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"After everything is destroyed I'll make a new history. MY HISTORY!!!"
— Demigra in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Demigra (ドミグラ Domigura), usually referred to as Demon God Demigra (魔神ドミグラ Majin Domigura) after his ascension, is the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and a recurring antagonist in Dragon Ball Heroes, later becoming the Dark King (暗黒王) and main antagonist during the Supreme Kai of Time Saga. He is hellbent on destroying history to create a new one where he can reign freely as a God of Time, a position he wishes to steal away from Chronoa.

Concept and Creation[]

Mechikabura and Demigra concept art

Mechikabura and Demigra's concept art sheet

Mechikabura and Demigra's designs were both taken from the same concept art sheet.[4]

Demigra's name comes from "demi-glace", a type of sauce. Also similar to "demiurge" - which refers to a godly being responsible for the creation of the universe in some way, tying in with Demigra's goals. It also fits with cooking scheme of some of his techniques.


Demigra Dokkan

Demon God Demigra's first appearance

Universe Creation Demigra

Demon God Demigra's appearance during Universe Creation Saga

In his base form, Demigra has short red hair, he wears a black and white overcoat with a blue cape over his shoulders.

In his Demon God state, Demigra appears wearing a heavenly-blue overcoat with golden details on his upper part of the body and rounded on the arms. He wears blue boots curling at the end of it and a darker blue in pants. Demigra also wears a belt with the letter "D" in the front, a golden tiara and he is always carrying a white staff with a red orb at the top.


As a result of never being viewed as anything special[5] Demigra acts as though he has what can best be described as a god complex, appearing to possesses an unshakable belief that he is an almighty god who deserves to rule all of time and the universe, refusing to be bound by the Laws of the Universe nor yield to the true ruler/guardian of time and space, the Supreme Kai of Time, as he believes himself to be more deserving of that role than her. As a result, he is proud, arrogant, self-assured, and enjoys toying with his enemies. Despite admitting he is a Demon (as he calls himself the Demon God), he truly believes and insists he is a divine god. Due to his time spent imprisoned in the Crack of Time, he has become extremely patient and extremely tenacious, something he is quite proud of as he scolds Future Trunks for the mere suggestion that he had given up on his plans to escape the Crack of Time, stating he hadn't spent 75 million years trapped in the Crack of Time just to give up, and Chronoa herself admits she finds this aspect of Demigra's personality creepy. In reality what Demigra wishes for is to be appreciated as being someone impressive and worthy of high status.[5]

He is also shown to be quite deceitful as he aids the Future Warrior to travel through time from Age 783 to Age 785 in Future Trunks' timeline, allowing them to save Future Trunks from Dark Future Perfect Cell, foiling the plans of fellow demons Towa and Mira to erase Future Trunks from history. It is later implied by Chronoa that he only helped the Future Warrior so they could defeat the Time Breakers for him as he had no further use for the pair (the pair were seemingly unaware of the fact that their distortions of history had weakened the barrier that separates the Crack of Time from the rest of the universe) and having no interest in their plan of collecting enough energy to break the seal on Demon Realm, showing that he has no love for his homeland nor for his fellow demons.

Despite his arrogance, Demigra is shown to be calculating as he places his Majin Emblem on the Future Warrior before transporting them to Age 785, where he planned to kill the Warrior, Future Trunks, and Chronoa with via the Emblem's Self Destruction, though his plan fails thanks to Chronoa's intervention. However, Demigra responds to this failure by explaining that it was just his way of ending their lives quick and painlessly, implying that he sees them being killed in the Emblem's explosion as a form of mercy. His increase in power while imprisoned has only made him more conceited and arrogant, to the point where he believes he is powerful enough to control Beerus, the God of Destruction, an act Beerus considers blasphemous. Beerus uses this to his advantage by pretending to be under Demigra's control, predicting correctly that Demigra wouldn't miss the chance to gloat about his apparent success of controlling Beerus, only for Beerus to turn the tables on him by revealing that he was only pretending to be under the Demon God's control. However, due to still being trapped in the Crack of Time, Demigra was forced to send one of his Mirages, which proved to be fortunate for him, as the combined might of the God of Destruction and the Future Warrior would have likely destroyed him, as they did his Mirage. The fact that Demigra dared to do something that would surely spark Beerus' ire demonstrates the depths of his arrogance, as most would consider this blasphemous act as tantamount to suicide or a death wish.

Demigra's arrogance reaches its peak when he finally escapes his prison, attacks Toki Toki City, and consumes Tokitoki and truly becomes a God. During his battle with the Future Warrior, he shows his sadistic side by forcing the Warrior to fight their ally Trunks: Xeno, who Demigra manages to control via his dark magic, turning him into Villainous Trunks: Xeno, laughing at the pain and injury his puppet is forced to suffer at the hands of the Future Warrior. However, he becomes outraged when Trunks mentally resists his control and implores the Warrior to keep on hitting him to break the spell, despite Demigra retaining control over Trunks' body, which continues to fight the Warrior. After Future Trunks is freed from his control, Demigra decides to "reward" the Time Patroller for their victory by making them his puppet too, only to fail due to the intervention of Trunks and Chronoa. Angered at their defiance, he decides to deal with them personally. Demigra also shows his contempt for Chronoa by addressing her as the Ex-Supreme Kai of Time and Supreme Loser, as well as threatening to kill her after dealing with the Future Warrior.

He is also frustrated by his inability to control Goku, as a result of his brief time as a Super Saiyan God. After being defeated by the combined might of Goku and Future Warrior, he becomes determined to destroy the Time Vault and remake history and the universe as he sees fit, an act Chronoa calls insane, though it is later revealed that Demigra himself planned to survive by returning to the Crack of Time, where he could safely ride out the destruction of history and the universe. However, once again to his frustration, the Future Warrior manages to free Goku and stop Demigra's energy blast before following him into the Crack of Time. Having enough of the Warrior's continued interferences, Demigra unleashes his full power and transforms into Demon God Demigra Final Form. He announces his intentions of erasing the Warrior as well as their friends and allies from existence.

