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"A Demon Realm crystal created by Fu. With it, you can wield supervillain power!"
Demon Realm Crystal Mixing Item description in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Demon Realm Crystal is a mixing item full of artificial Dark Energy created by Fu that can be used to grant the Supervillain Power! state in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


Demon Realm Crystals are crystals full of artificial Dark Energy that when crushed can empower the user or another individual with the Supervillain state similar to consuming Fruit of the Tree of Might (Demon Realm) (though without Villainous Mode) or being empowered via his genetic mother's Dark Magic spell.

Introduced during the 1.11.00 Update DLC, Demon Realm Crystals allow Time Patrollers such as the Future Warrior to take part in Fu's Crystal Raid Battle experiments where they use the crystals they randomly acquire during Expert Missions to access the Supervillain state allowing them to act as the Boss character during a Crystal Raid where they will defend themselves from 5 Time Patrollers (basically the reverse of the standard Expert Mission or Raid Quest). Though optional, Crystal Raids allow Time Patrollers the ability to obtain rare Equipment normally obtained as Timespace Delivery rewards, by getting a certain amount of Damage Dealt points in online Raid Quest events.

However Supervillain empowered Time Patrollers are unable to utilize Awoken Skill transformations, though they gain the ability to utilize the Boss character skills obtained through certain Exert Missions after the update, the Bloody Sauce Super Skill, Brainwash Attack Super Skill, Gigantic Ki Blast Ultimate Skill, Marbling Drop Super Skill, Peeler Storm Evasive Skill, and Rage Saucer Super Skill.

As part of the 1.15.00 Update DLC, Demon Realm Crystals can be used as materials at the Mix Shop in Conton City. By obtaining Super Mix Capsule in Parallel Quest or Expert Mission Tours which can be accessed by talking to the Multiplayer Modes guide. By mixing a Super Mix Capsule and a Demon Realm Crystal, Super Mix Capsule Z can be created which can be used as a material to make better QQ Bang. I order to mix the two, 1 Demon Realm Crystal and 1 Super Mix Capsule is required and the mix cost is 10,000 Zeni. However it should be noted that Super Mix Capsule Z can also be obtained through tours as well though they drop more rarely than Super Mix Capsules.[4] Demon Realm Crystals can also be used as extra materials to create QQ Bangs in the Capsule Corporation Time Miniature rift.

Fu preparing to use a Demon Realm Crystal to grant Supervillainization to Top (God of Destruction) in Xenoverse 2

During the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, after telling an obvious lie that he was Dyspo's replacement (as the Omni-Kings note to Chronoa and Elder Kai when they question why the Demonic Bio-Android Scientist was allowed to participate, they revealed they simply went along with his lie as they found his presence entertaining) [Fu]] having learned a lot from his Crystal Raid experiments, crushes a Demon Realm Crystal to grant Supervillain empowerment to Top (God of Destruction during the altered Tournament of Power in Extra Mission 01: "Fu & Future God of Destruction". He also reveals he has two more Demon Realm Crystals and selects to use his second one on Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Evolved) Vegeta. Despite Vegeta's attempts to resist the Supervillainization, he briefly falls under its influence. Fortunately, Chronoa sends in Future Trunks who joins the Future Warrior. While under the effects of the Supervillainization, Vegeta behaves in a manner similar to Prince of Destruction Vegeta, though unable to resist the spell's brainwashing. It is only after Future Trunks and the Future Warrior manage to beat Vegeta, that the Saiyan Prince is able to free himself of the enchantment, though he refuses Future Trunks' assistance in dealing with Top out of pride and manages to eliminate Top with a Super Galick Gun while thinking of Bulma, Bulla, Trunks, and Cabba, before he himself is eliminated by Jiren with a Full Power Energy Wave. Fu notes to himself how Vegeta was eventually able to overcome the Supervillainization granted by Demon Realm Crystal, before fleeing through a Time Rift.

Future Janemba after Fu crushes a Demon Realm Crystal to grant him Supervillain Power! in Xenoverse 2

In Extra Mission 02: "Too Many Janembas!", Fu uses his third Demon Realm Crystal on Future Janemba he brought to the Future timeline's Hell as one of his altered history time rift experiments. This allows Future Janemba to create Supervillain empowered copies of himself using his Mystic Copy ability. Unlike with Time Patrollers, the original Future Janemba attains his Supervillain•Future Janemba transformed state as a result of being empowered by the Demon Realm Crystal either do to it being specially designed by Fu to do so and/or due to Future Janemba's inherently demonic nature as an entity composed of evil energy from Hell's Soul Cleansing Machine in a version of the future timeline not recorded in the Scroll of Eternity.

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