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Destructo Disc Hexa Blade (気円斬六枚刃 Kienzan Rokumaiba, lit. "Energy Circle Slash Six Sheet Blade") is a variation of the Destructo Disc used by Goku.


The technique is essentially an improved version of Krillin's Destructo Disc Triple Blade. The user fires what appears to be a single Destructo Disc, which then splits into five separate discs to home in on the foe multiple times. Besides it's ability to split apart, the technique is also notable in that, similarly to Frieza's Death Saucer, Goku is capable of controlling the trajectory of the disks with his mind.


In the anime, the technique was utilized by Goku against Jiren, who smashed through four of the blades bare handed and caught the fifth one. Jiren then threw the disc back at Goku, which sliced through a large rock formation that Goku had been standing on. Jiren then attacked Goku, and the two of them wound up on the side of the fallen rock formation, which had toppled over and formed a precipice off the edge of the stage. Jiren landed a powerful blow to Goku's chest and prepared to eliminate him. Before he could however, Goku revealed that the fifth disk was still existent and still under his control, and he used it to slice apart the section of the precipice that Jiren was standing on. He then used Instant Transmission to warp above Jiren and kick him through the falling debris, very nearly eliminating him. However, Jiren managed to recover by using a tiny portion of the stage to leap back onto the main area.

In the manga, Krillin uses this technique to aid in defeating Yunba.

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