Like Frieza, Cell, and Buu before him, he refuses to believe there is anyone more powerful than himself, though to a much greater degree, as he considers himself to be the strongest in the history of the universe, and like Frieza and Cell he was driven to the brink of insanity when faced with the reality that there is someone superior to himself and considers the possibility that he could be defeated as impossible. He was also dumbstruck by Goku's use of Instant Transmission to enter the Crack of Time, due to the realization that he could have escaped from there much earlier had he known that a technique as simple as Instant Transmission could breach the barrier that's separating the Crack of Time from the rest of time and the Universe.

During the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, Demigra leads the Demigra Army into forming a temporary alliance with the Time Patrol to combat the threat posed by Dark Empire and its leader the Dark King Mechikabura. Like Frieza's joining Team Universe 7, Demigra forms his alliance with them primarily to defeat Mechikabura who also seeks to rule over time causing Demigra to view the Dark King as a rival despite being affiliated with him in the past. Demigra's assistance proves invaluable as his secretary creates the Key Sword that proves to be the "key" to the Dark King's downfall.

After Mechikabura's defeat, cracks start appearing on Demigra's secretary and Chamel, causing Demigra to retreat for the time being though like Frieza did following the Tournament of Power, Demigra has not given up on fulfilling his ambitions, though the Time Patrol swear to stop him when that time comes. This shows that like Frieza, Demigra can work with his enemies provided it is to his own benefit. However, he demonstrates this trait during the Demigra Incident when he assists the Future Warrior in saving Future Trunks' past self as Demigra saw Towa and Mira as competition showing he has a history of aiding his enemies to eliminate other threats.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Demigra is shown working alongside the other Demon Gods of the Dark Empire including his old cohorts Gravy and Putine. They go into the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes to observe the anomalies created by the Time Patrol's latest enemy "the menace" for the Dark Empire. On a whim, Demigra decides to give some of his power to the game world's Rampaging Xeno Turles after he and the Xeno Turles' Crusher Corps. are defeated by Note of the Time Patrol's Dragon Ball Heroes Team and is surprised by the amount of chaos they could cause though is ultimately intrigued by the results. He dismisses Towa's concerns he is losing sight of their objectives though she doubts it however she decides to drop it to focus on their task. Demigra agrees with Towa's plan to see what rewards they may reap from the game world and the anomalies and suggests they continue their investigation. This shows that he can work with his fellow Demon Gods though his interactions with Towa show she does not completely trust his ability to focus on their objectives though like his alternate Supreme Kai of Time counterpart's dismissal of Old Kai and Future Trunks' concerns in the Infinite History Saga, he dismisses Towa's concerns indicating he prefers to dismiss constructive criticism by his allies. Towa doubts also suggest he can become distracted when intrigued by certain developments though this may simply be her opinion as he agrees with her on how they should see if they can reap some benefits from exploring the game world and the anomalies.



Young Demigra

Wizard Demigra with Gravy and Putine

Seventy-five million years ago, Demigra was an ambitious wizard in the Heavenly Realm who sought to become the next Supreme Kai of Time after Aeos. However, Aeos turned him down, explaining that he was only a rookie in the ways of magic. Furthermore, she had already chosen two candidates in Chronoa and Mechikabura, whose superior performance earned them the right to each take care of a Tokitoki egg. Undeterred, Demigra hoped to become a disciple of either candidate. Chronoa was flattered, but believed she wasn't good enough to have disciples. Mechikabura offered Demigra a position as one of his subordinates, but wasn't interested in a true disciple either. Thus, Demigra joined Mechiakbura's other subordinates, Putine and Gravy, and worked under Mechikabura.

However, Demigra would continue to pursue greatness. He offered an alliance to Putine and Gravy, planning to overthrow Mechikabura as Supreme Kai of Time should Mechikabura succeed in gaining the role. However, while the two wizards found his intentions interesting, Demigra would later overhear them discussing their preference for Mechikabura and grew bitter at being misjudged, beginning to grow more power-hungry as a result of not having enough authority or magic to prove himself.

Some time after, Mechikabura's own schemes to speed up his claim to the throne were exposed, and he was banished (by Chronoa, who had succeeded in becoming Supreme Kai of Time) to another world that would eventually become the Demon Realm. With Mechikabura's defeat, Demigra and the other wizards became Chronoa's disciples. However, Demigra's research of Tokitoki took a dark turn, causing distortions in spacetime that Chronoa caught wind of. Demigra, Putine and Gravy were confronted by Chronoa and soundly defeated, imprisoned in the Demon Realm as Mechikabura had been prior.

Transformed further by the wickedness of the realm, Demigra became a member of Mechikabura's Dark Empire, but his ambitious nature led him to desert the group in favor of his own goals.[6] Eventually, he was able to escape the Demon Realm and attempted to overtake the Time Vault and kidnap Tokitoki, but Chronoa thwarted him a second time, sealing him directly within the Crack of Time. Demigra spent 75 million years trapped inside the temporal rift, building up his magic power and eventually gathering enough Ki to become a Demon God.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Dark Demon Realm Saga[]

Demigra manga

Demigra appears at the Time Nest

In the manga, shortly after Xeno Trunks and Chronoa return to the Time Nest, Demigra suddenly reveals himself, when Xeno Trunks asks who he is it is explained by Chronoa that Demigra is one of the wizards who created the Demon Realm, but that he was sealed away. Chronoa asks him about his apparent ally Towa, but Demigra states that he is not allied with those trying to unseal the Demon Realm and that with the magic power he has been storing over the ages he will rule everything by stealing both Tokitoki and the position of Supreme Kai of Time. Demigra then takes his leave.

Demigra interferes with Demigra

Demigra aids his past self and his old allies

In the game, after escaping from the Crack of Time, Demigra travels back 75 million years to his past self's experiments with Tokitoki, brainwashing a version of Great Ape Gohan to stall anyone attempting to interfere with his plans. He allies with his past self, and his old allies from the past: Putine and Gravy, and watches as they do battle with Chronoa, though with the help of the Time Patrol she is able to defeat them.

After his past self is defeated by Chronoa with help from the present Time Patrol, Demigra enters and calls his past self a fool for not using Tokitoki's power to become a god. He powers up his younger wizard self and teams up with him to fight the Time Patrol, but they are both defeated. Before vanishing, Demigra proclaims that he will definitely revive in the present.

