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The Demon Gods are the leadership of the Dark Empire. The group primarily consists of members of the Demon Realm Race who were gifted Demon God powers by Mechikabura, though even after losing this form.


Aside from Mira, all Demon Gods formerly possessed the Demon God state - though only two currently retain the form given to them by Mechikabura: Dabura and Gravy. Fin also did not transform, but was gifted Demon God power by Mechikabura.

After Mechikabura's defeat this group split, with Towa and Mira allying with the Universe Creation Planners, Dabura and Gravy later opting to assist them, while Salsa, Putine and Shroom grouped together to stop Fu.

In "Putine's Internship at Time Patrol!", it is revealed that Putine had become an intern Time Patroller and ends up correcting a history change, though proceeds to hit a young version of Gravy with a mallet who was at least in this instance an innocent bystander, due Putine incidentally finding out Gravy had a girlfriend that she didn't know about.

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