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Den-Goku[3] (デンゴクウ Dengokū) is the hypothetical fusion of Goku and Dende imagined by Goku in the Fusion Saga.


Den-Goku is seen to equally resemble both his original counterparts: Dende and Goku. Den-Goku has Dende's Namekian body and and Goku's hairstyle. For attire, he has Goku's gi and Dende's brown jacket.

Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Fusion Saga After Goku returns to life and Earth, he finds Gohan to be the only remaining strong fighter to fuse with. However, the fusion of Gotenks runs out inside of Super Buu, causing Super Buu to lose a lot of his power. This caused Goku to believe he no longer needed to fuse with Gohan to win the fight, and thus he told Gohan not to put the earring in his ear. This thought quickly left Goku's head, as in a surprising twist Super Buu managed to absorb Gohan, becoming more powerful than ever. As the only other two beings that were still alive were Mr. Satan and Dende, Goku imagined what the fusion would look like and which of the two would be better. He chose Mr. Satan, because if he fused with Dende the Dragon Balls would cease to exist, and Mr. Satan was at least a "fighter." Just at the moment Goku said that Mr. Satan should catch the earring and put it on his left ear, Vegeta appeared on Earth with Fortuneteller Baba and Goku used Instant Transmission to find Vegeta and fuse, forming Vegito. This being the case, the fusion with Dende was only a hypothetical character in the anime, and is only seen as Goku's mental image of what the fusion would look like.

Video Game Appearances

Den-Goku card in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game

The hypothetical fusion of Goku and Dende was named Den-Goku in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, where he has a minimum power level of 2,400,000 and a maximum power of 3,300,000.


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