As he vowed after his previous defeat, Demigra revives in the present. After returning to his castle, he allies with the Time Breakers who kidnap Xeno Vegeta, turning him into the Black-Masked Saiyan. After Vegeta is freed, Demigra joins Mira, Towa and Xeno Dabura against the Time Patrol in combat, transforming into his Final Form during the battle. After being defeated, Demigra is able to push himself further and gains the Transcended form, though it proves not to be enough and Demigra is defeated.

Dark Empire Saga[]

Demigra is among the Demon Gods fighting to stall the Time Patrol while Mechikabura makes his wish to Dark Shenron, but he is defeated along with the others.

In the manga, after the battle in the Dark Demon Realm between the Demon Gods and the Time Patrol which resulted in Mechikabura and Chronoa being sealed away in the Time Labyrinth, Chamel is shown kneeling before Demigra at their hideout with Demigra telling him that it is time for them to make their move.

Dark King Mechikabura Saga[]

Assault Demigra

Demigra invades the Time Nest

In the game, Demigra and his underling Robelu invade the Time Nest using Shirogame, a giant turtle that is used as a mobile fortress. He demands that the Time Patrol hand over Tokitoki but they refuse to do so. Demigra brings forth the Xeno Shadow Dragons to fight the Time Patrol on his behalf, even going as far as giving Xeno Omega Shenron some of his magical power. The Time Patrol prevail but before the fighting can continue much further, Demigra and Robelu notice that Mechikabura has broken free from the Time Labyrinth and offers a temporary truce.


Demigra, Chamel and Robelu

In the manga, Demigra commends his henchmen, Chamel and Robelu, after being told that the Time Patrol have taken their bait and headed to Age 790 to sort out another timeline discrepancy. The trio then head to the same time and place and assist the Time Patrol in their battle against the Demon Gods, Fin and the mind-controlled Dragon Team. Trunks wonders what Demigra's motives are and if he plans to to unseat Chronoa's position, though Demigra simply expresses that it is convenient to make use of them. After Fin seemingly loses to Gogeta, Towa and Dabura attempt to retreat but Demigra and Chamel appear in order to stop them. Demigra tells them that he has gathered a lot of magic power together in preparation for his upcoming battle with Mechikabura and goes to attack Dabura saying that he will take care of him quickly so as to not waste any power. However, before the attack can land, Demigra is suddenly frozen into place by Chronoa.

Shortly after Chamel uses his magic to teleport everyone back to Demigra's lair. Demigra begins to use his magic to restore the Dragon Balls energy and tells the Time Patrol to follow Robelu's orders while he does so. Later it is revealed that he summoned Dark Shenron and asked him to be given a power that could stand up to Mechikabura and in doing so gains the ability to use light magic however due to having spent so much time infusing himself with dark magic, he is not able to use the powers of light magic to their fullest potential.


Demigra uses his chains to pull everyone from the dark void

After Xeno Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai and Towa are pulled into Mechikabura's dark void, Demigra uses his magic by creating several chains that appear through a tiny hole of light and latch on to them prior to him yanking them back out to the now desolate Time Nest. He asks them where the Key Sword is only to be told that Mechikabura obtained it and threw it away. As Xeno Trunks charges in to attack Mechikabura, Demigra backs him up with his chains but even though Xeno Trunks is able to land a deadly slash across his chest, Mechikabura regenerates from the wound instantly.

Just then the other members of the Time Patrol and Demigra Army appear through a rift with Xeno Goku in possession of the Key Sword. Demigra orders his minions to buy them time while Chronoa recharges the sword, after she does so and Xeno Trunks take it up, Demigra fires another chain at Mechikabura and yanks him forward while Xeno Trunks lands another powerful slash that this time seals away Mechikabura in an eternal labyrinth.

After Tokitoki restores the Time Nest to its original state, cracks begin to form on Chamel and Robelu's body and Demigra has them retreat. As he begins to leave himself, he tells Chronoa that one day he will take Chronoa's position for himself and the Time Patrol vow to stop him when the time comes that he should try.

Universe Creation Saga[]

In the anime, Demigra locates Hearts' cell in Hell and sets him free.

SDBH 32 04

Demigra with Robelu

Later he and Robelu arrive in the Crack of Time accompanying Xeno Vegito, having apparently assisted the Time Patrol. Demigra mocks Towa, saying that Fu does not appear to an ideal Dark king. Agitated, Towa transforms to face him in battle. When Demigra asks if she intends to fight him, Robelu decides to take his place. While Robelu and Towa begin their battle, Demigra heads towards the battle involving Xeno Vegito and Fu and traps them within his Time Labyrinth though Towa mockingly asks how long he thinks it will contain her son. Smirking, both Demigra and Robelu teleport away.

Supreme Kai of Time Saga[]

SDBH 45 04

Demigra absorbing Mechikabura's Dark Factor

Demigra shows up in the Crack of Time sometime after Fu's defeat and attacks Mechikabura's ghost with his staff, absorbing his Dark Factor so to become the next Dark King.

Later, he ambushes Aeos, Goku and Chronoa after their scuffle at the Time Nest, summoning Xeno Omega Shenron to attack Goku, though the Saiyan is saved by Xeno Gogeta, who effortlessly obliterates the Shadow Dragon. Demigra then receives backup in the form of Robelu and Broly.

SDBH 47 Demigra power Up

Demigra battles Goku and Aeos

While Broly goes on to face Xeno Gogeta, Demigra summons up more warriors across the Super Space-Time Tournament to give trouble to its participants. After powering up, Demigra first faces off against Aeos in her Time Power Unleashed state and takes her down almost instantly. Goku, in his Super Saiyan Blue state, unleashes a Kamehameha at Demigra who reflects the attack back at him while boosting its power causing Goku to use the Kaio-ken to match it but he is still overpowered. Aeos returns to her feet and attempts to trap Demigra in an Eternal Labyrinth but he quickly escapes.

