuburi refers to Moro as a devil.[2]



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