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The Demigra Assault Saga is the fourth original saga in Dragon Ball Heroes.

For the characters from the alternate "Xeno" timeline it is set at some point after the Dark Empire Saga though strangely it debuted in-game before the Prison Planet Saga concluded.

Video Game

Universe Mission 3 - Resurrection of Demon God Demigra
Time Patrol Demigra Assault

Time Patrol

In the Time Nest, Demigra along with his new henchwoman and secretary Robelu have invaded, riding on top of their Giant Turtle Fortress known as Shirogame. The Time Patrol members are there to confront them including Goku: Xeno, who had found a way to escape the Prison Planet, Vegeta: Xeno, Gohan: Xeno, Goten: Xeno, and Trunks: Xeno. Goku: Xeno fires a Kamehameha directly towards Demigra though it is easily deflected by the intercepting Robelu.

Universe Mission 4
Xeno Omega Shenron

One Star Dragon: Xeno

As Tokitoki flies over head, the Old Kai watches as Gohanks: Xeno stands off against the One-Star Dragon: Xeno near the Shirogame. In preparation for the upcoming fight, Gohanks transform into a Super Saiyan 3 before rushing into battle with his opponent.


Major characters

Secondary characters


  • Trunks: Xeno and Goten: Xeno (Potential Unleashed) vs. Roberu, Haru Haru, Shun Shun, Demon Realm Soldiers and Shirogame
  • Trunks: Xeno and Goten: Xeno (Potential Unleashed) vs. Demigra (Demon God), Robelu and Shirogame
  • Trunks: Xeno, Gohan: Xeno (Potential Unleashed), Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno vs. Two-Star Dragon: Xeno, Five-Star Dragon: Xeno, Seven-Star Dragon: Xeno and Shirogame
  • Gohanks: Xeno (Super Saiyan 3) vs. One-Star Dragon: Xeno (Super One-Star Dragon: Xeno)


  • It made it's debut with Universe Mission 3.


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