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King Piccolo's Demon Clan symbol

Demon Clans (ぞく Mazoku) — alternatively referred to as Evil Tribes — refer to several groups of demonic beings that appear in the Dragon Ball series.

To be a Demon Clansman, one must be pure evil, and Demon Clansmen possess certain properties that their race does not normally have — for example King Piccolo and his offspring possessed the ability to completely destroy a Flying Nimbus and stop people's spirits from crossing over to Other World by forcing them to remain dwelling in the living realm. King Piccolo was also able to birth mutant offspring, and Lord Slug was shown to have developed a weakness to sunlight like his Slug-jin underlings.

If someone loses their pure evil attribute, they will cease to be a Demon Clansman, as displayed by Piccolo — who loses his Demon Clan status by the time of the battle with Raditz. Additionally, one can become a member of a Demon Clan without actually gaining any special attributes, as was the case with Gohan during his initial training under Piccolo.

Demon Clans[]


"I heard the name from Grand Elder Guru. When our home world was on the brink of destruction, there was a single Namekian infant sent off-world. It eventually came to light that he was a rare specimen among our kind--a Namekian with a heart of evil. I believe Slug was his name."
Nail telling of Slug's origins in World Mission

The Demon Clan is one of the three different sub-groups a Namekian can end up as part of alongside the Dragon Clan and the Warrior caste, though the Demon Clan is unnatural compared to the other two. This clan uses kanji 魔 (Demon/Devil) as its symbol which is worn by King Piccolo and his son Piccolo (as a child) on their clothing. Tambourine also left behind a paper with the symbol on it when he killed martial artists such as Krillin as a calling card announcing their clan's return which is what allowed Master Roshi to realize that King Piccolo had been freed.

A Demon Clan Namekian named Lord Slug debuts in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug as the leader of a non-Namekian Demon Clan. Slug was a rare specimen, a Namekian born with a heart of evil.[1]

To create the Dark Dragon Balls, Towa brainwashes Xeno Dende, turning him into a Demon Clansman. However, after Chronoa seals Demon Realm in the Time Labyrinth he is brought back to the Time Nest where he is reverted to normal.

Some Namekian Demon Clansmen are uniquely large, King Piccolo appeared towering compared to a standard Namekian, Lord Slug referred to his Great Namekian state as his true form, and First Narak was far larger than even a Great Namekian when still within his egg.

In Xenoverse 2, while training the Namekian Future Warrior, Lord Slug implies that Namekians can become corrupted by evil and turn into Demon Clansmen. Namekian Demon Clansmen who turned evil due to time spent in Demon Realm appear in Dragon Ball Fusions, including Ghiro and Ryuto. Though the worker-type Namekian Toronbon studied strange arts in Demon Realm, there is no indication he also became a Demon Clansman.

King Piccolo's[]

PDVD 071

King Piccolo releases his demons

The only Demon Clan that is referred to as such in the original manga is King Piccolo's group, composed of King Piccolo and his offspring Piano, Tambourine, Cymbal, and Drum. King Piccolo's reincarnation Piccolo was also a Demon Clansman until the Raditz Saga. Despite no longer being a proper Demon Clansmen after this, Piccolo still clung onto his demonic heritage even adding his clan's symbol to the back of Gohan's Turtle Hermit to symbolize that Gohan was a student of the Demon Clan. By the time of the Battle on Planet Namek, Piccolo had completely rejected his evil ways to the point Nail was willing to fuse with him. In the Dragon Ball Super manga during the Universe 6 Saga when Champa questions if Piccolo was really a Namekian, Piccolo boldy declares he is the reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo.

In the Garlic Jr. Saga it was suggested that Piccolo's former Demon Clan status made him immune to the effects of the Black Water Mist as he was unaffected even after being bitten, and was capable of taking on the traits of and pretending to have become a Serpent Demon Clansman.

In Dragon Ball Online, Piccolo had discovered that some of King Piccolo's mutated offspring had survived King Piccolo's attacks and had bred in the wild, taking refuge in places such as under Pilaf's Castle. Piccolo knew he couldn't deal with them on his own though at the suggestion of Moori, he and the Namekians living on Earth captured them. Eventually Dragon Clansmen studied these demonic mutants which resulted in the development of the Poko Priest sub-class who could summon these mutant Namekians to aid them.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the Demon King Piccolo's fighting style is named Demon Clan Style, a fighting style inherited by Piccolo.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Namekians living in the Timespace Rift have heard of Demon King Piccolo and his Demon Clan. This causes problems for Grand Elder Guru when one of his young children Moolin begins emulating King Piccolo by calling himself Demon King Moolin and getting into childish mischief.