SDBH 48 02

Demigra overwhelms Goku

Demigra's power grows as he unleashes the full power of his Dark King state and prepares to attack Chronoa, who is saved by Goku. Despite Goku's best efforts to fight, he is easily overpowered and beaten by Demigra until Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta intervenes with a Final Flash. Noticing the presence of both Goku and Vegeta, Chronoa realizes the possibilities and telepathically reaches out to Aeos, asking her to distract Demigra while she enacts her newfound strategy. Aeos thus intervenes, using a space-time energy field in an attempt to slow Demigra down, but Demigra breaks free with ease. He moves to strike Aeos down but is countered by a surprise attack from Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, who fused using Chronoa's Potara, and declares that he will beat Demigra to a pulp.

SDBH 49 03

Demigra's Time Power Unleashed state

Despite his Dark King powers, Demigra is pummeled by Vegito, but he banks on the Potara's time limit for mortals and lucks out, tanking a Final Kamehameha just before Vegito defuses. Seizing his chance, Demigra blasts Vegeta and his Potara earring to shut down any further fusions from the heroes. Raising the Lucky Time Box in the air, he releases the rest of its light to empower himself, activating his Time Power Unleashed form and generating a supermassive ball of purple energy, preparing to eliminate everyone present. Chilled is shocked that Demigra would eliminate even his own subordinates, but he and the other villains are subsequently driven berserk by Demigra, who grants them more power as "compensation" for their impending doom, ordering them to continue attacking the heroes. Meanwhile, he launches his energy ball at Goku, who responds by transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue and firing a God Kamehameha, which struggles to match Demigra's attack.

Chronoa expresses disgust at Demigra's willingness to toy with the lives of both allies and enemies, but Demigra retorts that the Supreme Kais of Time have been doing the same thing, as evidenced by Aeos's motives for her Super Space-Time Tournament and laughs at their hypocrisy. Despite Aeos claiming that she held her tournament for the purpose of preserving order, Demigra replies that at its core, it remains the exact same as pointless slaughter, and promises to make them pay for their arrogance.

SDBH 50 01

Demigra is killed

Goku continues to struggle with Demigra's energy blast, but is eventually joined by the darkness-enhanced Super Saiyan Future Warrior in Black, who adds his One-Handed Kamehameha to Goku's own energy wave to create a Father-Son Kamehameha, pushing the energy blast back once Goku uses Blue Kaio-ken. Demigra bulks up even more to regain the advantage, but the darkness-enhanced Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Bardock arrives to support his family with his own Rebellion Trigger, urging Goku and Future Gohan to reveal even more of their Saiyan power. Each family member unleashes their dormant power, and Demigra finds himself being pressured by the newfound 3 Generations Kamehameha. In his final moments he wonders how a Dark King with the power of time could possibly lose and is subsequently obliterated.

SDBH UGM 11 01

Demigra with Robelu and Chamel

In the manga, Demigra is accompanied by Robelu and Chamel from the start, and quickly snatches the Lucky Time Box away from Goku. After declaring his new status as the Dark King, he has Robelu manipulate the box to summon villains from numerous eras to attack the participants of the Super Space-Time Tournament. Aeos attempts to stop the trio with Time Freeze, but Chamel reverses the technique with Demon Mirror Wall, earning praise from Demigra while Robelu summons Xeno Omega Shenron. Demigra continues to watch as Xeno Gogeta breaks into their dimension, swiftly annihilating the transcended Shadow Dragon and overpowering even Dark Broly but is forced into action himself upon being confronted by the two Supreme Kais of Time, who defeat Chamel and Robelu before they can properly react.

SDBH UGM 14 03

Demigra fends off Goku's attack

Despite their assault, Demigra's power has grown to the point where a Judgment of Time is easily countered by a Dark Factor: Liberation. Goku steps in after saving Chronoa from Demigra's counterattack, and despite his earlier battles and injuries, he is able to graze Demigra's cheek, but is brutally punched into a floating pile of rubble. Goku attempts a Trap Shooter, but Demigra uses Dark Reflect to empower it and send it right back, with Goku narrowly dodging.

Demigra then notices that the more he uses the Dark Factor, the more powerful it becomes, and so increases the strength of the villainous warriors he had summoned, engulfing them further in evil ki. He is then charged by Vegeta, who had been transported to the dimension by Chronoa in order for him to fuse with Goku. However, Vegeta crushes Chronoa's earring, deciding to face Demigra with his own power. Unfortunately for Vegeta, he is frozen in place by Aeos before he can continue fighting while Chronoa reverts the Potara's damage and places it on Vegeta's ear. Noticing the fusion taking place, Demigra decides to release even more of the Dark Factor to reach his Full Power, doing so just as Vegito Blue emerges to fight him.

SDBH UGM 16 01

Demigra vs. Vegito

At first, Demigra goes on the offensive, but finds himself unable to make headway as Vegito easily blocks his attacks and shatters through his Boiling Burg with a Spirit Excalibur. Thus, Demigra employs his backup plan - by concentrating the Dark Factor on a certain point within his body, he can completely neutralize any attack that targets it. Doing so allows him to stall out more of Vegito's fusion time limit, but Vegito quickly sees through his trick and uses a rapid-fire Spirit Sword assault to try and break through his guard from all angles, leaving Demigra unable to react with a concentrated defense. Eventually, Demigra's strategy pays off, as Vegito defuses before he can land the final blow, but he is confronted by their fusees, who are more than eager to pick up the pace.

Deciding to switch back to offense, Demigra transforms into his Time Power Unleashed state, charging a Chaotic Gigantes as Goku and Vegeta both transform and respond with a Galick Kamehameha.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]


Weakening Seal

Demigra falsely helping Future Warrior

While in the Crack of Time, Demigra trained harder in order to achieve further power and ascended to a further form. With this power, he slaughtered many who visited the Crack of Time as he claims, "No one who witnessed this form has ever escaped alive". As time passed by, however, more distortions in time causes the seal to weaken in the Crack of Time. Once Demigra realizes this, he formulates a plan to finally absorb Tokitoki and control time once and for all.

Once the seal was weakened enough Demigra first introduces himself to the Future Warrior, Chronoa's new ally, after the Future Warrior manages to defeat the Villainous Mode Androids and fix Future Trunks' timeline, giving the Warrior his symbol on the palm of their right hand, then teleporting them to Age 785 of Future Trunks' timeline and disappearing.

