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Death Spirit Bomb is the combination of Frieza's Full Power Death Ball and Cell's Ultra Spirit Bomb used by Ultra Pinich and Tiraf, the EX-Fusion of Tirami and Kalif in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Ultra Pinich generates a colossal, Spirit Bomb-sized Death Ball on his fingertip and flings it down at his opponent.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Ultra Pinich first used this technique to demolish the Timespace Rift, obliterating Super Saiyan Blue Goku and the others gathered at the Timespace Tournament. Whis rewound time to before Pinich launched the attack, allowing Beerus to easily flick the Death Spirit Bomb away.

Death Spirit Bomb is a usable Special Move, used by Ultra Pinich and Tirami and Kalif's EX-Fusion Tiraf. Fusees who know Full Power Death Ball and Ultra Spirit Bomb respectively can form a Freeform Fusion who wields the Death Spirit Bomb.

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