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"Generate a Ki Blast full of hakai energy! It will slowly pursue your opponent and explode either when it hits or after a short while. Input an additional command to cause an unblockable blast!"
Destructive Fission Ultimate Skill description in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Destructive Fission (破壊・絶 lit. "Destruction/Extinction") is a Energy of Destruction technique used by Top in his Destroyer Form.


The user compresses Energy of Destruction into a small orb and holds the orb between their thumb and the knuckle of their index finger and flicks it forward. Despite its size, the orb is still made of Energy of Destruction, and as such is still incredibly powerful.


In the anime, Top used it to dispel a Golden Death Ball which was launched by an infuriated Frieza, who returned to his Final Form after nearly tanking a much larger blast of the Energy of Destruction. The two attacks collided, causing the sun-like blast to dissipate in a brilliant display of lights.

Video Game Appearances

Toppo (God of Destruction) performing Destructive Fission in Xenoverse 2

As part of the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, Destructive Fission was named in Xenoverse 2 where it appears as an Ultimate Skill for Toppo (God of Destruction). Additionally it can be randomly obtained by the Future Warrior in New Parallel Quest 146: "Zen-Ohs' Earthly Excursion" by completing in under 15 minutes and defeating Toppo (God of Destruction) during the Legendary Finish (as it will be obtained randomly regardless, it may drop with Thunder Flash, by itself, or not at all forcing the Future Warrior to play the PQ over until it does).

In Dragon Ball Legends, it appears under the name Destructive Blast where it is the Special Quirk Skill Arts for God of Destruction Toppo (DBL38-03S).