Shortly after Mira's defeat at the hands of the Future Warrior in Age 774, Demigra soon appears in the Time Nest in Age 850 after Chronoa removes Demigra's Majin Emblem from the Future Warrior's palm before it explodes. He explains he had planned to end their lives quickly, referring to the Majin emblem which was meant to kill the Warrior, Future Trunks, and Chronoa. He orders Chronoa to give him Tokitoki stating that he is worthy of ruling over time. After her refusal, he charges up a blast from his scepter, but was stopped due to Trunks attacking him with his sword, which revealed that Demigra wasn't really there but was only a mirage of him created by magic, and he disappears upon saying they'll soon meet and that he's looking forward to it.


Demigra behind a mind-controlled Piccolo

Later Demigra appears again, having transformed Piccolo into Dark Piccolo at Kami's Lookout during Goten and Trunks' Fusion Dance training. This Demigra is revealed to be a mirage too and the Warrior is forced to defeat Dark Piccolo to free him from the Demon God's control. He appears later after turning Beerus into Villainous Mode, but is soon betrayed, nearly getting directly hit by of Beerus' Sphere of Destruction, as Beerus reveals that he knew that Demigra was in the shadows and pretended to be controlled by him, saying that he'll destroy Demigra instead of Earth, joining sides with the Future Warrior. Demigra is not fazed by this, as the more they fight with him the more that point in time is distorted. He is defeated but dissolves after the Future Warrior penetrates through his mirage form, saying that his mission is complete before disappearing.

Demon God Demigra Saga

"I-Impossible! I am a God... I've become a God...!"
— Demigra's dying words

Demigra 20

Demigra about to clash with Future Warrior's Kamehameha

During the finale of the game, Demigra resurrects Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu on Earth in West City and puts them into Villainous Mode, so the Future Warrior has to head back to stop them before dealing with Ultimate Gohan, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, and Vegeta, also put into Villainous Mode by the Demon God. Meanwhile, Demigra takes control of Toki Toki City, swallowing Tokitoki in the process, with the Demon God's victorious feelings of both his freedom and capture of Tokitoki being short lived as the Future Warrior arrives and battles him.

Demigra 22

Demigra being overpowered by Future Warrior's Kamehameha

After the first round, he reveals that he has Future Trunks under his control. Demigra then tells the Future Warrior not to get cocky and disappears, reappearing near the Future Warrior, trying to turn them into one of his puppets, but the Future Warrior is rescued by Future Trunks and Chronoa. Demigra disappears after round three and heads to the Time Vault where holds the Future Warrior and Goku captive, leaving Chronoa helpless, and then attempts to destroy the Time Vault. The Future Warrior interferes and frees Goku after coming back from a future in which Demigra succeeded. Goku holds back Demigra's attack as the Future Warrior heads to the final battle with Demigra in the Crack of Time.

Ending 1

In this finale, Goku arrives as a Super Saiyan 3, the Future Warrior and Goku defeat the Demon God with their combined Kamehameha.

Ending 2

If the Future Warrior defeats Demigra with their health almost complete and in under 3 minutes, the Future Warrior will start their Kamehameha. Goku then spiritually appears with Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin, as they give the Future Warrior the power to defeat Demigra once and for all.


While Demigra was defeated, at some point he had created timed magic wormholes which began damaging the history of alternate timelines.


Demigra's Wormhole swallowing Bardock in Age 737

The first wormhole appeared in Age 737 (of an alternate timeline), where it powered up Frieza's soldiers and also turned first form Frieza into Villainous Mode, having him fight instead of just destroying Planet Vegeta. The wormhole then picked up Bardock and transported him to Age 762 (of the main timeline). The wormhole then powered up Broly in Age 774 (of an alternate timeline) and transported him to Age 762 (of the main timeline) when he was defeated. When Planet Namek was destroyed, Demigra's first wormhole was destroyed along with it.

The second wormhole first appeared in Age 789 of the Dragon Ball GT timeline, where it picked up Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta after his defeat. Demigra also retained his magical abilities and put Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 (and later Super 17) under his Dark Magic, after Super 17 is defeated, Demigra's wormhole appears and takes him away as well. Chronoa states that she believes Demigra plans on using Baby Vegeta and Super 17 to create a massive distortion in history. The wormhole later picked up Omega Shenron, the Future Warrior, and Gogeta after the final battle of GT. The wormhole dropped off the two heroes and then sent in the three collected villains: Baby Vegeta, Super 17, and Omega Shenron for a final battle against the Future Warrior and Gogeta, who succeeded in defeating them. The Warrior manages to destroy this Wormhole which had split into three when it dropped off the GT villains with three separate Ki Blasts shortly after the villains showed up.

Xenoverse 2[]

Infinite History Saga

Demigra arrives from an alternate timeline to aid Dabura

Fu alters time to create a Time Rift where Demigra is the Supreme Kai of Time and leader of the Time Patrol. Demigra encounters the second Future Warrior who is shocked to see him, Demigra says that it's about time he showed up as Future Trunks, Old Kai and the Toki Toki City Hero show up and have no memory of the original timeline unlike the Future Warrior. Demigra explains that Tokitoki has gone missing, and Future Trunks believes it is because Demigra has been too hard on the bird recently, while Old Kai notes that he seems a little evil, though Demigra laughs this off. The Toki Toki City Hero like Future Trunks and Old Kai believes Demigra is the legitimate Supreme Kai of Time. Demigra calls for Tokitoki and then talks with Old Kai as Fu appears, noting that he is going to absorb this altered history now and then proceeds to do so. Though he is implied to still be evil and abusive towards Tokitoki, Demigra is ironically the leader of the Time Patrol in the Time Rift playing virtually the same role as Chronoa before the alter history is absorbed.

In one scenario during the battle with Dabura, Demigra is summoned from an alternate timeline to aid the Demon King.

