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Demigra (ドミグラ Domigura), usually referred to as Demon God Demigra (魔神ドミグラ) is an incarnation of Demigra from an alternate timeline.


This Demigra's appearance is identical to his main timeline counterpart in his Demon God state.


This Demigra's personality is identical to his main timeline counterpart.


Xenoverse 2

Infinite History Saga

Main article: Infinite History Saga

Dabura and Demigra alliance

Demigra arrives to aid Dabura

Dabura collected this Demigra from an alternate timeline to serve as back up. After kidnapping Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time of the main timeline, and taking her to the Crack of Time, he called Demigra to assist him in fighting the Future Warrior and their master. Demigra was killed during the battle.


Neither Dabura nor Demigra are confident in taking on the Future Warrior and their master alone and so face them together, however Demigra is killed during the battle.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight – Demigra is capable of flight using his ki and/or magic prowess.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of ki attack.
  • Seasoning Arrow – Demigra summons a barrage of energy arrows from the sky that explode upon reaching the ground.
  • Bloody Sauce – Demigra shoots few scattered energy balls, which slows the opponent on impact.
  • Rage Saucer – A rapid rush that teleports to the opponent and be continued thrice.
  • Time Shackles – Demigra creates a void where the opponent is before trapping them inside briefly and violently launching them out.
  • Energy Jet – Demigra creates a massive energy ball that will chase the opponent and explode on impact. He can use this move during the last battle in DLC 6.
  • Warp - Demigra teleports avoiding any attacks made by his opponents.

Forms and transformations

Demon God

Main article: Demon God Demigra possess the status of Demon God, being referred to as Demon God Demigra (魔神ドミグラ) in this form.


  1. As a Demon God he wears green colored "Potara" earrings, and only Supreme Kai can wear these.
  2. In the Dark Demon Realm Mission manga Demigra states that he will become the new Supreme Kai of Time.
  3. Originally, several of Demigra's concept designs depict him with Supreme Kai clothes.. twimg.

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