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"The style of technique used by Demon King Piccolo. It is similar to the style used by Kami, as he and Demon King Piccolo were once the same individual."
Demon Clan Style Z Encyclopedia entry in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Piccolo and Gohan, practitioners of the Demon Clan Style

Demon Clan Style is a style of Martial Arts originally developed by the King Piccolo.


The Demon Clan Style is similar to the fighting style of Kami due to both King Piccolo and Kami having been the Nameless Namekian before he expelled the evil from his heart resulting in the Fission that created Kami while the evil became King Piccolo. While not as strong as Kami, King Piccolo's Life Link prevented Kami from intervening as either of their deaths would result in the death of the other. However, the Demon King was still stronger than Earthlings and sought to conquer the Earth with his Demon Clan of mutated children leading to the King Piccolo wars.


Video Game Appearances

Demon Clan Style was named in Kakarot where it appears in the Terms section of the Z Encyclopedia.