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Defensive Techniques are techniques that are used in order to protect the user, in contrast to their offensive counterparts.


They appear in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT along with movies, manga, and video games. They are many defensive techniques used by many characters in the series. Through training, concentration, and transformations, defensive techniques can be further increased. There are not that many defensive techniques, however, due to the defensive abilities of offensive attacks.


Tien uses the Solar Flare against Goku

An example of a defensive technique is the Solar Flare. The user puts his hands over his face and flashes a very bright light that blinds everyone watching. This technique, regardless of the gap in power between the user and target, is mainly used to stun enemies or make an escape. It is rendered useless if the target closes his eyes or wears sunglasses at the time the technique is performed (it would also fail if the target is already blind or capable of fighting without the use of sight).

Gohan Energy Shield

Future Gohan uses his Energy Shield to protect himself from Future Android 17 and 18's attacks

Another defensive technique is the Energy Shield. This technique allows the user to generate a spherical barrier of energy around them to shield them from enemy attacks. There are many other versions of this technique, such as the Explosive Wave, Android Barrier and Perfect Barrier. Each shield version's power and color is dependable on the user.

Sonic Sway is a defensive Movement technique used to evade attacks.

Some defensive techniques can be used as a form of counterattack by redirecting an opponents attack back at them such as Janemba's Dimensional Hole.

Video Game Appearances

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, defensive techniques mainly serve as Blast 1 techniques. They consume Blast stocks instead of ki gauges like Blast 2 or Ultimate Blast attacks. However, this is changed in the Raging Blast series, where the use of Blast 1 techniques will also consume ki gauges.

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