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Destron Gas (デストロンガス Desutoron Gasu) is a type of gas that weakens anything that breathes it. It is seen in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans.


Destron Gas diffused from Diablo Desert

The Destron Gas is created by four machines on Earth, that are all destroyed by the Dragon Team. In Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans, the four machines are located in Diablo Desert, Satan City, Jingle Village, and West City, while in the original version they are at Grand Apron, the Western Desert, Poco Poco Volcano, the Land of Ice, and a fifth machine on the Tongari Tower in West City. The machine in West City is protected by a powerful Energy Shield.

The Destron Gas is able to regenerate bodies of those who bear grudges against Saiyans, such as Frieza, Cooler, Lord Slug, Turles, and Dr. Lychee.

Video Game Appearances

The Destron Gas is featured in the Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans series, and also in the Story Mode of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2. In Super Butōden 2, Bojack and Zangya uses gigantic machines to spread the Destron Gas on Earth and get the Dragon Balls.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Destron Gas first appeared as the Destron Gas ability used by Hatchiyack in the Hatchiyack Subjugation Mission, which reduced the Stamina of the player's fighters at the end of each round. It returned in Galaxy Mission 10 through the Destron Gas Device (デストロンガス装置) ability used by several of Dr. Lychee's cards which at the start of battle stops the enemy team from using Super Attacks. The effect is cancelled if the user's team has taken at least 2000 DMG by the end of the round. The effect is also cancelled if any members of the opposing team has the Destron Gas Antidote (デストロンガス中和カプセル) ability which also grants +1000 HP to the user's own team. Destron Gas Device is also used by Ghost Frieza and Hatchiyack as bosses in the Hatchiyack Saga.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Destron Gas Device appears as a Normal Rarity Ability Accessory that can be used by Beat to equip the ability to any non-Special type card (official or custom) in a Custom Deck or add it as the Ability 1 or Ability 2 of any custom card created through Card Creation provided its Blank Card has enough Custom Points to equip it.[3]



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