World Mission[]

Chapter 1, Side Story - "Note's Adventure"

"Heh, heh, heh. I never imagined we could bring about this much chaos. I imbued him with power merely on a whim, but color me intrigued now."
Demigra revealing he was behind Xeno Turles' revival following his defeat by Note in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

In the Chapter 1 Side Story: "Note's Adventure", it is revealed that Demigra is working with the other Demon Gods of the Dark Empire and was the one responsible for Rampaging Xeno Turles reviving after he was defeated by Note of Great Saiyaman 3's DBH Team. Demigra is pleased by the amount of chaos they could bring as he only gave Xeno Turles some power on a whim but is intrigued by the results. However, Demon Goddess Towa reminds him not to lose sight of their objective as they are supposed to be observing this world for the Dark Empire and him.

"Indeed. This world should prove useful. Let's continue our exploration."
Demigra agreeing with Towa's suggestion on using the anomalies to benefit the Dark Empire in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Demigra however says he hasn't lost sight of anything and is well aware of their objective. Towa however says she finds that hard to believe but says she'll drop it for the time being. As for the game world, she looks forward to seeing what rewards they can reap from the anomalies with in it with Demigra in agreement saying the game world may prove useful and suggests they continue their exploration indicating they plan on using the anomalies created by "the menace" who the DBH Team is combating unaware of the Dark Empire's own plans to take advantage of the situation.


75,000,000 years ago, during the foundation of the Demon Realm, Demigra was much weaker and needed the assistance of Putine and Gravy in order to put up a fight against Chronoa (who had not yet become Supreme Kai of Time).


By the time of the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, Demigra has stored up a large amount of magic power in anticipation for battling Mechikabura, this power makes Demigra much stronger than the likes of Towa and Xeno Dabura in the second version of the Demon God forms. Despite this power, Demigra is still capable of being frozen in time by Chronoa. He later uses Dark Shenron and wishes for power that can stand up to Mechikabura and becomes able to wield light magic though due to having spent so long infusing himself with dark magic he is not able to use light magic to its potential.

During the Supreme Kai of Time Saga, in his Dark King form Demigra appears to have an edge over Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk Controlled) Vegeta, prompting Aeos and Chronoa to force him to fuse with Goku into Vegito, who goes on to quickly overpower Demigra's Full Power state and even break through his defenses despite Demigra's plan to stall out his fusion timer ultimately succeeding. In his Time Power Unleashed state, he is able to match the combined power of Ultra Instinct Sign Goku and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk Controlled) Vegeta.


During the Supreme Kai of Time Saga, using the full-powered Dark King form, Demigra's power has grown to the point where nearly every other fighter stands no chance against him, though he does not appear to be strong enough to distract Xeno Gogeta and Broly from their fight. Additionally, despite catching him by surprise, Vegito Blue deals heavy damage to Demigra with a single Savage Strike and appears highly confident in besting the dark lord. Indeed, Demigra proves no match for Vegito and proves just barely able to stall long enough for his fusion to come undone.

Upon taking on his Time Power Unleashed state and recovering, Demigra proves able to overwhelm Super Saiyan Blue Goku and the darkness-enchanced Super Saiyan Future Warrior in Black, however when Goku bolsters himself with the Kaio-ken Demigra has to bulk himself up in order to overpower them once more. When Xeno Bardock joins his dimensional relatives and the three all power up to their strongest states, they turn the tables on Demigra and begin pushing him back.

Video Games

During the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Demigra has become an incredibly powerful magician, thanks to having been trapped in the Crack of Time and thus giving him a long time to become more powerful. He is a skilled Demon sorcerer capable of using Dark Magic that can control some of history's most powerful heroes and villains (including the likes of Ultimate Gohan and Omega Shenron) with his dark magic, though he is unable to control those who possess godly Ki, such as Beerus or Goku after absorbing the power of Super Saiyan God.

His mirage was able to dodge Beerus' Sphere of Destruction and then is able to hold his own against the Future Warrior (who has Beerus backing him up), though he is eventually beaten by the Future Warrior.

After escaping from the Crack of Time he is granted enhanced power upon absorbing Tokitoki, becoming a Demon God. He states that his magic has now reached the realm of the gods. As the Demon God, he is able to defeat the Future Warrior in one hit and knock down Super Saiyan 3 Goku (with god power) when he was caught off guard by noticing the Future Warrior's defeat. He was able to cause Goku to struggle to hold back an energy sphere that Demigra had fired. In the final battle against Demigra's final form, one of two scenarios takes place...

  • In the first ending, he fights both the Future Warrior and Super Saiyan 3 Goku (with god power) at the same time, though their Combined Kamehameha proves to be too much for him to stand up to.
  • In the second ending, the lone Future Warrior tries to hold back Demigra, but he slowly overpowers his Kamehameha until astral projections of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin appear and donate their collective energies into the Future Warrior, allowing them to overpower and disintegrate Démigra Final with the Z-Spirit Kamehameha.

According to sound files, Demigra has no confidence in fighting Potential Unleashed Gohan and displays awe at his power. In other sound files from when Demigra was planned to be a playable character when base Demigra encounters Whis, he expresses a noticeable lack of confidence in fighting him, and when final form Demigra encounters him, he requests that Whis not interfere in a tone notably lacking confidence. Base Demigra also shows fear at Beerus' presence, however, Demigra Final is happy to see Beerus and claims that he will crush him.

​​​​​​In a promotional trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes, he is able to easily overpower Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta, Xeno Trunks, Fen, Zen, and Wairu. After returning from his defeat, he is able to overpower Super Saiyan God Beat, but is no match for Xeno Goku until he transforms into his Transcended form, after which he is able to hold his own against the Time Patrol.

In Ultimate Mission X, Demigra's Transcended Form is even more powerful than his Final Form. After absorbing energy raised to its maximum, he is able to pour all of the Dark Energy from a Timespace Door and his own magical power into Chamel to turn him into a being who can cause the world to collapse simply by existing.