Evil Nameks

King Piccolo's clan reborn in the form of the Dark Namekians in Dragon Ball Online

In Dragon Ball Online, it is revealed that one of King Piccolo's thrones caused evil to develop in the hearts of the Namekians that settled near it after relocating to Earth. This led to the creation of the Evil Egg that spawned the Black Namekian Narak the first of a new caste of Namekian Demon Clansmen named the Narak. These Narak-type Namekian grow in numbers over time as more Namekians fall to evil, leading to a civil war between these Dark Namekians and the good Namekians living on Earth ruled by Grand Elder Moori. Feeling responsible for the situation, Piccolo decides to keep watch on the Dark Namekians. Eventually Gamelan becomes the general and leader of the Dark Namekians and seeks to become the God of the Narak. The Dark Namekian Elder Week joining the Time Breakers. Gamelan also names the Dark Namekians' Demonic Eternal Dragon Mr. Poko Poko and sends him to assist Korin's evil counterpart Chocolay in gather Kili required to cultivate Dark Senzu Beans.

Aside from their standard clansmen, the Narak also employ Android Namekians, Dark Vassals, and Fallen Dark Namekians, those with evil in their hearts brainwashed by members of the Narak. The Poko Priest Vibra being among the brainwashed.

In the Xenoverse series, one of the Namekian exclusive obtainable outfits is the Narak Warrior's Costume.



Garlic sends his demons on Earth

Garlic and his son Garlic Jr., introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, are also Demon Clan leaders. Contrary to King Piccolo's Demon Clan composed of Namekians, Garlic and his son are Serpents from the Makyo Star (Makyo means "Demon-Evil" in Japanese, which is the "Realm of Demons" in Japanese Buddhism), the Serpents being an entire race of Demon Clansmen. Garlic assembled a demon army after being outclassed by the Nameless Namekian as successor for the then-current Guardian of Earth. He led an attack on in an attempt to take the position by force but was defeated and sealed. To avenge his father, Garlic Jr. and his demonic followers attacked on two occasions but were defeated, even after unleashing their Black Water Mist the second time around.

The Black Water Mist is a substance unique to this Demon Clan, being capable of turning the inhabitants of Earth, both Human and Animal into Demon Clansmen. Dragon Team affiliates were among those affected which caused the dark impulses they would normally suppress such as greed to take over them to the point they'd be willing to kill for it. Even those of pure heart can be affected, as displayed by Chi-Chi's infection.

Those affected by the Black Water Mist gain several new traits in this state, including red pupils, a feral nature, and the power to turn others into Demon Clansmen via biting.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, some of the Earth's animals remained infected by the Black Water Mist permanently after Garlic Junior's defeat due to the sacred water not reaching certain areas.


Slug with elites.

The Demon Clan of Planet Slug

Another Demon Clan led by a Namekian, Lord Slug, is featured in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Unlike the other Namekian Demon Clans which were comprised purely out of evil Namekians, Slug's Demon Clan consists of Slug-jin, as the demon clan had already existed prior to Slug's arrival on their planet.

They have both a hatred and a weakness to sunlight, like Lucifer and his demons. Wings recognized Piccolo as a Demon Clansmen (unaware of his turn to the side of good) and suggested Piccolo join them, even believing that Piccolo reaching out his hand to him was Piccolo's way of accepting the offer, though Piccolo ended up using the opportunity to blast Wings in the face with an energy wave killing him.

In Xenoverse 2, Lord Slug is pleased to learn Warrior-types still exist among his weaker Namekian kin and decides he should one day invade Namek in order to build an empire of Namekian Demon Clansmen as well as claim the Namekian Dragon Balls for himself. Slug is pleased to have other demons join his ranks such as legendary Majin. Lord Slug also explains that demons thrive in darkness and weaker ones are not strong enough to survive in it.


In the Xenoverse series, the Majin race are considered Demon Clansmen as the Majin Kamehameha is referred to as a Kamehameha used by those of the Demon Clan. Lord Slug even wonders if the Namekian Future Warrior is part Majin after noting how well Namekians and Majin fight together.

Mira is also capable of using the Majin Kamehameha, indicating he is classed as a Demon Clansman of this variety.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, during the Intermission set in Age 763 after the Frieza Saga the Dragon Team can find an old man in Olive Village in the East Ravine Area who shown to remember the King Piccolo wars and the Demon King Piccolo's conquest of King Castle, if Piccolo talks to the Old Man, he will become frightened after noticing his resemblance to King Piccolo. Years later after the Majin Buu conflict, it is revealed that Dende's brother Necke had settled in the mountains near Olive Village after choosing to remain on Earth due to the availability of solid foods which he required due a stress disorder he developed due to the trauma he suffered from the Frieza Force attack on his village. However, Necke avoided the village to avoid frightening the Earthlings implying that the old tales of Demon King Piccolo and his clan made the villagers more wary of him possibly due to fears he might be a surviving Demon Clansmen. However, when a young girl named Ramu gets lost and injured in the mountains, Necke chooses to follow Gohan's example and rescues her using his Healing powers to heal her injuries, eventually leading to him being accepted.



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