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Demon Whip Attack is a two-handed variation of Demon Hand used by Fused with Nail Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.


Piccolo extends both arms in a serpentine manner to attack the opponent.

Similar techniques

Piccolo's two-handed Demon Hand in the Dragon Ball Super Full Color manga

During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Piccolo uses a two-handed version of Demon Hand to grab Moro's legs while Gohan attacks with Galactic Donut.

Film Appearances

Piccolo uses this technique during his fight with Salza of Cooler's Armored Squadron.

Video Game Appearances

Interactive Character Illustration of Fused with Nail Piccolo (DBL40-04S) depicting him performing Demon Whip Attack in Dragon Ball Legends

This technique was named in Dragon Ball Legends where it appears as the Ultimate Move Arts for Fused with Nail Piccolo (DBL40-04S).[1]


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