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This article is about the Red Ribbon robots. For the deities called destroyers, see God of Destruction.

"This giant robot bears the insignia of the Red Ribbon Army. Scanning indicates that this robot was designed for military purposes. The thick Geromatium armor on this robot makes it invulnerable to most conventional attack."
— Scouter description of Destroyer in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

Destroyers are a type of Android developed to serve the Red Ribbon Army as soldiers. They are presumably based off the Pirate Robot.


Destroyers are recolored versions of the Pirate Robot, with the insignia of the Red Ribbon Army on their bodies. They are made out of thick Geromatium armor.


In Age 767, Destroyers appeared during the Android conflict serving Dr. Gero. In Age 774, by the time of the Majin Buu conflict, Destroyers appeared to have been obtained by numerous factions, including the Pilaf Gang and the Warlord.


  • Flamethrower - Destroyers are equipped with flamethrowers for combat.
  • Sword and Shield - Knight Destroyers are equipped with a sword and shield.


Pilaf's Guardian, a Knight Destroyer

In The Legacy of Goku II, the Destroyer has four different variations: Red Destroyers (the weakest of the three), Green Destroyers (second strongest of the three), Gold Destroyers (strongest of the three), and Annihilators (blue Destroyers who appear in Hell).

In Buu's Fury, stronger versions of the Destroyer exist; the Annihilator and Death Machine. Additionally, a "nastier, stronger, and meaner older" Destroyer called the Knight Destroyer exist, variations of the Knight Destroyer are the Knight Destroyer, Metal Hulk, and Shadow Colossus.

One Knight Destroyer acts as Pilaf's Guardian and is the boss of Pilaf's Castle in Buu's Fury. To prevent Goten and Trunks from taking the Three-Star Dragon Ball in his castle, Pilaf summons a robot called Pilaf's Guardian to battle them.

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