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The Demon Supreme Kais (かいおうしん Makaiōshin, lit. "God of the King of the Demon World") are evil Core People opposite of the Supreme Kais who rule the Demon Realm.[1][2]


The Demon Supreme Kai were first introduced in the second Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide, which was released in 2009.

The Demon Supreme Kai exist as though in opposition to the Supreme Kai and govern evil, though the Supreme Kai's power is greater at present.[3]


  • Though they are never directly addressed as "Makaioshin", there are hints that Demigra and Mechikabura may be Demon Supreme Kais ruling the Demon World. Originally, several of Demigra and Mechikabura's concept designs depict them with Supreme Kai clothing.[4]
    • As a Demon God Demigra wears green colored "Potara" earrings, and only Supreme Kai can wear these. In the Dark Demon Realm Mission manga Demigra states that he will become the new Supreme Kai of Time. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 during the Infinite History Saga, in an alternate timeline created by Fu, Demigra is Supreme Kai of Time and leader of the Time Patrol instead of Chronoa.
    • In his prime Mechikabura wears green colored "Potara" earrings, and only Supreme Kai can wear these. He also wears Supreme Kai clothing. In the past Mechikabura was also a candidate for becoming Supreme Kai of Time.
  • A Master of the Demon World is mentioned by Dabura in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, with the Demon King noting that Janemba resembles them.


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