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"Okay, Stinkie not enough for you.. Heh heh then here's super special trickie! Hurg..Gwaah!"
— Bacterian

The Deep Throated Mucus Filled Loagie Of Death (痰攻撃) is said to be the most powerful and most disgusting technique Bacterian has in his repertoire of attacks.


Bacterian uses this as a last-resort move against Krillin. Krillin is unharmed after Bacterian's various attempts (strangling, farting) to best him, amazing Bacterian. Due to this, Bacterian pronounces he will use his most super special trickie, to which the World Tournament Announcer fearfully responds to by saying that Bacterian is preparing for his most notorious attack move: the Deep Throated Mucus Filled Loagie Of Death. However, Krillin manages to dodge it at the very last second, and Bacterian receives a rather fast kick to his face, followed by a fart, knocking him out.


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