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The Deserted Starship (漂流宇宙船 Hyōryū Uchūsen) is the spaceship where Goku, Pan, Trunks and Giru found the One-Star Black Star Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball GT.


After failing to stop the Saiyans from departing M-2 inside General Rilldo's body, Baby takes refuge in this spaceship. He slaughters the entire space crew and passengers (which included children, according to Goku), takes the body of a green boy, and hides the Black Star Dragon Ball he found on Dr. Myuu in order to trap the Saiyans.

The One-Star Ball hidden by Baby

The plan works, and Giru picks up a Dragon Ball immediately after the gang gets into space. They rush to the location and find a ship about to fall into a star. According to Giru, there was about ten minutes until the crash. They go into the ship using space scooters, and begin searching the ship. They find the One-Star Dragon Ball in the engine, and prepare to leave when Pan notices something else moving and refuses to leave until she finds out what it was when they only had five minutes left.

The destruction of the Deserted Starship

The robot HWM 100 X then attacks Pan when she enters the next room, but Trunks, Goku, and Giru all prevent the missiles from hitting her. Then Pan uses an energy blast to destroy the machine. This allows Giru to pick up life detection, and they find the green boy who appears to be severely injured. With less than a minute until the ship is destroyed, the gang rushes and gets on their scooters with the boy. They return to their ship and take the green boy possessed by Baby to planet Pital.

Video Game Appearances

The Deserted Starship is the seventh level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Machine Mutants, Mines, Patrol Droids, and the boss is HWM 100 X.

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