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Demon God (魔神 Majin), known as Demon Goddess[1] in English when under the usage of a female, is an advanced state of being that can be taken on by Demons by gathering a lot of kili[2] or by having Mechikabura grant it to them.[3]

Other races aside from the Demon Realm race have achieved this form via Demon God intervention: Majins capable of absorption like Xeno Majin Buu can obtain the form by absorbing a Demon God, with it being known as "Dark Demon God" under his usage, Xeno Syn Shenron also achieved the form when he was gifted power by Demigra.

Usage and power

Towa reverts to her base form due to injuries

In this state, the user's hair or horns rise, grow, and become wilder and they gain markings near their eyes. The user also gains a tool (staff, hammer, or sword) which they merge with when undergoing their next transformation, the crystal orb in their weapon can also be used as a communication device as shown by Gravy and Shroom. A Demon God can return to their base form if severely injured, as shown when Towa was knocked out by Dark Broly, though they can re-take their Demon God form at will once recovered. For some (such as Chamel) the Demon God mode consumes a lot of strength and cannot be used for long.[4] Some of the Demons who gained this form thanks to Mechikabura lost the ability to use the form upon his sealing (Towa, Salsa and Putine),[5] while others appear to have retained it (Dabura and Gravy).

In the manga it takes time for the true power of the Demon God form to fully adapt to its user's body, notably when Salsa's power was not stabilized he could not even budge Rampaging Xeno Turles[6], but after it stabilized he could defeat even Dark Demon God Buu - who had absorbed Evil Demon Xeno Janemba.[7]

Demon Goddess Towa

When this form has fully stabilized, the user's ki and magic power both rise dramatically to the level of gods, and they are granted godly ki. However, despite his great power boost in the form, Demon God Demigra was noticeably scared of the power that Ultimate Gohan possessed, indicating that its power may be weaker than Ultimate Gohan's. However, after absorbing Tokitoki, Demigra's Demon God form became strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan 3 Goku (who had recently obtained the power of a Super Saiyan God).

The Dark King of the Demon Realm Mechikabura possesses Demon God power which he can grant to others.

Demon Gods in Dragon Ball Heroes

At some point, around seventy-five million years before Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the mage Demigra managed to gather a large amount of Kili and was permanently turned into a Demon God. Much later, the revived Mechikabura grants Towa, Putine, Gravy, Xeno Dabura, Salsa and Shroom the form.

When Xeno Majin Buu absorbs Demon God Dabura during their battle, he transforms into Dark Demon God Buu. He also further powers up by absorbing Evil Demon Xeno Janemba.

Demigra was able to transfer his power into Xeno Syn Shenron, allowing the Shadow Dragon to take on the Transcended Demon God form.

While in the Time Labyrinth, Mechikabura evolves his subordinates' Demon God forms into a second version, making them more powerful. Mechikabura also grants the Demon God power to Towa's creation, the Majin Fin.


Second version

The Demon Gods in the second version of the form

A superior version of the Demon God state utilized by the Dark Empire's Demon Gods following their escape from the Time Labyrinth. Mechikabura is able to grant this state after reclaiming his place as Dark King.

The Dark Demon God avatars are capable of using the Super God Class-up to achieve the second version of the Demon God state.

Dark Factor Input

Main article: Dark Factor

Towa in her Demon Goddess state after using Dark Factor Input

A vastly superior version of the ordinary Demon God state attained by utilizing Dark Factor Input.[8]

True Form

Main article: Demon God (True Form)

Demigra in his Final Form

By using every ounce of their divine power, a Demon God is also capable of a further transformation into a monstrous true form referred to as "Final Form" or "Dark Form". This form is far more powerful but has different flaws depending on its user.


Main article: Transcended Demon God

Demigra in his Transcended Demon God form

The Demon God (Final Form) can be evolved further to achieve the Transcended Demon God. This form can also be achieved by an Eternal Dragon who has been granted Demon God power.

Dark King

Main articles: Dark King and Dark Factor


Dark King Mechikabura

Mechikabura's perfect state as the "Dark King" is a Demon God form.[9]

Thanks to Towa infusing him with the Dark King's dark factor, Fu also achieves this state.

Time Power Unleashed

Main article: Time Power Unleashed

Time Power Unleashed Mechikabura

By absorbing space-time energy using his Chaos Ball, Mechikabura gained the ability to take on the Time Power Unleashed form on top of his Demon King state.

Dogidogi Completely Absorbed

Main articles: Dogidogi and Absorption

Imperfect Dark King Fu (Dogidogi Completely Absorbed)

After attempting to absorb the time birds he caught, Tokitoki instead reverted him to a youthful appearance only managing to absorb Dogidogi. In this form Fu's Demon God mark shrinks to a small line below his right eye and one of Dogidogi's wings grew out of his back.

In this state, Fu's abilities are still imperfect due to him not mastering Dogidogi's powers yet.


Perfected Dark King Fu (Dogidogi Completely Absorbed)

When Fu manages to perfect his new abilities and master Dogidogi's power, his new form turns complete. The evolution form made his Demon God mark grow around his eye and Dogidogi's second wing grow from his back.

After ascending to this state, Hearts believes that Fu has become an existence akin to Zeno, suggesting its power is on par with that of the Omni-King.

Universal Tree Power

Main article: Universe Tree

Dark King Fu with Dogidogi and the Universe Tree's power absorbed

While with Dogidogi absorbed, Fu took all the power from the Universe Tree gaining a large boost of power and a gigantic ki that can be used as whips.

Ultimate Class-up Sign

Main articles: Ultimate Class-up Sign and Ultra Instinct Sign

Ultimate Class-up Sign Dark Demon Goddess Elite

By utilizing the Ultimate Class-up, the Dark Demon God Avatars can achieve the Ultra Instinct Sign state, though they retain their Super God Class-up attire. In this state, they have silver eyes though beyond their eye color, their Ultra Instinct Sign form retains the traits of their second version of the Demon God state.

Video Game Appearances

The Demon Gods Demigra, Dabura, Towa, Putine, Gravy, Salsa, and Shroom in World Mission


Demon Goddess Robelu with her Demon Tail in Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga

  • Lucifer and Hirudegarn are both referred to as Demon Gods, though it is unknown if they possess the same state as Demigra and the Dark Empire's Demon Gods, or if this is simply a title. The latter is more likely as they do not have the special features that members of the Demon Realm race have as a Demon God, nor do they appear to be members of the Demon Realm race.
  • In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, one of the obtainable items to power up characters is referred to as "God of Demons" and is said to give the one equipped with it the power of a Demon God.
  • Robelu is currently the only known standard Demon Goddess or Demon God to possess a tail (which takes the form of a classic spade-shaped design commonly associated with demons in popular media) outside of the True Demon God and Transcended Demon God forms used by Demigra.



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