Demigra in space

Demigra's Mirage

  • Demigra's Mirage – Demigra creates a solid mirage of himself which holds a certain amount of his power. He can then appear through the mirage and interact with the world even while trapped in the crack in time.
  • Majin Emblem – Demigra places his symbol on the palm of the target and eventually the symbol will explode unless removed.
  • Dark Magic – A powerful dark magic utilized by Demigra to power up people into Villainous Mode, transform them or manipulate them.
    • Demigra's Wormhole - Demigra is able to create Wormholes using his magic. They can be timed to attack specific eras and are capable of infecting and control people with Demigra's Dark Magic. They can function autonomously, allowing them to remain even after Demigra's death.
  • Time Travel – Demigra is capable of time travelling himself and others.
  • Energy Boil – Final Demigra's Evasive Skill where he surrounds himself in a ball of energy and teleports then gathers Ki.
  • Instant Transmission[7] – Demigra is capable of teleportation. Ironically in Xenoverse during the Demigra Incident, Demigra was shocked when Goku is able to use the technique to enter the Crack of Time as he realized too late that one could use Instant Transmission to both enter and exit the Crack of Time where he had been imprisoned for 75 million years thus he could have escaped much sooner had he been aware of that fact.
    • Rage Saucer – A rapid rush where the user uses Instant Transmission to warp to multiple opponents and pummeling them one by one.[7]
  • Energy Cannon – Final Demigra summons three small energy black holes around himself which shoot projectiles toward the enemy. In the end he throws three large projectiles which auto-target the enemy and chase him.
  • Time Shackles – Demigra creates a void where the opponent is before trapping them inside briefly and violently launching them out.
  • Tricky Strike – This attack is split into three variants:
    • Teleporting Uppercut – Demigra teleports himself toward the enemy and strikes with a powerful uppercut.
    • Teleporting Punch – Demigra teleports toward the enemy and strikes with a powerful forward punch that creates an explosion.
    • Boiling Breath – Demigra teleports toward the enemy and spits a blue energy cloud out of his mouth toward the enemy. If the enemy doesn't escape and is in the right place the cloud will form and start damaging him/her.
  • Bloody Sauce – Demigra shoots five scattered energy balls, which slows the opponent on impact.
  • Boiling Ball – Demigra teleports away from the enemy and charges dark energy then transforms himself into three spinning large dark energy spheres around the Time Rift that target the enemy, if enemy is hit, he is sent flying or stunned. Final Demigra cannot be targeted while transformed but if he is hit whilst in this form, he is stunned for a short time giving the enemy chance to strike him for free. This move only works when he is in the "Time Rift" stage.
  • Power Smack - Final Demigra raises his two hands and then hits the opponent with them causing him to flee down.
  • Teleport - Final Demigra is capable of Teleporting when in danger. Final Demigra crosses hands and then teleports away from enemy to avoid damage. This ability is regularly used by the CPU. Many players may mistake this for his Tricky Strike, however unlike Tricky Strike Final Demigra does not attack after teleporting.
  • Seasoning Arrow – Démigra summons a barrage of energy arrows from the sky that explode upon reaching the ground. In the cutscene version Demigra sends a barrage of red copies his staff at his opponents once hit, they're pinned to the ground by a force field that emits from his staff. It is Demon God Demigra's super attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. It is also his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
  • Transformation – Demigra is capable of transforming into a stronger form named Demigra Final.
  • Energy Jet – Demigra's Ultimate attack in his base form. He creates a massive energy ball that will chase the opponent and explode on impact. In-game beta data refers to it as Demigra's Ultimate.
  • Boiling Burg – Final Demigra's Ultimate attack. He summons multiple dark energy pillars which chase and strike the opponent similar to Dragon Thunder in the Budokai series. When he performs that attack, he can't be targeted with a lock-on and any special move which requires lock-on to be activated becomes useless. This move becomes used by the CPU when his health is halved. In-game beta data refers to it as Demigra Final's Ultimate.
  • Candy Beam – Used by Demigra in order to turn Tokitoki into a piece of candy so that Demigra could eat him and gain power of Space and Time.
  • Boiling Fist – The final attack utilized by Demigra, he wraps himself in a Nova Strike-like aura whilst charging his fist with energy, and then rushes at the enemy. Named in Dragon Ball Heroes. Makyouka Demigra's Super Attack in Dokkan Battle.
    • Chaotic Fist – A stronger version of the Boiling Fist used by Dark King Demigra during the Supreme Kai of Time Saga of Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Lightning Distortion - The Super Attack of Demon God Demigra during the Dark King Mechikabura Saga and Universe Creation Saga in Dragon Ball Heroes. He creates a vortex of temporal energy above the opponent that strikes them with dark lightning.
  • Chaotic Erase - The Super Attack of Dark King Demigra in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • God Meteor - A special card ability in Dragon Ball Heroes usable by Demigra that summons a massive meteor from the sky that crashes down onto the battlefield.
  • Undo Manipulation Sorcery - Thanks to a wish to Dark Shenron in the game, Demigra possess the ability to undo Mechikabura's brainwashing magic, though he has to be close to the target.
  • Power of light - Thanks to a wish to Dark Shenron in the manga, Demigra gained the ability to use the power of light that demons like Mechikabura are weak against. Demigra manifests the power through chains capable of binding and grabbing.
  • Time Labyrinth - A technique Demigra uses during the Universe Creation Saga to seal Fu outside the flow of time.
  • Dark Reflect - The user uses an energy sphere to absorb their opponent's attack and fire it back at them.
  • Dark Factor Liberation - Demigra uses his hand imbued with the Dark Factor to deflect an opponent's attack.
  • Dark Factor: Enhance - Demigra focuses the ki of the Dark Factor on an area of his body, allowing him to withstand attacks even from far more powerful opponents.
  • Chaotic Gigantes - The user raises his hand and gathers their energy in the form of a giant purple energy sphere and launches the attack against the target.

God of Time and Space

After absorbing Tokitoki, Demigra becomes a new god who controls time and space.[8] In this state Demigra's physical appearance doesn't change, but he becomes much more powerful than he previously was; jumping from being weaker than Potential Unleashed Gohan to being comparable with Super Saiyan God Goku. He also gains much greater manipulation of time than before. In this state he possesses godly ki (which he may or may not have possessed beforehand).

Young Demigra of seventy-five million years in the past chronologically first temporarily gains this state prior to even becoming a Demon God during the foundation of the Demon Realm thanks to his future Demon God self-coming back in time to aid him. However, he is defeated alongside his future self.[9]

Demon God
Demigra full

Demigra as a Demon God

After managing to gather enough Kili, Demigra turned into a Demon God - giving him black magic that transcends human knowledge, he wields an overwhelming power.[10] In the manga, thanks to Dark Shenron he eventually also gains the ability to wield light magic.

Final Form

Demigra is his Final Form

Demigra's giant transformation, taken on by utilizing every ounce of his divine power. In this form the Demon God transforms into a large blue monstrous form resembling a demonic dragon. His hair grows down to his back, similar to Super Saiyan 3. He has also grown huge black horns on both his shoulders and head. After becoming the God of Time and then taking on this form, his power trumps even that of Super Saiyan 3 Goku (post-Battle of Gods). This form is playable for the first time in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the ninth mission of the God Mission series (GDM9).

Transcended Demigra (God Mission 10)

Demon God Demigra in his Transcended form

Demigra eventually attains a stronger transformation than his Final Form, known as the Transcended form, he appears using it after he is defeated in former form in Dragon Ball Heroes. The appearance is that of a "hybrid" form between a humanoid state and his Final Form transformation. He appears much smaller than his Final Form and without clothing covering the upper part of his body, he retains both the red hair but much smaller, straightened up, and spiky as well as the lower part of the Final Form, such as the tail and blue colored legs. His pupils turn dark red, and his sclera turns black.

This form was revealed in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the ninth mission of the God Mission series (GDM9). The transformation then becomes playable in the tenth mission (GDM10).

Dark King
DK Demigra

Dark King Demigra

After Fu's defeat, Demigra finds and absorbs the Dark Factor to become the new Dark King.

In this form, Demigra more closely resembles the first Dark King, Mechikabura, possessing similarly flowing hair. He loses his red eye markings and gains long gray marks covering the sides of his head. His new outfit consists of a light blue cloak with a red inner color, black sleeves adorned with red Potara and gold links covering his arms save for his hands and shoulders, and black and gold armor resembling Mechikabura's own garb.

Dark King (Full Power)
Dark King Demigra stage 2

Dark King Demigra at full power

Upon the Dark Factor properly resonating within his body, Demigra achieves the full power of the Dark King form.

With his full power, Demigra's resemblance to Mechikabura is increased, evidenced by red vertical markings on his face, vertically protruding horns, and his arms mutating to match those of Mechikabura in his Time Power Unleashed form. In addition, his hair increases in length and spikiness, almost resembling a lion's mane.

Time Power Unleashed
Time Power Unleashed Demigra

Time Power Unleashed Demigra

Demigra achieves his own Time Power Unleashed state, which takes on attributes of his prior Transcended form. In the anime, he gains this form using the power of the Time Scrolls, while in the manga he gains it by opting to use the Dark Factor to take on a more offense based state, rather than the defense-oriented one he used prior.

Like Mechikabura, the two sides of Demigra's face become black and gain two dark horns coming out of his head. His hair gets darker and chestplate is shattered, revealing several black marks all over his grain skin and a tiny black sphere in his chest. His eyes turn black, and pupils turn red. His lower half remains the same, but he gains a bony black and red tail.

  • Shirogame - A large fortress turtle utilized by Demigra.
  • Potara - Earrings worn by Supreme Kais and their apprentices. Despite being worn so casually, they have incredible properties, allowing two individuals to fuse or permitting the wearer to use the Time Rings.
  • Lucky Time Box - It is a box that stores the Time Scrolls, which can still be used to summon people from other timelines.

Video Game Appearances[]


Demon God Demigra card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Demigra makes his debut in Dragon Ball Heroes as a playable character as his young self in the seventh mission of the God Mission series (GDM7), while his Demon God form is playable since the eighth mission (GDM8).

Voice Actors[]


Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Demigra (Demon God) vs. Xeno Dabura (Demon God; second version)
  • Demigra (Demon God) and Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God) vs. Mechikabura (Demon God; Time Power Unleashed)
  • Demigra (Dark King) vs. Goku, Chronoa, and Aeos (Time Power Unleashed)
  • Demigra (Dark King) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk Controlled))
  • Demigra (Dark King (Full Power)) vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue)
  • Demigra (Dark King (Full Power)) vs. Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk Controlled))
  • Demigra (Dark King) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) and Aeos (Time Power Unleashed/Base)
  • Demigra (Dark King (Full Power)) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Base)
  • Demigra (Dark King (Full Power)) vs. Aeos
  • Demigra (Dark King (Full Power)) vs. Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue)
  • Demigra (Time Power Unleashed) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken/Perfected Ultra Instinct), Future Warrior in Black (Super Saiyan (Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement)/Super Saiyan 2 (Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement)), and Xeno Bardock (Super Saiyan 3 (Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement)/Super Saiyan 4 (Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement))
  • Demigra (Demon God) and Piccolo (Villainous Mode) vs. Future Warrior, Goten and Kid Trunks
  • Demigra (Demon God) vs. Future Warrior and Beerus
  • Demigra (Demon God) and Time Patrol Trunks (Super Saiyan/Villainous Mode) vs. Future Warrior
  • Demigra (Demon God) vs. Future Warrior and Goku
  • Demigra (Final Form) vs. Future Warrior
  • Demigra (Final Form) vs. Future Warrior and Goku (Super Saiyan 3) (determinant)


  • Oddly, despite not being playable in Xenoverse, he has special quotes with certain characters in the battle mode, implying he may have initially been planned as being playable.[11] This makes him similar to Final Form Mira in Xenoverse 2, who also has special quotes despite not being playable in Xenoverse 2 either.
    • However in Xenoverse 2 after an update Demon God Demigra and Final Form Mira are playable in Crystal Raid Mode and Training Mode once they have been unlocked by giving special gifts to Fu.
  • Like Mechikabura, Demigra may be an example of an evil Core Person as early concept artwork depicts him wearing clothing similar to that of the Supreme Kai. Additionally his primary goal is to take Chronoa's position and in the Infinite History Saga a counterpart of his in an altered timeline created by Fu he became Supreme Kai of Time instead of Chronoa. He also served as Chronoa's assistant in raising Tokitoki before betraying her which ultimately lead to his banishment to what eventually became the Demon Realm which he was a founder of alongside Mechikabura who became the Dark King.



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